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  1. How would they be in part 2? Unless they're gonna film the next one way later.
  2. I just watched IT. I had a lot of fun and boy those kids were absolutely fantastic actors. It almost makes me mad that they won't be in part 2 because I would totally pay to watch a movie about the Losers hanging out. For the horror aspect, honestly, I'm not a huge fan of horror (or that's what I keep telling myself as I go to see more horror films), but I've found that the optimal way to watch jumpscare laden movies is with some earplugs. I find I can enjoy them more when I'm not flinching at loud sounds as was the case with this movie.
  3. I used to, but it never looked the way I imagined it. Sometimes I draw pictures of the characters, but full on scenes, I can't really capture the most interesting part in a static image.
  4. You should remedy this at once. It's amazing.
  5. One of my favorite treatments of noir is a children's mystery series with the fourth grade noir detective, Chet Gecko. So many puns, particularly regarding the titles. The Malted Falcon Murder, My Tweet This Gum for Hire Trouble is my Beeswax And my favorite quote that I can only partly remember: "What I knew about [can't remember] could fill the Grand Canyon... with enough room left over for the entire population of China, a medium-sized brontosaurus, and a tuba." Some day I hope to also create such poetry. I do have one noir phrase that I hope to construct an entire novel out of someday, regarding a character wanting answers: "If I've got to beat it out of your fists with my face, so be it. I'm not leaving until I know what's going on."
  6. Noir can be good sometimes, though it also feels like a very rigid genre with a lot of overused tropes. Having said that, Grim Fandango is like my favorite adventure game and that's totally noir so what do I know?
  7. Oh, I like Lawrence of Arabia too, but I almost don't consider that one a war movie. It's more of a biopic. A lot of early war movies *were* propaganda, though, designed to make WWII look really appealing so that people would sign up to fight or otherwise support the war effort.
  8. Depends on the movie. Like I like your Mr. Roberts, Wackiest Ship in the Army, South Pacific, Great Escape, Stalag 17, etc... but I'm not sure if any of those count. I guess Dunkirk was alright.
  9. I look at this and imagine that lady giving he psycho behind her a withering glare and he just puts down the knife and mumbles "Sorry, Mrs. Anderson."
  10. I think I'd probably end up in PG-13 territory. Most of the time, if something I write ends up R, it's because my characters curse a lot.
  11. Well, I already did part of a Hulk adaptation screenplay based on my favorite bits of the Peter David era. Of course, then the MCU changed to the point where it makes no sense.
  12. I think Steam really needs to start engaging community moderators. Find prolific users who would represent the company well, promote them to moderators, use that team to clean up the forums.
  13. Nah, I don't actually live in the city proper, I'm out in the suburbs. And the reason I know the buildings here are built solidly was that after the Northridge earthquake in '94, one developed a crack and was scheduled to be torn down. It still took three wrecking balls to demolish it.
  14. I'm a little worried, but slightly heartened by the fact that I work in a really solidly built building and am a healthy distance away from the San Andreas fault. Not as far as I'd like, but you can't have everything. Also, said building has an internal power and water supply, so that's also pretty good.