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  1. Hey guys, I was a $100+ backer, I already got 2 keys on my original humble page, but I just got another $20 backer key... I didn't generate it yet because I thought this may be a mistake. Hope you guys didnt just give out a ton of free copies of the game by mistake.
  2. Way to take a beautiful moment, and make it funny albeit a tad evil.
  3. Loved the pacing of the episode, and probably included some of the most beautiful work done in the documentary to date (The GDC Trailer Reveal) I started to cry when the Crowd started cheering and seeing Tim smile. So happy for you guys and can't wait for the next episode and the game! (Hope that scales so I don't blow up everyone's browser >.< haha)
  4. Hahaha, I haven't been able to visit the forums often but I just caught up on all that's going on and having watched the video I'm reminded of how good hands we are in with the comedic genius that is Tim Schafer.(Run on sentences be damned!) Loved the ending to the video, including a joke on a serious update. Hope everyone keeps up the great work, Double Fine and all the backers.
  5. Guess I should post something too, can't wait for everything to unfold and watch this game be made. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!(Double Fine, and hell, The other Kickstarters too, we all made this happen.) So what if i have a few beers in me, it's my friday, cheers to the working man.
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