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  1. Broken Age Backers: Final Rewards update thread

    The original campaign was for PC, Mac, and Linux, so you'll be getting a disc with those platforms. Additionally I believe you can't just give away copies of a game for an XBox or PlayStation. Sony and Microsoft take a cut from every copy, so somebody would have to pay their fee at the very least. The game was on PS+, pretty much every PS4 owner should have it.
  2. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    Your to late to complain its taking to long. Why dident you complain earlier?
  3. Thars super nice, they probably get more money this way than selling it individually and since more or less everybody has PS+ not only will backers see the PS4 version for „free“ but also tons of new people will come around to play the game! „Our“ game!
  4. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    Is there any kind of deadline you guys set? I asume Chrissmass this year is out of the question?
  5. So, in the end, was it worth it?

    I asked 2 Player on Twitter, and they said it would be out before the end of the week. That would be cool. Also kinda sad, but cool!
  6. How Much Did The DFA Cost?

    I was always hopeing that they earn back the money they invested on top of the kickstarter. With the game seemingly being a big money loose for the company i don´t know how deteiled they will tell us. If you remember the documentary had sales numbers for a while and than stoped.
  7. android release for backers?

    Considering that they must be losing money with all the delays, generating money via the humble bundle ect. to finish DFA i think it´s save to say that if you like Double Fine you will understand that they just can´t put everything out there for free. I Backed at the 110$ level and already bought the game again for my iPad. So i doubt your situation is much more pressing to get more "for free".
  8. As long as there is no final episode i doubt we will get a date. And i would not mind that Episode to wait a bit so it gives the full story with whatever still drizzels in during the next few weeks... be it sales numbers, some kind of E3 story and so on.
  9. We Want Your Random Event Ideas!

    Random Event The day you release your epic tactical battle game 2k releases their first trailer for their xcom sequel. People are exited about the genre and notice your game. Your sales numbers rise.
  10. We clearly need a box design that works both Horizontal and Vertical now. Backers have spoken. Well the box has two sides, you can do horizontal on the back and vertical on the front?
  11. Wow! Just wow! With this episode even more than before i have to say it again. This should be on tv, on netflix or what not. Wow! Not only dos it deserve to be, it would also sell many copies of the game being promoted on such platform. Wow.
  12. Have you considered selling the Show to Netflix or Hulu? Or a TV Station? Some place were it could get major atention and cause the game to be sold a ton?
  13. The BluRays will come within the box, so the entire box is delaied till the post launch episode is don.
  14. Good luck to all of you. You´ll do great! Keep your heads up!
  16. Sidequests download?

    Could you offer it as torrent so we can creat our own bluray. :-p
  17. Successful or No?

    Of the top of my Head i hardly can think of any game on the Appstore that is priced higher than 10$. There are a bunch of TellTale titles but they edge that price in by Episodes, there are old (and some new) Square Enix games... Phoenix Wright, maybe, but the 14,99€ Net you three NDS games (which you could also buy individually for less). Apps are just cheaper. If you expect it to be 25€ on iOS you are insane. I´ed say it will be 9.99 to 14.99 with the options for dropping to 7.99 or 9.99/12.99 whenever there is a reason to put it on sale.
  18. Successful or No?

    And we don´t know were it sold. We knew about were the backers are from, but right now we don´t know how much Value came from that EFIGS. It´s strange, because i consider myself "digital native" i often feel many people around me are not that deep into buying stuff that dos not come in a Box. But maybe it still will come in a small Box when it´s don. Who knows. I still believe the biggest winner here could be the documentary. Cut it down to a movie or to something that can run on Netflix or even a TV Station when it´s don so people could get interested that don´t lurk around in the deep dark corners of the interwebs.
  19. Successful or No?

    Well, since they said they made enough cash to finish the game the 2 (Backers) + 2 (BL + Humble Bundle) + 2 (Brokenage Sales) would still make it 6 Million. Yeah. (i know non of these were exactly 2 Million but more or less it should fit the 6) http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-02-21-tim-schafer-how-to-stay-afloat-in-a-pool-of-internet-twitter-hate Interview released Fri 21 Feb; sort of fits the idea of a game selling the most in it´s first few weeks so i am guessing thats a good 1 - 1,5 Million of what they got till the end of March.
  20. Successful or No?

    I would think that the price is 9.99 or 14.99 on the AppStores and when it comes to tablets (wich i think suit this game far better than phones) you have far less people actually owning the hardware. I would be surprised if this game just happen to outsell the PC Version like it was nothing. If you look at the best selling games (as in most downloads)you will find Minecraft and GTA among the higher priced gaming Apps that made it to manny manny Downloads and even these cost less. Multiple time Game of the Year Winner The Walking Dead by Tell Tale? No were to be found (and if you only got Episode one initially the App was just 5$) Now i am sure Sword and Sorcery did have great sales numbers (keep in mind they also had a smaler team), but you also got games like King of Dragon Pass - much raved about by players and reviewers… they celebrated 10.000 sales at 9.99 after many month. - It´s an interesting marked and you can make a ton of money in it. But for every game (be it bad or great) that gets to earn a ton there are 100.000 Apps that get lost in the shuffle no matter how good they are. And if you look at who is doing great (Angry Birds, Were is my Water, ect.) you might get the idea that short and casual is what people like to play more on mobile (i can confirm that for myself, i never finished any of the „big long games“ i bought for my iPad) Not saing it will do terrible. But with 70947 sold on March 29 and about 90000 Backers you sort of should have an idea of how good this game „can do“. If it sells 100.000 times on mobile it´s doing amazingly great numbers if you ask me. And that at 10-15$ - the 30% Apple cut still barely is a Million. But it´s also terribly easy to get lost on the mobile markt and have terrible sales. I know there will be a bit of press, there will be backers doubeling up ect. so it will not be one of those 10 sales Apps (and trust me, there are a lot of Apps that never get downloaded) but if things go bad you could also look at just 10.000 sales after two month.
  21. Successful or No?

    Well, if my Math was right by now every copy sold is making the money they invested back (and since that money was from Brutal Legends PC release and the Humble Bundle it´s not like it´s a credit depth that needs to payed back to a bank even if it would be awful nice to earn all of it back to at least break even) Besides that Massive Chalice is still coming. Far less Backers (means more people left to buy the game), far less physical rewards, seemingly far better financial planing. In the end that might be the „big“ money maker if only because every sold copy might be profit. (at least watching the live streams it seems like they are cutting a lot more to „make it work“ so i doubt they went millions over budget aswell) I don´t think anyone is going out of business anytime soon.
  22. Successful or No?

    If you check out that episode it was more of a 3 Million for each Act deal to end up with these 6 Million. I don´t get your math. If we gave them 2 Million, the use another two from Act I Sales and 2 Million out of their own pocket your Math would be more like a Million in Profit for DF if it falls in place like that. It´s so hard to guess on these other platforms. I hope it works out that they just make all the money back that we/they invested like i said before.
  23. To the DFA staff: Can I get a refund?

    I knew this one would come back now. Someone bring me Popcorn!
  24. To those missing the Soundtrack. This should be it, you can stream it for free on the dudes Bandcamp page. http://lifeformed.bandcamp.com/album/immerse
  25. I Think I've Cracked It.

    Bent made it in Episode 16