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  1. So can anyone point me to documentation on the 5-year cycle phenomenon? Any google-fu I attempt ends up with 1983 articles or doom stories how the industry is just about to crash. 4 years ago. It's the first time I've head about such a cycle existing
  2. I'd use either spacebar or enter for skipping dialogue/scenes; and 1/2/3/4/... for dialogue choices.
  3. One of my favorite ways to relax since I got this game is to launch the game, summon the Deuce, and just drive around the countryside of the Brütal Land with awesome music running in the background. It's a great way to relax for 5 minutes. Now, I own most of the music in Brutal legend, either on cds or on itunes or amazon. And it hit me that the joy of BL is not that I get to hear the entirety of the screaming for vengeance cd by Judas Priest, but that I get to hear a song by Judas Priest, followed by Mötorhead, followed by something else ... Basically, the best part is that the soundtrack consists of some of the best music from a wide variety of bands. I have a plan: buy the remaining music and burn them on cds for in my car (yes, my car doesn't read mp3 cds) so I can enjoy the varied (but similar) songs. But I can't find a way to organise the songs/genres in a way that makes sense... using thishttp://brutallegend.wikia.com/wiki/Soundtrack site has been driving me up the wall! Do I want to organise by allegiance? But classic heavy metal is shared by the deuce, ironheade, and the campaign. Do I want to group by genre? Then I need to split classic heavy in multiple cds, and have a LOT of tiny groups that need to be put on the same cd - so do I place viking metal together with melodic hard rock (a horrible idea)? So the question is: how would the soundtrack best be grouped for cds that can contain let's say around 15 songs? In a way where they are somewhat in the same style... ? edit: let's actually use the correct url, shall we?
  4. Same here, however I'd like to specify that the effect looks like the game doesn't refresh it's graphics. You get the same effect when your pc is crashing and you move a window: the borders of the window stay and get repeated. Or if you finished a round of patience way back when in 1999 (don't know if "modern" patience keeps the same effect). I have an NVIDIA gforce GTS 250
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