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  1. I'd say just pick any Jackie Chan Hong Kong movie and go with that.
  2. If Dashing were here, he would tell you in great detail every change that Spider-Man's costume has undergone and also that the removal of the curly "t" from "the" on the cover almost made him stop reading comics last year. He could also tell you the precise issue that the webbing was designed to it's modern form (it used to just be a line, now it's lots of lines) and how Superior Spider-Man's facial webbing is designed to make him look angrier. Basically, there's been loads of changes. And yeah the homecoming suit is the closest to the original comic one. Raimi had all of the webbing come to a point above Spider-Man's nose, this one has it come to a circle, like the comics. And it also has the smaller spider on the front, unclear whether or not there's one on the back yet. Aaaand... I'm not versed in Spider-Man's costume enough to say more than that.
  3. I hate to break it to you, but not wanting to be political is a political statement. The only way out is to live in a tree and eat nuts with the squirrels. Actually, that might be political too, depending on the tree.
  4. Oh, in that case I was a hipster before it was cool.
  5. I thought hipster was liking old stuff and new stuff before it was cool. Also bowties for some reason.
  6. I have no idea, but a lot of the plot felt like it had his fingerprints all over it. If he was only giving feedback, it was shaping feedback. But he's listed as a writer and designer, so I think it was more than that.
  7. So, I've been playing Torment: Tides of Numenera. Guys this game is so good. It starts out with a neat world and a novel RPG system and then dumps you into crazy psychological horror with some of these side quests. Particularly the companion side quests. I wish I could say more, but on the off chance that anyone here wants to play this game and hates spoilers, I will not. But Chris Avellone definitely brought his A game here.
  8. My favorite's are hbomberguy and Helloween4545. Hbomberguy does great longform "measured response" videos which are usually hilarious and fairly informative, mostly on politics (first one I saw was a "measured response" ie. laughing a lot, at that terrible Sarkeesian Effect documentary), sometimes also on video games (his Fallout 3 video was pretty spectacular). And Helloween is strictly Let's Plays, but he only plays horror games in the most laid-back manner possible (though, every once and awhile something catches him off guard, which is quite humorous too). Oh, also Shirley Curry, a grandmother who does Skyrim Let's Plays. If you ever want to watch someone play a game in a completely different way from literally every other youtuber, her channel is it.
  9. Man, I feel like such an underachiever. I spent about 30 seconds on my idea. And then promptly forgot this was a contest.
  10. When there's only one candidate, there's only one choice!
  11. Blacksmithing Project #6: Viking box-cutter.
  12. I'm watching it, but I'm watching it with a friend and so we won't get around to it until Sunday.
  13. at least the bots brought us together to welcome hot back into the forum after he didn't leave.