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  1. While I successfully kept myself from thinking about the details of the story too much before playing, as soon as the game came out and I started I did pretty much immediately assume that Shay's ship was actually Mog Chothra. (I'm trying to word this in a way that doesn't make me sound like a pompous ass but) I tend to pick up on stuff like this pretty quickly even if I'm not trying too, probably a side effect of having seen far too many movies in my life. But! Towards the end, the "head fake" of Vella discovering the guy in the temple did successfully get me thinking that he was Shay and that there was some sort of timey-wimey stuff going on between the two stories, so by time the reveal came they had done a good job of leading me away from what I had initially guessed. Pretty damn satisfying. (And I suppose there's still entirely the possibility of timey-wimey in act 2.) Random thing that just popped up in my head: Is any of the training silverware still in the ship? The thought of Vella interacting with them is amazing.
  2. I found myself wanting this too. During dialogue trees I tend to lean back and casually move my hand to the arrow keys to work through the conversation.
  3. Vella. Can't really explain why, other than looking at the image I'm drawn to her side.
  4. Can't wait! My backlog has grown to absurd heights over the last few months but I'll still be dropping everything for this.
  5. First was Secret of Monkey Island (or rather the demo that came with a pack of disks, we got the full game soon after). Probably my first game period. I was five, and playing the game with my dad are pretty much my earliest memories.
  6. This is obviously dependent on the tone of the thing, but every time I see pictures pop up online of creepy-ass abandoned theme parks that are broken down and overgrown I think "this would be an amazing setting in a game."
  7. For One Frigging Dollar these are an absolute must-own for adventure fans. Great, hilarious games. Surprised this wasn't posted earlier, honestly.
  8. It's between Rock Band (instruments, DLC) and World of Warcraft (couple years of play plus one expansion). I'm sure I could easily sit down and figure it out, but I'm far too lazy for that.
  9. Finally getting around to playing Machinarium. Still can't believe this game was so heavily pirated. People are jerks.
  10. In addition to some stock ones, I would love to see (a reasonable handful of) "context-based" idle animations. For example, if you're idle in some kind of scary room you could look around nervously, if you're outside on a hill or something at night you could sit down and stare at the stars, etc. I always thought something like that would be a great little touch for curious folks to discover.
  11. The only time I break down and look up a guide is if being stuck is actively ruining the game for me, turning it from fun into a frustrating chore. Theoretically, a good game should still be entertaining even as I'm struggling to figure out how to advance.
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