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  1. Yay, I've been waiting for Botanicula for ages, and it's great to see it tied to a conservation charity shameless plug For anybody who's excited by such things, I maintain a set of extra statistics for Humble Bundles that can be found here: http://cheesetalks.twolofbees.com/humble/ /shameless plug
  2. During the countdown stream, Tim answered a tweet of mine asking if Linux users were going to be getting beta access, and the answer was that they wanted to keep it secure and safe (interesting implications regarding the security, safety and reliability of Linux and Linux gamers), so it would be Windows and MacOS only (thanks to Steam's DRM, I assume). One of the guys from Desura mentioned to me that he has talked/is talking with DF about getting the game published there. I don't know whether that included the beta or not though.
  3. Hmm... I totally didn't see that either I paid well over $10 above my reward tier though.
  4. I'd like to clarify that my stance is to keep the forum private, but not to restrict how backers can share information that they've read here (perhaps even encourage backers to discuss the project outside of the forums as well - something that will help grow outsider interest as the game progresses towards release). Obviously the poll doesn't really give that kind of option, so I voted for "free".
  5. Thanks for the info I really don't understand the "it's our money" attitude. We were not promised control over how that money would be used. We pledged our money to see the project move forward. That exchange has been made and the money is no longer something we can expect to claim ownership of. The way I see it, budget decisions like this are outside the scope of participation offered as part of the Kickstarter project (so, as has been said by others, it's not really our business). At the end of the day, decisions will only indirectly effect us (if, and only if, that change in budget effects the quality of the game being made), so it's barely even relevant enough to warrant discussion.
  6. If only backers get the opportunity to give input/feedback on the game and the videos aren't leaked, then that seems to cover the stuff that's important. It seems to me that anything else that finds its way out and into the world is good publicity. If the documentary is going to be available for purchase after the project is finished, then I can't imagine what could whet prospective buyers' appetites more than glimpses into the process provided by excited backers. Similarly , if backers are allowed to talk about elements of the game that they like, then surely that will grow a queue of eager buyers ready with their money when the game is released. I find it sad that the poll results seem to suggest that an outstanding majority of backers feel like they've paid for exclusivity of knowledge rather than the chance to be involved with/support this project.
  7. Ha ha, thanks. On its own, I suppose it's OK, but compared to other stuff I've done it's pretty mediocre (in my defence, it was pretty rushed). Hopefully when the project has some direction there'll be something to inspire me to do a better piece of fan art. I'm enjoying everybody else's stuff! Keep it coming
  8. I drew this the day that the Kickstarter project his $2m (inspred by a tweet of Tim's) It's not particularly good, but if anybody wants to see it bigger, they can do so here.
  9. I don't think I can mention anything that hasn't been mentioned already. I've definitely enjoyed everything I've played that has come out of TellTale (including Back To The Future), though none of them have felt particularly challenging (least of all BTTF, though I still enjoyed it as a form of entertainment).
  10. Congratulations to everybody (Double Fine and gamers alike)! Looking very much forward to being a part of this.
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