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    I do stuff. Lots of stuff. Right now, I'm doing more things than you could possibly imagine.One of the things I do is help coordinate the Double Fine Game Club, a weekly event where we play through and discuss games. Doesn't that sound awesome? You should join us.

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  1. Thanks people <3 Seems that the forums here too are moving on. Definitely going to miss this place!
  2. After 7 years of supporting and working with Double Fine in various capacities, it is with very big and very mixed emotions that I announce that I'm moving on. I find it hard to come up with words that express how thankful I am for the relationships and opportunities I've found along the way - the doors and hearts that have been opened to me through Double Fine and its community have been personally and professionally enriching beyond anything I had ever imagined. There are far too many people for me to thank and acknowledge individually, but I love you all and hope that everybody finds engaging and fulfilling things to fill whatever space my absence leaves behind <3 I do want to make note of the volunteer moderator team in particular, though - the effort and attention you've donated to the community fills me with both pride and inspiration. I'm confident that the community is in the best, most caring hands it can be. Moving forward, I'm not expecting to be as active here as I have been in the past, but I'll still try to drop in from time to time and see what people are up to. If anybody wants to keep in more direct contact, I'm pretty contactable over on Twitter, Mastodon, Twitch, etc.. Here are a few things from the past 7 years that I'm proud to have worked on/been involved with: Various bits of art/fan art Day of the Tentacle Remastered Full Throttle Remastered Coordinating Bad Golf: Community Edition development (AF2014) Coordinating AF2017 community participation (Pongball, etc.) AF2017 mentor streams/interviews Coordinating the Double Fine Game Club Organising Australian fan meetups
  3. Late last week I made a little arcade game called Honeycomb CRUNCH to use as a case study in a talk I was giving about making games. I popped it up on Itch and put the source up on GitLab as well. Today I shipped what I suspect will be the final update, which adds some pacing devices (mostly centred around adding discrete stages), some new graphics and a few other tweaks, so it's a little more polished than what's in the video here (which is how these things always seem to go!). I've had an absolute blast making this game, and I frequently found myself getting stuck playing the game for fun when I only intended to test changes >_<
  4. Tim shared some photos (tweet 1, tweet 2) of the Psychonauts playing cards on Twitter today (I'd not seen them previously)!
  5. It's an aside, but Return of the Jedi still hasn't made a profit. Film accounting is difficult to take seriously at the best of times.
  6. I suppose it depends on who you talk to and whether a third party distributor is handling marketing/promotion.
  7. Film budgets usually include marketing/promotion (unless specified as a production budget, of course).
  8. These days spam is as much about search engine optimisation as it is about catching unsuspecting users. Pretty soon it'll be robots manipulating robots all the way down.
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