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  1. Red's is entertaining. Try a shot from the clay pot of Chinese liquor behind the bar next time you're there.
  2. I always wanted to go to school built in a sequoia. Not a tree house sitting atop a tree, but a building built *in* a tree or a tree that was a building (the roots were where detention was held and possibly where the bathrooms where, but I digress). Of course when I was young, I also wanted a cave under my house where I'd grow trees underground next to a small lake where my cats would roam free among the avocado trees hunting mechanical birds. I also believed that there were secret passages built into my house that lead to other people's houses - like from under the sink.
  3. Aren't Voigtlander's manual focus lenses? I'm not very familiar with video, but how can you shoot something with such a shallow DOF and a manual focus lens while the subject is moving and holding that gigantic camera? Unless my math is wrong, the hyperfocal distance even on that 17mm four-thirds lens is going to be about 20 meters and I can't imagine a lot of shots are going to have the subject 10 meters away, so that means manual focusing no? I suppose at 10 feet, you're looking at maybe a three feet focal plane so it is possible to manually focus, I just don't understand how physically you can reach the lens while holding the whole thing. Just curious how it all works!
  4. Next time you're stuck, try this website instead of Gamefaqs: http://www.uhs-hints.com/hints/ I'd much rather be given hints instead of outright being told what to do, so I find that website wonderful. It's much more satisfying to feel like I've solved at least some of the puzzle instead of just following a guide step-by-step with no thought required. That is super useful!
  5. As I'm someone who cheats at games constantly (gamefaqs is my friend), I was just curious how other people play games. I treat a lot of games as interactive stories, so using a walkthrough to get past the tough bits (which everyone else seems to love) is no big deal. How does everyone else play?
  6. I cheat at pretty much every game (if it takes more than 10 minutes to figure out, I head to gamefaqs), so no puzzle is too hard though frankly I wish games would start giving out hints the more I fumble around so I didn't have to. Not even sure how I got through all the Quest games without a strategy guide. Mostly I treat games as interactive stories.
  7. Considering the artist who is doing the art (http://nathanstapley.com/), I think it is pretty likely we'll get some hand-painted 2D.
  8. do you work for apple :-P? Ha, no. They enforce secrecy by planting misinformation and then seeing who leaks it. That is far too evil. I was thinking more along the lines of telling backers what the misinformation is for them to spread (and change/adapt/etc). Like I heard that this will be the world's first side-scrolling adventure game.
  9. What, no cell-shading (polygons with a renderer made to look more 2D)? What about hand-painted 2D ala King's Quest?
  10. You can't control leaks, but you can feed the beast. Put out some misinformation from time to time. Let backers know they're special and make it an inside joke that backers can participate in. Nothing that people will yearn for and be disappointed if it doesn't appear, but things stuff that makes it difficult to determine truth from fiction. Like the game will only have 256 colors or will feature an ode to Jar Jar Binks and Harry Potter (or some sort of annoying magic Harry Binks).
  11. I wish we went back further than 10 years, because most of my favorite adventure games were created in the late 80s and early 90s. I have a soft spot in my heart for bad puns and modern adventure games seem to lack what Space Quest and Monkey Island had.
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