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  1. Light grey because there are too many dark t-shirts in this world of scaffy goths!
  2. I'm guessing that Full Throttle might win that poll.
  3. Thanks for all the work you guys have done on ResidualVM. As a selfish windows user (and owning the original discs), I would have been happy with some graphical patching, but going down the multi-platform interpreter route was akin to an heroic act. Well done.
  4. DFA Game Club was the only thing that kept me from descending into a life of hysterical drug abuse and embittered vandalism. Now it appears to be gone, SOCIETY MUST PAY!
  5. Yes it is possible to pre-order pancakes I think For a moment I thought, we were going offtopic... Uh, that was close... Heh. Yeah... sorry. Missed out on all the heated debate earlier and couldn't help myself. So anyway, as I was saying... 100g/4oz plain flour 1 tbsp caster sugar a pinch of salt 1 egg 150ml/5fl oz coconut milk 1 tbsp melted butter, plus extra for brushing a few drops of vanilla extract a good pinch of grated lemon zest a little oil or butter for making the pancakes and for greasing the pan 10-12 tbsp fresh grated coconut 1 tbsp golden raisins 80g/3oz palm molasses or jaggery, coarsely grated (or brown sugar) ¼tsp ground cardamom ¼tsp nutmeg, grated ...that's all you need to make delicious coconut pancakes. You're welcome.
  6. As much as I like (and admire) pancakes, I would like to say a little something about the pre-orders. Deep breath... If I had missed out on the kickstarter backing for any reason, it's nice to think that I could have been given a second chance through a pre-order. Discussions about profit, exclusivity and integrity have some validity but, ultimately, this is about giving some other individuals the chance to join in. I think that is an admirable thing to do.
  7. Aristotle would never have talked with his mouth full. He had class.
  8. Ehh... Saturday or Sunday? I'm guessing Saturday but you do mention Sunday there.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the playthrough of DOTT last Saturday. The art direction (especially the cleverly distorted perspectives) and voice acting are probably the two best elements of the game. I find it really difficult to judge the quality of the puzzles in retrospect but I certainly don't remember any frustrating me for the wrong reasons. The best puzzles were definitely the ones that most took advantage of the passage of time. Anything that could have been better? Large portions of the gameworld are available from the very start with the rest very quickly available if you happened to cut the 'cherry' tree down early on. This means that even though you may be solving many varied puzzles, you can sometimes be covering a lot of the same ground repeatedly. The game can sometimes suffer from a lack of momentum because of this - there's often no feeling of the world opening up over time and giving a sense of direction. But that's the only potential flaw I can think of in an otherwise excellent game.
  10. Game music is something I'd quite like to get into but I'd be lying if I said I'd ever seriously thought about it. Good luck with your efforts though. Your enthusiasm should take you far. And I really mean that.
  11. The righteous anger developed from an inability to remember how to sticky. True story.
  12. I just want to make lots of bad jokes and have a good time. Amen to that. I'm sure the DF team will sticky anything important.
  13. Woah... when the pens are dead or the backers? Maybe Tim has psychic visions, and mails us pens right before something calamitous happens? Because there's a lot of pens around the office? Hopefully the pens are refillable. Psychic visions are a poor substitute for a good sense of economy.
  14. Redrum? If only word processors had been around at the hotel, he could have just copied and pasted it.
  15. Too late. It's already written itself.
  16. The poll was, and I can't stress this enough, just a bit of fun. And, yes, you got me... the log WAS a Twin Peaks reference.
  17. "Imprisoned for a mental instability he didn't possess... The Not-so-crazy Man of Alcatraz!" It would practically write itself.
  18. I think you're probably right and, for what it's worth, you are neither abrasive or long-winded.
  19. Yes... kinda... but this is more of a reaction to the results of that poll (which looks to be going very strongly in one direction).
  20. My vote in the original privacy poll* has placed me in the minority. I understand the desire to pull up the drawbridge but we've already got exclusive access to the backer forums and the videos. How much more exclusivity do we need? I'm not very keen on lording it over those who missed the opportunity to back this project, especially if they're already a member of the DF action forums who may have only missed out due to a lack of credit card or bad timing money-wise (even with an amount like $15/£10, it does happen). And with regards to media leaks, what tangible effect would they have on development? This isn't a new stealth bomber being made. If anything, a more open development would allow DF to capitalise on the publicity they have already garnered for themselves through Kickstarter. Das ist gut, ya? EDIT: To clarify, yes, I mean this poll: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6081/
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