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  1. I'm happy with what I've received as a backer. The documentary actually meant more to me than Act I. I've been working on some indie game dev projects of my own, and seeing the pros wrestle with the same types of problems makes me feel more human. The documentary created the illusion that I was on their team, and I liked that -- I realize how weird and pathetic I must sound writing that, but it's true and I won't take it back. :-) I do feel like I know where the story is headed already though, but I hope that I'm wrong so that I haven't spoiled it for myself already. The silence is what's killing me at the moment. I feel like we're stuck outside in the freezing snow, doing our damnedest to peek in the windows or get a response from anyone who will listen. I didn't know that Act II was going to kick the studio into stealth mode. After they decided to do 2 acts, was it intentional to cut ties with the backers after Act I shipped?
  2. The only puzzle I don't remember being able to solve was simply getting the locked door open. Were there others?
  3. Getting caught up in the snake's clutches isn't too much of a puzzle, because the only obvious thing to do is blow the horn which sets you free. Is there another way to solve this? Perhaps in Act II? It kind of feels like we're possibly moving away from the original Act I areas though, but that's just a hunch. I guess my question is, does the snake exist for any reason other than to point out that we've gone the wrong way?
  4. Due to the lack of adventure game releases over the last 15-20 years, I was unsure if this game was too easy or if I had just become an adventure game master over the time that's transpired since. I do agree that the item count seems awfully low, which is making the game feel like a breadcrumb trail to an ending. If there were more items, it would at least muddy the waters in terms of "obvious solutions". I love everything about this game, but the lack of red herrings makes the game much easier. Perhaps it should have some more dummy items added to throw people off, or some easter egg type puzzles that can be stumbled upon but unnecessary for the game's completion. I realize this is only half the game at this point, but for the general public's consumption, the game will be played once or twice and likely completed in that time. So it's unclear how much play you should get out of a game that costs $XX amount of dollars. Another thing that I liked in some older adventure games were some mini-games, which at least adds a little bit of extra playability. A good example would be the Whack-A-Rat and Car Bomb games in Sam and Max: Hit the Road. Something that is thematically appropriate but can be played at any time and has no bearing on the game's progress.
  5. I realized that I could do this, but since their stories don't seem to be intertwined too much yet, saw no reason to do so. Also, I never got hung up or frustrated enough to bother switching.
  6. The only download link for the soundtrack that I've found is on the Humble Bundle page. NOTE: I was an original backer, not a slacker backer, and I had to retrieve my "backing" from the Humble Bundle page by signing up with the Kickstarter email I used (which sucked because I already had a different HB account). It might just be that they don't plan to do the soundtrack through Steam, or at least not until the game is 100% completely released.
  7. Thanks for posting the workarounds, I'm familiar with those, but posting them might help others who aren't. :-)
  8. OS: Mac OS X 10.8.5 CPU: 2.0Ghz Intel Core i7 RAM: 8GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 GFX: AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256MB Broken Age Build: 0.9.668743 Problem Description: If I launch the game either through the Steam or the .app file, it launches on the primary monitor in Windowed mode. On the game's options screen, the max resolution is 1440x900 (my MacBook Pro's built-in native resolution). My secondary monitor is a 24" Samsung S24C450 display with a max resolution of 1920x1200. If I toggle Full-Screen, it goes to full screen but will launch on the built-in monitor instead of the larger one.
  9. Cool your jets there, Pieter! It's not quite available yet. If your Humble Bundle account is using the same email address that you used for the Kickstarter, you should already have the Broken Age page reserved (no key yet, but the page should be there). If not, try the "Retrieve Past Purchases" option. Hope that helps. Chris
  10. Anybody know if DF is planning to open a new board under the backer area for beta discussions amongst backers/DF?
  11. Yeah, they probably would go nuts, considering the coach has been dead for more than 50 years. (Sorry, I don't know who your Logan Cunningham is...
  12. So happy to see all of this great content. Things are coming together, and I absolutely cannot wait to see a beta version! The format of this was really cool, it was nice to see a 4-up display of the various stages side-by-side, it really shows how the content solidifies into a final product. Thanks, DF!
  13. Hi guys! Norwegian Slacker-backer here. What do you mean by high-level design? is this a referance to the visuals or storry? Have a nice weekend Best regards from the snowy north! ps Thanks for letting us be part of this project "High-level" is a term that means "broad overview" or "big picture". By definition, it literally means "not concerned with specifics or details". Hope that helps!
  14. Why is my cheek wet?! Oh, there's a tear running down it! Seriously, that was a beautiful teaser trailer, and my heart fluttered reading the words "90,000 of our closest friends". Who cut onions in my office, and why do I FEEL THINGS?! I am seriously stoked about this project, more now than ever during the production thus far. This trailer is totally selling the dream, the dream of producing a AAA title without the annoying creative direction imposed upon it from a money-grubbing publisher. I want to shout from the rooftops, "I funded this project, and look how damn amazing it is!" Sometimes it feels good to be a [del]gangsta[/del] backer.
  15. I just voted for "The Cut", but decided to make a suggestion: Kairos (wikipedia link) First couple of sentences from Wikipedia about the Greek word:
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