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  1. If anyone wants to take a peek at the characters I've got so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1109ZmZjWKZ0JoQTKjU1llPHbQ_p6FnFkoPraTZrCoWA/edit?usp=sharing I've decided to do more prep work this time around so when I get to the actual writing part, I won't constantly get mired in trying to come up with new characters on the spot.
  2. Yay! I um... wrote a small character bible for the thing I'm working on. That is all.
  3. What? The writing thread is gone? I will investigate how this could happen.
  4. Funny story, my uncle is an extra in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. So I watched that movie a ton when I was a kid and practically memorized it. This also gives me a Kevin Bacon number of 2.
  5. Silver-haired Black Widow? Ooooohhh!
  6. From my experience, anyone who claims to want a male Wonder Woman isn't debating in good faith. It's an argument designed to "catch" a progressive person being discriminatory so the original poster can hold up the response as proof that progressives are hypocritical, oppressive people. The reply tweet in this instance was playing them at their own game. Perhaps the original poster could have framed his tweet in a less antagonistic manner if he were interested in a genuine debate?
  7. Back to the spice cabinet he goes. I don't blame him. He got a thankless job with a terrible boss and then someone off TV got the job he was supposed to be promoted to. Anyone would leave at that point. I hope he writes a tell-all book. It'd probably be worth a read.
  8. BBC does do spin-offs, true, but they're underfunded and far fewer people watch them. Sarah Jane Adventures was basically female Doctor Who with child companions and who watched that? Me and a few other diehard fans, because it was operating on an incredibly low budget and showing on CBBC and it wasn't even released in America after the first season. Same with Class. Female Doctor-type character spin-off with teenage companions, but it just lacked the magic and interest and it's cancelled on a cliff-hanger after one season. The reason this isn't enough is because there's a finite amount of money to go around. Spin-offs will never be as well funded as the original. Also, I reiterate my first point: unique opportunity to do this with it making complete in-universe sense.
  9. I think the point is more that male versions of those characters aren't needed because they already exist. And in many cases, existed first. Doctor Who is such a unique concept, however, that anything close to it would probably violate copyright. And it's also a concept that has in-universe justification for genderswapping and the blessing of the original creator of the show (Sydney Newman suggested back in 1986 that the Doctor should regenerate into a woman). So it's also a completely different issue than the examples provided in that tweet.
  10. I just read gaf, where nearly everyone is thrilled. Even facebook comments are depressing.
  11. I know the feeling. When I can't talk to people I usually talk to, some part of me automatically assumes they're avoiding me, even when I know they're probably just doing their own stuff. My solution is usually to binge on something, either absorbing creative media or creating it.
  12. But not making a decision is actually a decision to not make a decision!
  13. Man, I keep compulsively reading articles about Jodie because I still can't believe the Doctor is going to be a woman. It's just so exciting.
  14. Whedon is on video saying he'd do an episode if the Doctor was a she. Your move, Joss.