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  1. I was thinking the same thing, but replace "month" with "this year". Well, unless play-by-post roleplaying games and cutscenes for said games count. I've elected to try extensive outlining in the hopes that, at the very least I can get people to read the outline and tell me if my plot makes any sense before I spend a lot of time on dialogue.
  2. My cat has figured out how to never have existed.
  3. I just checked and I've played 72% of my Steam games. My secret is I basically never replay games (except for a rare few and they're almost always short) and I tend to go back and finish a game I've started before buying or playing a new game.
  4. I just tried jalapeno limeade… this is the weirdest sensation ever: cool refreshing limeade chased by “I just ate a bowl of salsa”. I kinda like it.
  5. Neither. I'm usually more inspired by video games and TV shows because you get to spend more time with the characters.
  6. Huh. Well, I gotta finish System Shock 2 first, but I will keep an eye on this one (also, I've got so many games lined up already, I can't quite justify spending $60 on yet another game right now.
  7. Also, him getting fired right after asking for more resources for the investigation. And on Sessions' recommendation, even though Sessions was supposed to have recused himself from any involvement in this investigation. And now Russian media allowed in the White House, but American media banned. Spicer hiding in the bushes and refusing to come out. This is not a normal firing.
  8. Somehow, I doubt Hillary would have fired him in the middle of an investigation. And he probably would have been investigating her emails still.
  9. Back in more terrifying news, Trump just fired Comey. Very Nixonian of him, firing the person investigating him for treason.
  10. ...Who is J.R.R. Tolkein? Didn't even take me five seconds.
  11. I think this one is better than Loki. Better motivation and also just more evil. I liked that James Gunn seems to have decided to go the "more character stuff" route for a sequel instead of trying to simply out-muscle the first movie.
  12. So, villain in GotG 2. Best MCU villain or greatest MCU villain?
  13. Star Wars totally introduces the lead in the first scene! (we're talking about R2D2, right?)
  14. I'd say pick your favorite pulp adventure movie opening and steal it. Then tweak it just enough that nobody can sue you for stealing it.
  15. No thanks, I'm too pretty to die.