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  1. So a hail Mary of a thing happened. I guess i transferred by kickstarter account to my new email but it was set to spam. So i noticed a please solve credit card issues pop up on my tablet 10:20pm about 12 hours before i could fix my issue. So guess what? i am funding you after all!!!!!11!
  2. Can you re-activate gmail? I think kickstarter see's that the gmail is gone and my credit card, so my account was deleted.
  3. So i think i am shit outta luck, since both my credit card and email no longer exist.
  4. I went through some account issues with my old gmail and credit card and deleted/cancelled them both. Now i can't seem to log into kickstarter.
  5. thanks for the helping. i am preparing an email now!
  6. I am having a lot of problems navigating this site. Where is their contact info.
  7. So I switched credit cards between when i funded you guys and now. Amazon has declined my card obviously, but i still really really want to give you guys some funding. Is there some way of emailing someone that can help?
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