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  1. It's fine - I can be up whenever people need me
  2. Hadn't really thought much about it, but something like a person in ruffles with a croquet mallet would feel appropriate
  3. A quick mock-up of a hedge garden themed table concept I've been toying with (trees would act as pop-bumpers, and the low triangular garden beds near each corner would act as slingshot bumpers).
  4. Oh, nice! @lightsoda remember how we were talking about table-specific paddle positioning this morning? I guess that's relevant now
  5. They're randomly picked now! That one will come up as the first one sometimes
  6. Here I am feeling like balls need could be sped up a bit! The original pitch included "player abilities" which would fill the role of the power-ups you're suggesting there.
  7. I think we're at a point where there's value in pushing these kinds of gameplay concerns out into separate discussions. I just made a thread for discussing paddle controls which pulls together all the ideas/suggestions that I've seen so far over here!
  8. Now that we've got something close to a full game loop in place, and levels exploring different kinds of spaces, we're at a position where we can start meaningfully thinking about paddle controls. I think there's a lot of possibility space to explore here! As an air hockey player, 2D paddle movement feels to me like the most natural way to give control over hit strength/direction (using impact velocity and vector to influence those). @KGuNN is keen to explore paddle rotation as a way of giving more control over direction. @lightsoda has experimented with giving paddles curved colliders so that impact position on the paddle will determine the resulting direction (the closer to the middle of the paddle that the ball hits, the more "flat" it is, and the closer it is to the edges, the more likely it is to deflect in that direction). This is typically how pong/breakout clones work, and doesn't necessarily require paddle to be visually curved. @James Marion suggested that perhaps paddles could have flipper-like mechanics to them where buttons could be used to raise one side of the flipper or another, making the timing of the press and position of the impact change hit strength and direction. @kednar has suggested that perhaps holding down the charge button (which the slingshot paddle currently uses to control its animations) for longer periods could increase hit strength. I'd also been considering another mechanic, where the player could hold down a button to lock the paddle position, but still be able to move around a "ghost" using normal controls. When releasing the button, the paddle would move to the ghost's location over a set period of time - the farther away the ghost, the faster movement is. Think of it as holding one end of a rubber band, moving the other end around and then releasing when ready. This might not be a good fit for the kind of fast gameplay we're aiming for with Pongball though! If you've got any thoughts or ideas or feedback from playing builds, share them!
  9. James has hopped into IRC and is chatting with people about Pongball. If anybody's interested in joining in on the conversation, drop by!
  10. That is one tiny gif! Looks great though
  11. Just an FYI for anybody who missed it. Matt left Double Fine earlier this year.
  12. That sort of thing isn't so important for initial testing, but thanks to @lightsoda, that functionality will be present in future builds.
  13. It would be neat to have a motif that memory creators could depict in their scenes' style. In the short term, it's probably best to go with Mythalore's suggestion since that's something that doesn't have the risk of a memory creator forgetting to add it in.
  14. Unfortunately, we might need to skip today's mentor session as James is unwell. Send him get-well-soon thoughts!
  15. Cheeseness

    Update Log

    Day Eight Today finally saw the merging of fragmental's work on improving KGuNN's table (this had been a difficult one to get integrated - thanks to fragmental for their patience!), and the addition of goals/scoring. With something approaching a proper game loop in place, Pongball is finally "playable". Woohoo! New build: This release is known as "2017-04-20_e523c3c", which is how we be tag development builds (that's the date followed by the short git revision, which means that if we ever need to reproduce a bug or understand why something has changed, we can jump back to the version of the code that the build was created from really easily. Huzzah!) Linux Mac Windows These builds include updates to kgunn's table, music, SFX and goals/scores (scores do not update for clients in online mode). See the release notes for more detail and known issues! In the main repo: jctwood added rollover targets/light pads (#42) VideogameScrapbook added goals and automatic ball respawns (#44) VideogameScrapbook added a basic scoring system (98fb371) lightsoda worked on implementing kednar's "slingshot paddle" (#45) fragmental added an improved version of KGuNN's table (Table02) (#48) In the assets repo: kednar added his "slingshot paddle" (#7) In the forums: lightsoda shared a video of kednar's paddle in the Screenshots & videos thread kednar shared renders of a paddle model inspired by KGuNN's "wheeled robot" paddle concept in the Concept art thread Thanks to @jctwood @VideoGameScrapBook @lightsoda @fragmental and @kednar for their efforts! Finally, we had our sixth mentor stream: Guests: Geoff Soulis Questions: jctwood, kednar, VideogameScrapbook Question wrangler: kednar Topics: Environments, worldbuilding and working with art direction
  16. Day Seven Today has been a comparatively quiet day, though important progress is still being made in terms of refining the project structure and getting initial scenes in place. In the main repo: flesk removed some redundant files (#15) flesk renamed the scenes folder to rooms (e5d499a) Jenni added objects and music to the Doug the Ogre memory (c740ec76) flesk added support for right click object interaction (f87bfe9) In the assets repo: Jenni added a "Meadow" music track (c893a93) In the forums: Kednar shared more concept art based on his space memory idea in the concept art thread Thanks to @flesk @Jenni and @kednar for their efforts!
  17. I feel like it's probably going to be important to allow players to back out of a memory that they don't feel like they're making any progress with and that there's probably likely to be some value in letting players have a few memories to choose from at any given time.
  18. I think this is what we're looking toward, but players still access those unlocked memories from the hub. This raises a question that we haven't really discussed - how do players return to the hub from a memory (my thoughts are that whatever this mechanism is, it should be common and recognisable between memories so that players don't get lost/stuck)?
  19. Big thanks to @Geoff Soulis for sharing some of his afternoon and perspectives with us! It was a bunch of fun
  20. We'll be going live in a tick with Geoff! Thanks to kednar for wrangling questions today!
  21. Connect to a different server on the same IRC network (if you're connecting to irc.foonetic.net, try connecting to foonetic.net)
  22. I feel like maybe it shouldn't be too obvious, and should be something that isn't revealed until the player explores the memory a bit or solve the memory's puzzle(s). Otherwise, what are the stakes for a "fake" memory?
  23. Cheeseness

    Update Log

    Day Seven Today saw the implementation of Pongball's first sounds. There's been more progress toward implementing KGuNN's table assets, and a bit of discussion about the impact that table layouts have on the feel of ball/paddle gameplay. In the main repo: fragmental added initial music implementation featuring kyle3wynn's space themed track (#40) fragmental added initial wall and paddle impact sound effects featuring kyle3wynn's sounds (#40) fragmental added initial UI sound effects featuring kyle3wynn's sounds (#40) fragmental has continued working on refinements to KGuNN's table (#41) On the forums: jctwood shared a video of work-in-progress rollover targets in the Screenshots & videos thread KGuNN shared a concept image for a new table design in the Concept art thread Thanks to @fragmental @jctwood @KGuNN @kyle3wynn for their efforts! Last, but not least, the fifth mentor stream: Guests: Jeremy Mitchell Questions: jctwood, Videogame Scrapbook, FragmentalStew, lclhstr Question wrangler: jctwood Topics: VFX, motivating your team, and robots
  24. Day Six Today saw the initial implementation of the main hub scene and the first memory. Exciting times! In the main repo: flesk implemented the folder restructure as proposed in the Programming and Asset Creation thread (#14) Jenni added TimeGentleman's hub background (7b80ef5) Jenni added a Doug The Ogre memory (7b80ef5) Cheeseness added a higher resolution version of the main menu background (11af55a) In the forums: WavingPeople shared a possible main menu concept in the Concept brainstorming thread flesk shared a video of an amusing bug in the Programming and asset creation thread Jenni shared a screenshot of the Dough The Ogre memory in the Concept art thread Thanks to @flesk @Jenni @WavingPeople @TimeGentleman and @Cheeseness for their efforts!
  25. Yeah, I was thinking that a wall that was easily extensible could be a really cool direction to go. Are you imagining that "fake" memory stuff on the wall wouldn't be identifiable at all until the memory was explored? I'm feeling like we might need to obscure them more than having a silhouette - some kind of "foggy" cloud to further blur things up could help with the vague memory motif?
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