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  1. I'm also seeing this occasionally, in other cutscenes as well.
  2. I experienced a crash in the breakfast cut-scene where cereal is filled into the bowl. The game froze for a few seconds, then crashed to desktop. No error message other than the Windows "searching for solution" dialog. The cut-scene played without crashing after that. System: - Windows 8 - Intel i5-2400, 16 GB RAM - Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, 2 GB RAM
  3. Sweet, thanks! Time for my coworkers to say hello to 2HB. :-)
  4. OMGCONFIRMED: DFA all about Zombies! Quick, someone leak this to Kotaku or something... Thanks for the update!
  5. Very interesting interview. And thanks for making this material available, makes me even happier to have backed this project!
  6. Wenn ihr, wie wir, vom Hier und Jetzt genug habt fresst 'n Stück Nugat! Michael! Macht euch locker, packt eure Koffer, lutscht am Lolli wie Kojak! Alexander!
  7. Wonders never cease! Leisure Suit Larry is possibly being remade, now we only need Roberta Williams to come out of retirement. Coincidentally, I recently started playing the SQ series again after picking it up on GOG.
  8. I see what you did there... This is pretty much the most exciting gaming-related thing on my radar for 2012!
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