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  1. Alrighty, that's done. Here's where the new thread is. You'll be able to see it in a few seconds after I set the subforum to go live. Exciting!
  2. A quick heads up for people. When the AA subforum is live, I'll do a bit of thread surgery and move relevant posts from this thread over into a new one.
  3. Oh ha ha, that's what I get for copying and pasting \o/
  4. I'd say go big with the clue pool - make it 20. Make it 100. Frame the story as being about collecting the last hard-to-find bits and pieces, and that way if the number of contributed memories gets huge and eats up an otherwise small collection of clues, it doesn't change the framing of the story (and people can always go beyond that too by creating "fake" memories that don't use those).
  5. To break the ice, my name is Cheese (Cheeseness in most places, ValiantCheese where that's not available). I'm a solo indie game dev working on a bunch of weird and whacky projects, some of which are adventure games! I made Above The Waves, Robin's Rescue, and I'm also working on a sort of text adventure/first person hybrid game called Winter's Wake). Last Amnesia Fortnight, I coordinated Bad Golf: Community Edition's development and we had a great time. I'm looking forward to Amnesia Adventure being just as much fun! I'm not expecting to have much time for actual development (mostly I'm coordinating Pongball and running the mentor sessions), but I might jump in and contribute a few things here and there If it's helpful to anybody, I also wrote a game jam survival guide for Adventure Jam that is likely to be relevant to people looking to work on Amnesia Adventure.
  6. Amnesia Adventure's development model is structured in a way that allows people to contribute to the game without necessarily knowing who their fellow contributors are. That's no reason for us to not all get to know each other though! Introduce yourself, share what excites you about Amnesia Adventure, and if you're planning to work on something, what you're hoping to contribute! If you use a different username on IRC or GitHub, it wouldn't hurt to share those so that you're easier to recognise.
  7. Share, discuss and collaborate on any concept art for Amnesia Adventure that you'd like to share! If you're sharing something you didn't make, be sure to credit the artist! Below are concept pieces from @lightsoda @TimeGentleman @Bidiot Bales and @Cheeseness that appear in the Amnesia Adventure pitch video
  8. FAQ Who do I talk to if I have questions or need a decision made? At this point in time, @Jenni @flesk @TimeGentleman @Cheesenessare the best people to talk to. What engine is Amnesia Adventure using? Amnesia Adventure is making use of the Godot engine and the Escoria point and click adventure framework. You can find out more details on how to use Escoria on FLOSS Manuals. What is IRC? IRC is a realtime chat system. We'll be using that rather than the forums' built in chat system so that we don't crowd things up. There are all sorts of IRC clients - if you have one that's connected to the Foonetic network, you should be able to type /join #amnesia-fortnight-community to find your way there. If that doesn't make sense, you can use this easy to use browser based IRC client. Where can I download the game code, assets and builds? You can find the current version of the game's codebase and its assets in the main Amnesia Adventure repo on GitHub. You can find source files for assets in the Amnesia Adventure assets repo. When we have builds ready for testing, they'll be found on the main repo's releases page. Where can I learn more about Git/GitHub? You can find an introduction on using Git and GitHub on the Amnesia Adventure wiki! What if I just can't work out how to use GitHub? If you're contributing assets you can let the people listed in the "Who do I talk to if I have questions?" section at the top of this FAQ know and we can organise to get your stuff committed. If you're working on code, you'll need to learn to fork, clone, pull and make pull requests to work effectively on the project. What if I want to work on something other than Amnesia Adventure? In addition to Amnesia Adventure, the following community projects are ready to accept contributions during Amnesia Fortnight: Pongball (multiplayer team based pong/pinball hybrid) Tablenauts (Psychonauts themed tabletop RPG) The Lost Dev Team (multi-character puzzle platformer) Bad Golf: Community Edition (big thanks to @invadererik for upgrading the codebase to Unity 5.6!) If you're super excited about one of the other community pitches, if you'd like to work on Bad Golf, or if you've got something else in mind, PM @Cheeseness and he'll help you get set up! Where can I find out what I can help with? We'd rather let people work on what they're excited/motivated to work on themselves than assign everybody roles, but if you're stuck for inspiration, you'll be able to find bug lists in the GitHub issue tracker and "projects" todo list, and you can also ask the people listed in the "Who do I talk to if I have questions?" section at the top of this FAQ. What happens if my contribution breaks somebody else's? This is the nature of collaborative development, so don't stress too much. Definitely let the other contributor or one of the core developers (see the people listed in the "Who do I talk to if I have questions?" section at the top of this FAQ) know and we'll work to smooth things over. On rare occasions, rolling back a commit might be needed. If that happens, we can look at what changes would be needed to allow for for re-adding that back in. What licence(s) are we accepting contributions under? We're using the MIT licence for Amnesia Adventure (excluding third party dependencies). See the Contribution guidelines and licencing wiki page for more details! Can we put in references to other games/copyrighted works? If you want to include a small reference or easter egg (eg: a stuffed glottis toy in a kid's room), that's fine, although we're asking that you contribute these works under a CC BY-NC licence (see the Contribution guidelines and licencing wiki page for more details). If you want to do something that's a prominent part of the game's content (eg: Manny as a character you interact with), that's not a good fit for this project. If you're looking to include/make use of anything owned by Double Fine, we can be a bit more flexible, but touch base with @Cheeseness first so that we can organise proper approval.
  9. With regards to a) (and IMO this would be of benefit regardless of whether there are multiple endings or fake clues), it'd be best to have a collection of real clues that the player already has access to at the end. Narratively, these might be from surface level memories that were easy to pull clues from or something, but from the perspective of structuring/wrangling an open project, they represent a pool of stuff that contributors can pull a clue from and structure their own memory sequence around, allowing the project to scale up and down depending on contributor input without having any meaningful impact on its structure as a whole. If there were an end-game puzzle that made use of all the clues, then this approach would mean that that would be possible (and desirable) to implement without being dependent on any memory sequences being implemented.
  10. Totally dig protagonist metamorphosis and some kind of persistent identifying feature! If there's some kind of main hub that showed the memories that the adventurer currently had access to, perhaps UI/controls for indicating which memories are real and which aren't could be situated there. I'd envision that it'd be possible to wrongly identify a memory - I feel like that would be important, but I'm totally torn between whether would work best if it were critical to the game to identify real memories (perhaps to narrow down/solidify the collection of clues you've collected along the way and discard red herrings? Or maybe if you pick a certain set as being real, you turn out to be the mastermind criminal, hiding in your own past, while a different set reveals you to be an unwilling carrier of secret information that's been injected into your memory by an underground organisation to avoid falling into the authorities' hands) or of no consequence (only impacts on how the player sees/believes in the protagonist's past - KR0's early acts do some wonderful stuff like this where instead of impacting on the future, your choices expose characters' pasts and shift the context for the present). Perhaps the clues the player collects from within memories are metaphorical jigsaw puzzle pieces that need to be assembled correctly as an end-game puzzle to reveal/confirm the mystery. I dig the idea of triggers opening up new memories. I did something similar in a game I made a while back where you play as an old woman with memory problems. Items in the present that reminded her of the past became doorways to memories, and out-of-place elements in those scenes opened up new memories from the hub area. I think it worked really well.
  11. Cheeseness

    Update Log

    Day Three Today's been another exciting day, with a bunch of forward progress in important areas that will put the game into a "playable" state very soon. If all goes well, I'll be attaching test builds to the next update post for everybody to try out! There's some great stuff being shared in the new music thread, and a swath of audio effects have been contributed as well - a perfect fit for today's audio-themed mentor session! In the main repo: Fragmental fixed some ball physics problems (#18) Fragmental added a placeholder main menu (#20) Fragmental worked on a table implementing KGuNN's assets (#24) ehne worked on a new main menu (#22) jctwood has taken over from bobsayshilol's work on re-implementing single player (#4) lightsoda updated the General asset guidelines wiki page In the assets repo: kyle3wynn added some space themed music (#4) KGuNN added a new table layout and new table elements (#5) In the forums: lightsoda started a thread for discussing/sharing music KGuNN shared a new table layout in the concept art thread Thanks to @fragmental @possiblyanidiot @jctwood @lightsoda @kyle3wynn and @KGuNN for their efforts! And of course, the third mentor stream: Guests: Camden Stoddard Questions: lclhstr, lightsoda, kyle3wynn Question wrangler: lightsoda Topics: SFX, music, sound design, being multidisciplinary, looking after yourself, and being nice! On another note, bobsayshilol has had to step back from contributing for reasons external to Pongball - I know he'd prefer to step away quietly, but he's not getting by without a huge thank-you for the work he's put into the project from the pitching phase through to now. Best wishes, and if we don't see you again before the end of Amnesia Fortnight, we look forward to welcoming you back at a later date!
  12. If this adventurer were from a technically advanced civilisation beyond our own, perhaps they could have some kind of personal cloaking device for blending in with the planets and peoples they visited, which would provide a nice narrative for a bunch of different depictions of the protagonist if that was a road people wanted to go down. I still dig the idea of the game being partially about identifying which memories are real and which are dreams/imagined/TV shows/whatever. Piecing together reality from a broiling mess of nonsense feels like a potentially fun way of hiding a mystery.
  13. You guys know that Psychonauts tabletop RPG that Feddlefew was talking about making? Well, it's happening over here
  14. I don't know if I shared this in this thread before or not, but last month (I think it was last month) I published a thing that attempts to explore what makes a good Star Wars game. In it, I try to go into what makes Star Wars interesting, reflect on games I've played, and try to explore the commonalities that Star Wars games across the ages have had. I also put together a big timeline of Star Wars games from 1982's The Empire Strikes back on the Atari 2600 through to stuff that was released earlier this year.
  15. You guys give me the word and I'll get repos and subforums set up!
  16. Sounds to me like you're all doing great work (Asif included) as per usual
  17. It means that too many people are connected to that particular server in the Foonetic network.
  18. Thanks so much to @DFCamdensound for sharing his perspectives and feedback! Another great stream (fleeting audio issues aside)
  19. We'll be going live with Cam in a little bit! Big thanks to lightsoda for helping wrangle questions!
  20. Looks like we might be running a little late today! Bear with us
  21. Both names feel a bit too derivative for my tastes, but either could work as a working title. For better or worse, I think we should stick with Pongball for now
  22. Yep, still tidying up some of these presentation issues (yesterday's was stuck on me for the first half of the stream >_< ). We'll get there!
  23. Cheeseness

    Sound Effects

    Thanks for sharing! I've popped the stuff from your zip up in the asset sources repo. AFIK, git just rewrites large binary files rather than trying to do diffs on them. That's fine though - the kind of iteration you're talking about is one of the reasons why we have an asset sources repo separate from the game's primary repo. Feel free to go nuts!
  24. I'd also be happy to assist with a few bits and pieces, but Pongball needs to be my primary focus across AF.
  25. For anybody who hasn't spotted, the second mentor stream and second day's activity summary are up! These are some good thoughts, and it's definitely a topic deserves a bunch of discussion and exploration. If you're keen, make a new thread and we can try to pull together some of the ideas that people have been bouncing around and encourage further discussion. There are also some ideas in the design notes page on the wiki that might be worth having a read over. It will be hard to know what works best until we can try stuff out in the game, but my gut says that things are likely to feel best if we have one scoring method (scoring goals) that is influenced by the game's other mechanics (similar to what KGuNN is suggesting).
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