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  1. Agents of SHIELD is really good and well worth the time commitment, though the first half of the first season is a bit hard to get through. It picks up majorly at the back half of season 1 and never slows down. I've also really been enjoying Runaways, but partly because a huge portion of it was filmed at my high school.
  2. Lol. Yeah, I'd really like them to just go with like a totally different time period with no connection to any of the current movie characters. But in lieu of that, I'd be cool with a Lando movie.
  3. I like the fact that giant space squids are now officially canon in the Star Wars universe. I thought the movie was fine. Not amazing, a bit of a silly bit of fluff, but enjoyable enough. I'd happily watch a Lando movie with Donald Glover after this. Then again, I did just watch Justice League, so my perception may be somewhat warped right now.
  4. I guess that's fair though AFAIK there isn't really much more to Cable. He's a grimdark brooding nineties character who is so extreme it becomes comical. I guess I didn't feel there were any gaping holes that I needed filled there. Sure the villains didn't get a ton of screentime, but I didn't really feel like their motivations were unclear.
  5. Eh, I enjoyed it, particularly all the Domino stuff, which was amazing. I was also a fan of Colossus and his big action sequence. As far as plot... it felt like a Deadpool comic plot. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing really depends on how you stand on the comics.
  6. And Agents of SHIELD got renewed for a sixth season! I may be the only person really excited about this.
  7. You mean a pirate's eyepatch, right?
  8. Lol Now that I look at it, it does look like a pirate hook.
  9. it's spambots all the way down!
  10. Well, I think I know what I need to fix. Basically, next time, I need to make the flat piece that was going into the petals fatter. I made this one too skinny and so when I put it in the forge, the nice little petals I did burned right off. And working with such a small rose was a lot more difficult because the standard scrolling tongs wouldn't fit between the layers so I had to use needle nose pliers instead. I also think it might work better with square stock instead of round stock. But that's also kinda just my preference because I'm not really a fan of round stock for most things.
  11. Well, here's the rose I made Saturday now that I finally cleaned it off. It's a bit rougher than the first one because I did it in one piece instead of multiples and it turns out that thin steel burns quite quickly so my petals became quite fragile very quickly. As the instructor for the first class said, the first time you try a project, you end up with an ashtray, but this is honestly a pretty terrible ashtray.
  12. cats you know personally

    My grandma's cat, Chloe. She was not amused by my photography. She likes bossing my grandma around and pretending she earns her keep by 'catching' stray leaves.
  13. If you stick around until next week, I should have another one to show off. Unless it turns out horrid, in which case I'll lie and say I didn't make anything.
  14. Suddenly, a wild Davies appears!
  15. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    I would if I could remember any relevant quotes.