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  1. I get it: you want to market your product, but I don't even have 4 friends, let alone 4 which would want the game. Isn't that a bit overkill?
  2. Hello? Guitar harmonica bass? It's still a fucking loser game, and the people who made it should be cut up alive and force fed to their loved ones while being burned and pissed on. I fucking hate these bullshit loser games, and their "fans" can all go fuck themselves up each others asses and get aids, rid the world of their pathetic fucking selves. Fuck them. Now - moving on. I'm going to fucking bed, fuck all of you.
  3. They may loosen up but they apparently still often close themselves to adult entertainment, where other companies like Sony don't.
  4. ...*looks at the Bayonetta 2 trailer* What? They will not publish Isaac reborn. Point proven.
  5. Yeah right, prove your point, i'm waiting, and i'm sure i can wait for all eternity if i expect someone learning how to play the instrument properly from that bullshit loser toy - it's nothing more, read a book or something and fuck off.
  6. Better than what MS did with the Xbone, but yeah, they should leave their pond and go swimming in the sea for once. It really annoys me that they are still so hostile against mature content.
  7. I wonder if they make a scale that measures bodyfat instead of just weight, this would make a lot of sense for people who are fit and enjoy fitness, their old Wii Fit thing would classify people with a lot of muscle as fat.
  8. I still miss my piggy. Oh well, i'd really love a Capybara. <3 Though i don't think i could take good care of one.
  9. Rocksmith is a game for sad twats who don't have the stamina to learn an instrument, but are cool with cheating themselves into believing that they might. It's utter bullshit. How does RS make me a sad twat? I bet you don't play an instrument. Well, you could be spending a wee bit more on a real guitar, or even just borrowing one, lessons are free*! But no, people just invest in this, and then spend hours upon hours with their make-believe toy; and that's sad. This would be non of my freaking business, but what drives me up the wall is those people attitude, and their false sense of accomplishment. Next time i see someone in a Porsche i'll tell him i achieved more than he because i got a legendary in WoW, let's see how that works out. And i dare to say that at least 3/4 of people who play crap like that - are like that, so i'm hostile. * for example http://www.justinguitar.com/
  10. Oh ok, i thought Amazon had it's own thing going, if they come with Steam key then that's a whole different story. I can really recommend Lego Lord, if you like either Lego or Lord of the Rings then that's a really good game, it's not that true to the books or films, but most charming and sweet.
  11. Is Amazon DRM free? What services does it actually offer?
  12. That's why he's awesome! Well, i hope you get something besides worries out of the company of this cute little guy. <3 (Though i disagree with people keeping pets like that in the first place - just to mention that on the side)
  13. Not too sure what to think about the Ouya, but it's on my radar, i really like that they say you can try every game for free, and that it's an android platform (or did i get things mixed up). I was thinking about getting one for tinkering, but then the RaspberryPi came along. Well, i certainly wish the Ouya people the very best of luck, and hope they will succeed, it's an interesting project. Yes, i wholeheartedly agree: In the end it's all about the game, but the consoles are the platform for that, and depending on your choice the experience may be enhanced or diminished. When you want to go for a walk it's not about the shoe either, but it's still important to a certain degree, it still needs to be comfortable.
  14. You two are so uncool! You forgot about the most important thing: Taking pictures for your very best friend in the whole wide world (me) so i can go aww.
  15. It's not a MS vs Sony thing, i already dare to say that i'm not going to get any console this generation. You can't buy a Xbone, it's a piece of shit; Nintendo i pulling the basic WiiU kit of the market, and i'm not willing to pay that much for that thing, and i reserve a special kind of hate for Sony, i used to be madly in love with them, but they kept disappointing, so i'm not trusting them anymore.
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