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    I do stuff. Lots of stuff. Right now, I'm doing more things than you could possibly imagine.One of the things I do is help coordinate the Double Fine Game Club, a weekly event where we play through and discuss games. Doesn't that sound awesome? You should join us.
  1. I dig the style. That's super nice I also released another game recently. Another first person/text adventure hybrid done in the Icicle engine, this time for the Linux Game Jam. In The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day, you play as a superhero who gets distracted by a burning building on the way home from fighting crime. Unlike my other Icicle games, this one has deaths, points and multiple paths (though mostly still with the same outcomes). I also did this sweet splash screen inspired by vintage comics I feel like I may have made the mistake of leading with the best bit - "The Ineffable F" is the funniest gag in the game >_<
  2. I believe that Matt's statement is still current.
  3. With a major project just completed, I found time to cross some old stuff off my todo lists. One item was releasing the individual icons from the 2014 OSDC shirt under CC0. The themes for the conference were "open", "inclusive" and "connected", and I tried to go for a mix of technological and mundane objects that represent some of the means through which humans connect with each other and the world. They're up on Openclipart now. Enjoy
  4. After 4 months of research, writing and taking screenshots, I'm very proud to announce that my latest Cheese Talks project is live. This time, I've put together an interactive timeline covering the entire history of Star Wars games, from 1982's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back through to 2017's Star Wars: Force Arena. The timeline is sortable based on a number of data points such as development studio, whether or not the title is a film adaptation, how well it fits with Star Wars canon and the in-fiction time period in which the game is set. Alongside the article is a 26,700 word article that looks at what makes Star Wars interesting, offers some interpretations of the timeline, muses over what can be learned from each of the Star Wars games I've played, and attempts to pull all of that together into something digestible. This has been a super difficult project to nail down, with new-to-me titles popping up throughout and making it hard to plan/gauge how much work was left. There have been a few aspects of this project that have been particularly enjoyable for me. Revisiting my favourite Star Wars titles and digging back through my old gear to find the original disk for the first Star Wars game I ever played was a bunch of fun, and it was rewarding to try to squeeze together all of the "takeaways" into a hypothetical "ideal Star Wars game" that still had some sense of coherency. Trying to adapt an old never-published Star Wars fan page to something compatible with the timeline/article layout was also a fun challenge, but the 90s style animated gifs are the best part
  5. The boxed remasters question encompasses Full Throttle Remastered. Yours being in the off topic section was an accident, which I've now corrected.
  6. I've summarised/paraphrased everybody's questions up in the first post. If anybody feels like their question isn't expressed well, let me know and I'll update it! Keep the questions coming
  7. Nice workflow post. Thanks for the update, Geoff
  8. 166.5x if ScummVM's listing of 320x200 as the original resolution is correct (It's been a while since I last played, and I'm surprised it was that low!). I've done a little bit of this type of upscaling/redrawing work before, and like torb, I'd also be interested in hearing about what goes into the stylistic decisions that are necessary to add detail to stuff that was ambiguous and open to interpretation at lower resolutions. Is original concept art playing a reference role for the artists working on the project, and if so, to what extent?
  9. I'd love to hear the team members' earliest memories of playing Full Throttle
  10. Sorry for posting here, I have too many PMs that I need to keep and can't send new ones. Did you get a chance to play around with the Icicle engine at all? If so, I'd love to get some feedback from you as soon as possible! Hope all's well ^_^

  11. I had a brief chat with Spaff about this. At this point in time, we can't see any problem with that. If something comes up in the future, we'll remove the URL. Go for it
  12. You, sir, are a merchandising genius.