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  1. Hi there Ron Are you saying that you don't see any text at all, or that there is text present, but it's not in a language that you can read? Here are the menu options for changing the text language. Hope this helps!
  2. I can't tell you much other than that it's continuing to be discussed. Sorry that it's taking so long to get to the bottom of this.
  3. A few days ago, I had a big old chat with HexDSL about Puzzling Dream's "cinematic platformer" The Way. We dive deep-ish into gameplay, style, inspirations and story, and also take time to muse over the game's meaning/messaging. I loved the hell out of this game and have been waiting for a year to find someone to have a conversation like this with There are some pretty significant spoilers in here, but if you'd like to watch without hitting those, the Youtube description contains timestamps for relevant topics and indications of where spoilers are.
  4. No worries! I'm glad to hear you're up and running
  5. Sorry to hear that you're having troubles! If you check readme.txt, there are instructions on how to launch the game with --log to ensure that the log gets created. I thought I'd set it up to automatically do log output if that kind of error occurs, but perhaps it's not getting far enough for that to happen. Do you have 32 bit audio drivers installed? The readme also gives a list of recommended packages to install to make sure that the game runs correctly. GOG also have a list of recommended packages on the store page.
  6. Not sure of the specific conversation you're after, but Twitter's advanced search stuff should help if you can narrow it down to a date range, limit it to tweets from Tim and can think of an identifying word that was used in the thread.
  7. It's out now! Big thanks to these people. Without their time and effort, the Linux port wouldn't be what it is
  8. Following up n this, all affected threads have been restored. Enjoy.
  9. There are a few options available. Give us a few days to work out a good course of action here. Edit: If posting immediately is important, there's no reason to not make new threads. The scope that we're looking at is much broader than a couple of topics and it warrants a few days' consideration.
  10. Shedding some light here for people, it was removed by the thread's OP deleting the first post. Posts in the thread are not lost for good. Give us a few days to work out a good course of action here.
  11. Best to take it easy and avoid making decisions IMO. I'll be in IRC for a while if you want to chat.
  12. Hmm, I thought we got this sorted. Not sure what happened. I'll nudge some people again.
  13. Oh hey, I forgot to share it here, but we went into closed testing last month. To make sure that anybody who already owned the game and saw it pop up in their Steam library didn't get the wrong idea, I made this "coming soon" app similar to the one I did while working on Day of the Tentacle Remastered's port. I can't give an idea of timeframes at the moment, but I'm working hard and hope to get the game into your hands as soon as it's ready
  14. I've fixed that typo in Spaff's post (apologies for the long delay in sorting that out!). On your Humble download page for Broken Age, you should see the following option to redeem a VHX key (if you've already clicked it, it'll display the key rather than the text "Click here for your VHX key):
  15. The lead writer on that episode wrote an unofficial sequel that was published as a webcomic a whileback called The Outer Light in which the crew of the Enterprise encounters a ship from Kataan that had been adrift for 1000 years. It was published here, but the site seems to be down. There are a few chapters from it on this page though. It's interesting to see where one of the people behind the episode was interested in taking it.
  16. One of our methods for limiting spammer activity is preventing new users from editing posts until they've reached a certain post threshold. I've upgraded you to a normal user, so you should be able to edit your own posts now
  17. Mostly guitar here. A little bit of piano and some flute. Also have a harmonica and violin kicking around.
  18. Edit: Perhaps I'd misread. I was sure that when I looked at your greenlight page previously that Linux was a listed platform. Either way, congratulations!
  19. For anybody who missed it, the official native Mac version of the game has been released and can be found on Steam, GOG, Humble and whatever Apple are calling their storefront these days.
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