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  1. So the forum is basically divided in two. There's the gaming side and the 'everything else' side. The hangouts section for each basically consists of dedicated topics for longterm discussions. So hangouts on gaming side are generally topics dedicated to specific game series or systems (like there's a breath of the wild hangout thread for example), hangouts on the etcetera side tend to be little communities (like there's a writing community, a film community, a politics community, etc). The Gaming/Etcetera primary forums are specifically for new news that won't have a lasting discussion, life questions, amusing anecdotes... basically anything that is expected to have a thread lifespan of a week or two max. This designation was primarily done so that longterm discussion threads wouldn't clog up the forum for people who just wanted gaming or real world news. And also so that if there was an overactive longterm discussion thread for something uninteresting to the vast majority of the forum, it wouldn't constantly be thrown in the faces of everyone (like the very active WWE hangout thread) Generally, I have a handful of hangout forums that I'm a member of and that's typically where you get to know people and they get to know you. And then the primary threads are where I browse to get news about recent events and movies/games coming out and stuff.
  2. I'm not completely sure, honestly. I got in day one during the 15 min they allowed people to register with unpaid email accounts. But I was also a member of two communities prior to the move from NeoGAF, so I also had a bit of help getting in. I think the approval process is faster than GAF though, but then again sending an application by mail would be faster than GAF (it took me 6 months to get approved there. I can only assume the moderators were arguing over whether my banter spamming on Telltale disqualified me).
  3. You should try resetera. It's exactly that, but a lot bigger than Telltale was.
  4. So, I think for Runaways your mileage may vary. It's a slow burn, but the kids are all decent actors and I thought the mystery was engaging. Just don't expect them to actually do much running away this season. Then again, Runaways has extensive shots of my high school, so I'm probably biased because I was really rooting for the architecture.
  5. I guess by that point, they had no choice but to keep going forwards with the TV/movie IPs because they were worried that the Walking Dead players wouldn't care about actual adventure games. And then it turns out Walking Dead players didn't even really care that much about Walking Dead. I sometimes imagine that if Walking Dead had been middling, maybe we'd be talking about Tales of Monkey Island 2 right now instead.
  6. I'm going to Dashing's wedding in a week. Something tells me we're all going to be talking a lot about Telltale.
  7. I'm in pretty close contact with Dashing, Fawful, Guru, Giant Tope, Noname, Marsden, IcedHope, ShodanFreeman, Comrade Pants and a few other people I know were on Telltale, but I can't remember what their usernames were. Sporadic contact with Haggis, RingmasterJ5, Jon N/A, Remolay, and Coolsome.
  8. I downloaded all the Sam and Max games and none of them asked for authorization. In fact the "play immediately" option was already selected after I downloaded them, so the real trial was needing to remember to turn it off before completing the download or I'd have to sit through the intro and then quit out of the game to download the next one. I think we're in the clear, folks!
  9. my google-fu failed me. I don't think I even posted in that thread, so I can't search my own history.
  10. It's always a risk. I guess I can activate everything on steam, but that might not even really work. Even the physical disks require authorization. At that point, I'll just hope someone writes a script to get around it. Or I'll teach myself how to do it if I'm desperate enough. Or as a last ditch measure, I'll necro that old thread with the guy who was yelling about how Telltale doesn't know how much $80 is.
  11. Good for them. Yeah, that mass firing was exceedingly terrible on all fronts. I hope they win, even if it means the remainder of Telltale collapses. The added bit about losing health benefits in two weeks is the worst bit. Especially because ACA sign up window hasn't even started yet. That's the sort of thing that can instantly bankrupt even a person who's been diligent with their finances.
  12. Or at least that Kevin Bruner was possibly not a very good leader. I do remember he was the one overseeing the forum change.
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