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  1. Oh yeah. If this movie doesn't get an Oscar for costume design it'll be a crime. It was just so perfect and detailed.
  2. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    While I love reading those sorts of books (my favorite series in that genre is Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins), I don't think I could write one. I don't really have the knack for making preteens interesting, I guess.
  3. I'm visualizing T'Challa's progression as spending so much time Avenging and not enough time kinging that Shuri has to take over. But since the she has to invent a super suit to replicate the Black Panther powers.
  4. Well, I do *like* Discord, I just can't keep up with any group bigger than like eight active posters.
  5. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    This reminds me a lot of the episode 'Mabel World' in Gravity Falls.
  6. Discord is kinda like Skype, but geared at managing much larger chatrooms. So it's real time.
  7. I hope if they do a second Black Panther movie, they follow the comics and Shuri also becomes a Black Panther. I can't remember why she had to in the books, I just remember that it was awesome.
  8. I liked Shuri the best, closely followed by Okoye.
  9. Discord was a mistake. Seriously, though, the reason I like forums is because they move slowly enough that I can keep up with them.
  10. Oh yeah. I just saw it. That was one hell of a movie, I'll say. Gorgeous too.
  11. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    My mom and I started working on an adaptation of The Judge's House for stage. Not sure if we'll make the deadline, but it's been pretty fun.
  12. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    Well, I had my second writer's group session, which was pretty fun. People in general seem to like my writing, though I think I need to work more on nailing a style.
  13. Wow, this looks fantastic. I really enjoyed the shrinking choreography from the first one and I'm glad they're playing into it more here. Glad that Peyton Reed is directing again. I'll always wonder what the Wright version would have been, but at the same time Peyton Reed has not disappointed in the slightest.
  14. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    All the time. I figure someone's gonna be offended by everything, and maybe it'll be a legitimate issue, but there's only so much I can worry about it before I'm writing a progressive thesis and not a novel. My main goals are to avoid offensive stereotypes and not kill off the gay characters. I think I have mainly achieved those goals with my outline, though there could always be stuff I'm not aware of. But that's what editing is for. (I *am* definitely going to tease killing them off a lot, though. Because otherwise there's no sense of danger. And it is a horror-ish novel)
  15. No, actually. This one was completely from stock. I just polished it at the end. (or rather, one of the instructors did most of it and then I followed up with steel wool because we're not allowed to use that machine).