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    I do stuff. Lots of stuff. Right now, I'm doing more things than you could possibly imagine.One of the things I do is help coordinate the Double Fine Game Club, a weekly event where we play through and discuss games. Doesn't that sound awesome? You should join us.
  1. An observation about the TFA trailers - there was a lot less character/setting/story context going in, so spoilers wouldn't have been as evident as spoilers. I think perhaps seeing this new TLJ trailer already knowing the characters and their trajectories at the end of the preceding film, it's a lot easier to intuit plot points from what's shown. YMMV
  2. Nice I also collaborated with @flesk @kednar and Milan on a game for AdventureJam earlier this year called The Farrier, which is MIT licenced. We're working on a post-jam update to make it even better \o/ I'd also had plans to revisit a bunch of other F/OSS projects in September, but got waylaid
  3. In light of recent complications caused by users deleting posts, we disabled that ability. If you report your own post as a double post, a moderator will be happy to remove it for you.
  4. Brütal Legend 2017

    Nice work!
  5. I can't remember where I first heard it (maybe it was in a commentary?), but there's been a suggestion that Ghostbusters is "the ultimate startup film". From that perspective, it could nearly be seen through the lens of a "against all odds, you can start a successful business without sacrificing your personal identity" type theme (characters don't have overt arcs, and maintain their stances through various hurdles that could challenge them - culminating with the outcomes of Ray's inability to stop his imagination running wild), but it's hard to know if this was intentional. IIRC Ghostbusters began conceptually as a story set much later, when ghostbusters were seen as the "garbage men" of a world where the supernatural manifested in ways that potentially endanger society. In this incarnation, they would have been typical taken-for-granted blue-collar workers, presumably rising from class oppression to save the city and earn the recognition and respect of society, which feels like a pretty 1980s theme (I think the DVD commentary mentions paramedics and firefighters, but I'm sure that "garbage men" had come up when I'd first read about that aspect of the film's history, and it was focusing on them being downtrodden), and maybe has echoes in the final version of the film. Supposedly its projected budget was too high and Ramis was brought onboard to do a rewrite that became more of an origin story. Ghostbusters definitely bucks a bunch of popular storytelling/filmmaking norms, which is fascinating for a hit pop culture feature like that. It's got more in common with modern TV sitcoms, and maybe that reflects the film and its creators' roots in Saturday Night Live's approach toward comedy that was apparently (I wasn't around in the late 70s, and wasn't really old enough to watch TV in the early 80s) had a big impact on western TV/film.
  6. DOTT - no text displayed

    I haven't come across this problem before. What platform (Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, PS4, Vita) are you playing on?
  7. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    There was one of those previously. That's also missing :b
  8. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    Might want to give this one a distinct name in case the old one comes back
  9. DOTT - no text displayed

    Hi there Ron Are you saying that you don't see any text at all, or that there is text present, but it's not in a language that you can read? Here are the menu options for changing the text language. Hope this helps!