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  1. Thanks! I'm slowly building my collection. I had to buy a new cabinet recently, to accommodate new stuff. At the end of the day, it's worthless to most people, but it gives me great pleasure looking at it.
  2. I got my box today, and it is a beauty! It now has pride of place! I have a bit of a Double Fine shrine going right now! Thank you so much to everyone at DF and 2PP for pulling this remarkable Blu-Ray together. For those still waiting, mine took 9 days to arrive from Arizona to the Midwest. I'm sure with the holidays coming, things are much slower than normal as well. But it was well worth the wait.
  3. I *very nearly* clicked on the link, but decided I'd rather have the pleasure of feasting my eyes on it without any major spoilers!
  4. I finally got a confirmation from DHL that the package has been tendered to USPS, after 7 days of being on the road. So still probably a few days before I get it via them. I agree their shipping is incredibly slow domestically, but I guess Fangamer use them since they are easy to use for global shipping, otherwise I wish they would use someone else. Having no estimated or hard delivery date is really nuts in this day and age. Maybe I'm just spoiled!
  5. I'm in the US, and I didn't get a notification either. I emailed orders@fangamer.com, and they told me the tracking number, but not who they used for shipping. Reid's post above pointed me to DHL, but again, the tracking number wasn't being accepted for the various DHL links I searched for. I finally was able to find (at least for the US folks), the tracking link: http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/?trackingnumber=<YOURTRACKINGNUMBERHERE> I also noticed that the tracking number is quite long. In my case it was 30 characters. But in looking at the tracking output from this link the first 8 characters have been dropped. I confirmed the URL above works with both the 30 and 22 character tracking number however. This may work for other countries as well, but I'm not certain. Good luck! @2PP - A million kudos to you for the phenomenal production value of the Blu-Ray. Inside and out. Worth the wait.
  6. I'm all for you releasing this to the public. I've had my value over the years, and I'd really like for other folks to see how the sausage is really made. Either charge a nominal fee for it, or release it streaming only with a lower quality (although even that will probably draw criticism!). I would honestly prefer 2PP/DF to make a little money from it if they can. You deserve that much. I do suspect though that the haters will never sit there and watch it all, so will never really understand what it took to make this game.
  7. sl0ttedpig

    Tattoo Art

    Thanks John! I think he (Josh Howard) did an amazing job creating such a vibrant piece. I'm over the moon with it! It took about 9 hours total I think.
  8. sl0ttedpig

    Tattoo Art

    So, maybe I'm stretching the concept of fan art a little, but here is my new tattoo! https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-APqlocKUD-8/U6r422KU8QI/AAAAAAAAMnE/ty9UNG0R9Yg/w957-h590-no/Tattoo.jpg
  9. Here's is the finished framed piece on my wall (together with my signed Reds art)! A really incredible feat of patience, and the best Christmas present ever!
  10. @DF Kee - Maybe we can see if a sideload of the APK file would work? Since the game is free, is that something that could be provided via DropBox or something?
  11. Are you downloading it direct from your device? If you have access to a PC, have you tried the remote install feature? Also, at that point it will also tell you if your device is compatible or not. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doublefine.mmoj I've just done remote push to both my S3 and Galaxy Tab and both without error. Also, I believe the install is split into 2, since it downloaded an Additional File. Are you connected via WiFi, since that seems to be the requirement for bigger files these days. Lastly the install is 221MB, so ensure you have enough space.
  12. Please, please, PLEASE, can we see some outtakes from that video?! And please can you stop draining my bank account?! It doesn't matter if I own these games 3 times over (actually it's probably 4), I'm still compelled to re-buy them again. What's up with me!?
  13. Loved the episode, especially when Tim was trying names - Young Mon-sters in that 8bit font - "Laziest box art ever! Erm...it's hyphenated...ahh f*ck it!" Was there a reason why the official name reveal at the PAX East panel was not included (or anything at all from PAX for that matter)? 2PP were filming it (I was there). Did it not come out very well, or did it not really fit well with the bigger reveal being GDC?
  14. I thought the moment I saw that in the doc, that it would make a great wallpaper. Someone also thought the same! Thanks for sharing.
  15. It was available at PAX East (as shown without any logo) if you were lucky enough to get one. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm not sure of the plans to sell them on their website going forward. I think there would be a demand for them. Thanks Chris for posting. Wallpaper duly changed!
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