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  1. Waiting for ACT II but still wanted to voice excitement that some can while waiting.
  2. Backed it without even seeing this here. Shame it was shy of passing but believe in it still and hope to hear about this soon.
  3. That reminds me of that one most likely really old cartoon I saw somewhere in which the characters' mouths were filmed videos instead of animations. Looked kinda creepy. You are probably thinking of Clutch Cargo which was the basis for a ton of old Conan O'Brien sketches back in the day.
  4. YAY another episode! Also, Hotel Utah at the end. I used to do the open mic night every week in my younger days so I know that bar very well. That top level they were all on is very cool. It looks like a ship... a ship I have been flipped off from while on the stage below.
  5. I played it and was only okay with it. I thought there were some good ideas and I thought it was good but I did not get anything emotionally out of it. Not really. Not like some games. It is good and should be played though. I have a baby brother... maybe I am broken inside?
  6. This was a cool post, thanks! Cannot wait for the breakdown one. I also cannot wait until I put #4 as my ringtone.
  7. Too bad they do not support mac or I could look forward to the collection pack... for MAC...
  8. and iPhone and iPad... do not let me forget what I mostly game on. the iPad with all its HOGs and Adventure stuff is killing it.
  9. Oh man, this should have had a poll so I could look at a bar graph and click more things but alas, boring old text. I have a Wii U. I pre-ordered a PS4 because it seems the best for indie stuff and I am NOT a PC gamer. I will probably end up with a Xbox1 eventually but I went without a 360 (when my first 2 broke) for years and was fine with just Wii/PS3 until I wanted to play that open world Zombie game and I got one off Craigslist. So until there is a (for me) killer app I will probably stay with WiiU/PS4.
  10. You seem ok, but what a garbage dude you helped out. Real bottom feeder journalist.
  11. I will not, not because of anything against the people, I LOVE DF and all its people, but I do not really have an interest in the genre. The gameplay does not really interest me even though everything else looks cool. If it comes out it may be something I get at some point but not my jam usually. That said, BEST OF LUCK to the team.
  12. I think this is a good thing to bring up just to show both creator and backer side that it is being thought about. The artist should keep his vision but it does not hurt to hear concerns. I do not think it will be a problem with this game but I do want to give voice to it as food for thought.
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