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    Gamer, writer, artist, volunteer, and single mom of one awesome little girl.
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    Rabid LucasArts fan turned rabid Double Fine fan. <3 <3
  1. New Forum Moderators!

  2. Get Your Head Shoes Ready, It's Time! \o/

    Hey Joe, Check for an additional email from Humble Bundle w a code to verify your browser. (I had that additional step to complete before I could redeem my copy.)
  3. Get Your Head Shoes Ready, It's Time! \o/

    KABLOXOXOXOXO!!! <3 <3 (^LOVE BOMB) Video of the closing of the DFA Kickstarter: oyvb5xHFoKM (shoes on heads... and pancakes... don't forget the pancakes)

    Though talking to Microsoft Support about it never yielded anything in (2 years of attempts), I may have finally stumbled upon a solution. It appears I need to make a boot disc for it... or, more correctly, I need to apply one very old update to the console. http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_360_support/f/8/t/313408.aspx Hopefully, if I just copy the Original Xbox Support File to a disc and install it on my Xbox 360, Psychonauts should run again. (As should any of the other select Original Xbox games that were included for backward compatibility support on Xbox 360. In the past couple years, of any of those games, I had only attempted to play Psychonauts, so I never noticed that the problem may have affected all Original Xbox games.) This is the link to the Xbox 360 support file needed for making a backward compatibility update disc, for anyone interested: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=12129 I will try it out and test both the Original Xbox disc and digital (Xbox 360) versions to see if they both work after I update the console. (I can't imagine why this never occurred to me before, but it makes sense that this will likely fix the problem.) *fingers crossed*
  5. BLOODLINE NAMING ...with a surname that's too common

    Not a bad idea. Thanks!! ...I'll try a few 'suffixes' out and see if I can find a good one. (Not too cheesey.) BTW, here's my almost finished Bloodline/Sigil... (As of my latest save.) http://bit.ly/1sdPOVi P.S. Bonus props for 'Clarkadder'... (Very big Blackadder fan.) ...P.P.S. I propose that if I'm the first Clark to submit, that all other Clarks change *their* surnames. LOL ... No?? Well, I liked it. ;-)
  6. I've seen a few sigils in circulation this week--some experimental designs and several finalized submissions. The variety is wonderful.... and I'm excited to encounter many of them in-game and get a spark of recognition that I once saw this one or that eagerly posted on Twitter or the DF forums after they were first created. Clearly they are the pride and joy of their makers. =-) I'm working on my own, and--like so many others--toying with additional experimental sigils as I try to settle on a design. It's even admittedly habit forming, (though, I don't think I'll need an intervention just yet). I have another issue with which I'm struggling. My surname is extremely common... and as that relates to submitting a BLOODLINE, it's presenting a real problem. I'm quite concerned about it because it's important to me that my sigil and bloodline are unique. I very much want to avoid submitting a bloodline under my name if there are already 70+ bloodlines of the same name. (With some 32K original backers, statistically speaking, there could be as more than 70 backers who share my last name... though I'm certainly no math/statistics wiz.) So, what's a Smith/Jones/Johnson/Williams/Brown/Clark to do??? I've got my fingers crossed that my sigil will somehow be quite distinct from any others... and I'm hoping, too, that the pair of colors I end up choosing in my final submission are--with any luck--not overly popular or my characters and too many others will look like they're all headed to the same sporting event together. But far and away, the bloodline name is my greatest concern out of all of these. ...I can't imagine the odds, but there's a good chance that there are several instances of my surname in the bloodlines, of those, there must be some choosing blue and white for colors... and before we even get into sigil symbols, that's enough that I might regret using my surname to name my bloodline. Is there any way to know? Would you, Massive Chalice team, be able to advise us? With 32K+ submissions to review, I can't imagine you'd keep a score card for such things, let alone any chance of memorizing them... But will you be analizing the results (including any trends) once the submissions are all approved? Honestly, I do understand the difficulty involved in what I'm asking, STILL, I would like a chance to choose an uncommon, alternate bloodline name (and, if possible, sigil design, should that issue apply) in the event that it's not reasonably unique/distinct. Otherwise, I know it will be easier for my friends and acquaintances to recognize my bloodline characters in-game if they do share my surname--so, I'm reluctant to ditch my surname if there's no need to do so. This project means a lot to my daughter and I and if we had the means we'd pay for more than one bloodline submission, but I'm afraid it's not going to be possible for us, and definitely not by the submission deadline, so this is our one shot, therefore, we want to make our contribution something special. Please let me know what you suggest and how you might be able to help with this. I would sincerely appreciate any ideas you can offer. Thank you!! PS. If you should happen to need dozens of spare sigil designs/mottos/battle cries/etc., I'm available to help... I love making them.
  7. BEHOLD, a cat sigil! (...It really was inevitable.) http://tinyurl.com/mtgom9o
  8. I hope that people submit these too! Stark simplicity can be super rad. Just check Cory Schmitz's stuff! He's super minimalist and awesome, and he designed our initial logo for the Kickstarter. ! http://coryschmitz.com/ No doubt!! The flag of Japan is one of the most perfect examples ever of iconic, minimalist design. Look at famous modern logos, too! Sometimes LESS IS MORE. ...It's harder to remember a design you can't define or understand. But minimalism may demand a measure of discipline/perfection that can be especially challenging. If it's off even a little, it shows, and the effect can be spoiled. And as we're using pre-made symbols (like stamps) going uber-simple, like using nothing apart from one, centered circle, may appear (and feel) lazy/unsatisfying. It's a balancing game for me--finding the happy medium of 'iconic and elegant' somewhere between 'uninspired bare bones' and 'train wreck labyrinth.' I do take my sigil making pretty seriously, but I only get one, so I think it's appropriate to want to get it right and make one that's crisp and memorable. I want it to look unlike any other, but I hope that others will like it and welcome it in the world they seek to build. BTW, I hope the bloodline editor/sigil maker will be left online and active even after the submissions close. I'm really having fun playing with it... I mean, er, practicing with sigils apart from the one that is my own which I wish to formally submit. I made a Psychonauts themed sigil/bloodline earlier today! http://tinyurl.com/n3936zk =-D
  9. Todays DFGC was AWESOME!! <3 Now to listen to it all again so I can catch all the stuff I missed. =-D
  10. I think he said he's got TimeGentlemen pajamas (custom made... to match his TGP sheets). ...Yes, I remember it.
  11. HAPPY BOULDER (Bradrock, Happy Rock)

    That was me. I am Some. I dubbed it thus... and I'd do it again! =-D Bradrock (AKA Happy Rock ... AKA Happy Boulder) the Whispering Rock - fightclubdoll (AKA me)
  12. Fake for a Full Throttle HD remake

    O .... M .... G .... That's awesome!!! <3
  13. Today's DF Game Club session was awesome. (Last week, too, even though I was newly home from having surgery.) I had a wonderful time. CQ is an amazing game. The company was wonderful. The questions were excellent. And we just had so much fun! Thanks again, Cheeseness and everyone who participated!!! <3 - Marykate (aka fightclubdoll) Viva Windsockguy!!
  14. ILLUMINATIONS New idea... game based on illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminated_manuscript Protagonist explores the worlds of different books and completing quests for characters in the books. Restoring the library thwarts an evil force from turning the library into an evil portal into the 3D world. The royal librarian might help the 2D hero somehow, by inserting pages with sketched weapons, etc.