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    I do stuff. Lots of stuff. Right now, I'm doing more things than you could possibly imagine.One of the things I do is help coordinate the Double Fine Game Club, a weekly event where we play through and discuss games. Doesn't that sound awesome? You should join us.
  1. The lead writer on that episode wrote an unofficial sequel that was published as a webcomic a whileback called The Outer Light in which the crew of the Enterprise encounters a ship from Kataan that had been adrift for 1000 years. It was published here, but the site seems to be down. There are a few chapters from it on this page though. It's interesting to see where one of the people behind the episode was interested in taking it.
  2. One of our methods for limiting spammer activity is preventing new users from editing posts until they've reached a certain post threshold. I've upgraded you to a normal user, so you should be able to edit your own posts now
  3. Mostly guitar here. A little bit of piano and some flute. Also have a harmonica and violin kicking around.
  4. Edit: Perhaps I'd misread. I was sure that when I looked at your greenlight page previously that Linux was a listed platform. Either way, congratulations!
  5. For anybody who missed it, the official native Mac version of the game has been released and can be found on Steam, GOG, Humble and whatever Apple are calling their storefront these days.
  6. The people who make the forum software retired it at the end of last month. We've replaced it with the #DFAF IRC channel that this thread was created for, so everybody can still pop in and chat whenever they want (thanks @Jenni!)
  7. Glad it was of some value
  8. All of these platforms have compilers that will turn C/C++ code into something that can be run. Consoles and mobile platforms have specific hardware/APIs that need to be accounted for. I wouldn't say that PS4 is any more similar to Windows than any other platform is (if anything, it's probably farther from Windows than Mac OS is). Different platforms usually have different compilers that have their own idiosyncrasies that take time to work through. I can't comment on the specifics of the Full Throttle codebase, but there's more to porting than just sharing the same programming language. If it's helpful, I wrote about my work on Day of the Tentacle Remastered's Linux port that might help give some idea of what some of the hurdles in approaching new platforms can include. Often the time between platform releases is determined more by availability of people and scheduling more than technical constraints. I wasn't brought onboard to work on Day of the Tentacle until some time after its release on other platforms. Thankfully Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle Remastered have been structured and written in a way that compartmentalises all of the platform specific code away from the stuff that can be reused across all platforms. For projects that haven't been structured like this, finding and teasing out platform specific code can be a significant amount of work. Hope that gives some insight!
  9. Awesome! Those cloudshoes are fantastic
  10. Sorry, it's not the right time to be talking about dates.
  11. Hi there! A Linux version is coming! Like with Day of the Tentacle Remastered, it's going to be a little while after the Windows version's release.