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  1. Had some free time tonight and composed this short little string quartet. Chorale for a Lost Lamb
  2. I have to agree...to me, this has "casual" gamer written all over it. This is not meant as an insult, I'm simply pointing out that what one would consider casual gamers are not the people who backed this project. It was more people, like myself, who grew up playing old-school point-and-click adventures, who wanted to rekindle that spark and nostalgia we remembered when playing these types of games. There's nothing casual about an old school point and click. When you think back to playing DotT, Monkey Island, King's Quest, these games combine frustration, challenge, and "aha!" moments when you solve a difficult puzzle. To me it is incredibly telling, when a game, that is by it's own definition, a "casual adventure game," could not only look better, but be more difficult, than something that was touted as an old-school PaC. I'm speaking specifically of the Drawn series. Those games are absolutely gorgeous, the storylines are compelling, and they offer more of a challenge than this, and they're considered casual adventure games. So if that's the case, what does that make this? To me, it certainly doesn't scream old-school. I don't hate Act 1, there are things I like and things I don't...I just hope they do a better job in Act 2.
  3. Oh well, I agree and disagree. Logical puzzles can be quite difficult, as long as they require some lateral thinking on the part of the players. I think the problem with these puzzles is that not only were they logical, they were just so straight forward. They didn't require you to think outside the box at all or do anything all that difficult to get the item you were looking for. I think that was simply DF trying to play it too safe, for worry of being accused of, as I said, illogical puzzles made that way just to artificially inflate the difficulty. I guess they're still trying to hone in on that balance, hopefully they'll listen less to what the QA testers have to say about difficulty, and more to us backers.
  4. I loved all of the music for this game, and felt it all fit very well...EXCEPT. One part really really stuck out with me...I think it's when you first meet Marek or are doing something there with him...the music is almost comical and goofy...I remember thinking "this doesn't work at ALL." That doesn't take away from the quality of the composing, just in that one section it was really strange to hear.
  5. I feel like it was a combination of too many hints, but also, extremely logical puzzle design! All of the solutions to the puzzles, at least to me, seemed obvious, and I think a reason for that is because they were the most logical solutions to the problems. Unfortunately, I think the DF crew was trying to not fall into the same traps the old school adventure games fell into with insane, illogical, puzzles, or puzzles where you mostly stumble on the solutions via trying to combine every item with every other one. I do think that there were moments were I was like, "OKAY I GET IT, I need to make you puke, tree," but in all fairness, I think a lot of the simplicity to the puzzles comes down to, what would be the logical thing to do here? One thing that kinda irked me, was the fact that I could see what I was trying to get, and the solution for what I was trying to get, long before I knew why I was trying to get it. Like the tree...I knew I needed it's sap, I knew I needed to make it throw up, I knew I needed something to put it in, but I had no idea WHY I needed sap. Things like that really pull me out of the immersive experience. Also...just as an aside, I wonder how much was cut from this game? There's a portion with fishing rods with no hooks, because two girls have taken all of them, but nothing is ever done with it. I wonder if that was something that got cut, or if it was intentional? Just something I was thinking about.
  6. You know what they say...about opinions and assholes. Everyone has got one, and no one thinks that their's stinks. I thought they were quite entertaining, just my opinion. And considering something like Leekspin has over 5 MILLION views, I think they offer a little more entertainment value.
  7. This is a piece I just completed this morning. It's a Romanza for guitar and violin. http://www.gametabs.net/files/user/Kabukibear/romanza2.mp3
  8. Howdy, I was kind of inspired by the Broken Age trailer so I made a little tune. It's called "When Eyes Meet." Hope you like it! http://www.gametabs.net/files/user/Kabukibear/wheneyesmeet1.mp3
  9. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't seen the movie stop reading! So, I saw this movie when it was in theatres. I really enjoyed it but whatever your feeling on the movie, I think it left you thinking. Was he awake? Was he still dreaming? Was the whole thing a dream? I've heard a lot of different ideas on the movie about the top, his wedding ring, the kids at the end, etc. I just happened to see this tonight and I think it sheds some really interesting points on the movie and the ending. I skipped over some extraneous stuff in the intro and dive right into the meat of the story. What are your thoughts on the movie? What are your thoughts after watching this "explanation," of some of the odd things about it? edit: sorry about the link and not the embedded video. apparently you can't embed a video where it skips to a certain time. Here is the original video if you want to watch it in it's entirety or want to skip to 6 minutes 3 seconds to get where I was going with it. ginQNMiRu2w
  10. I would love to see a multi-generational story, but I'm sure that's not where they're going with it. The first book of the Foundation series by Asimov comes to mind, where every few chapters brought the story many many years into the future of the characters and showed how they and the world they helped create had changed because of their actions. Maybe not for this game, but some game in the future. Any of you amateur devs wanna take a shot at it?
  11. Yeah makes sense. I was always curious what kind of software and hardware you guys use to create the score for your games. Care to enlighten us?
  12. I grew up on adventure games, starting with King's Quest 3. I've played all the King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory games. I used to love going to Costco with my dad because they always had game packs for sale and that was the first time I discovered Lucasarts, as they had a pack with Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones, The Dagger of Amon Ra, Monkey Island, and maybe 1 or 2 others. I got my kicks with The Longest Journey, Broken Sword, Kyrandia, Beneath a Steel Sky, etc. I really enjoyed Machinarium and some of the more recent adventure games that have come out as well. So I'm both familiar and fond of the genre. I feel a little silly listing all of these but, apparently, we need to have our resumes ready in order to comment on this subject. ;P I kid, but I also disagree with your statement that it's not feasible. There are plenty of adventure games that have multiple endings depending on what you do in the game from as many as Maniac Mansion which had 5 up to Blade Runner which had 13. I think what is being discussed here is generally would people like to see it in the game or not, and the answers to that seem to be mixed. A lot of the arguments against multiple endings or puzzle solutions seem to be more...I'll say, personal, for lack of a better word. That they feel like they're not getting the "good," ending, or not solving the puzzle the "right," way. I guess this doesn't move me much; I don't find it a particularly powerful argument. The one I do get is not wanting to play the game over to see all the endings. I'm not entirely sure how that one could be overcome without having a game that was able to branch quite a bit depending on the choices you make. I still like the idea, but I don't know that it's either feasible for this particular game, or that DF even is toying with the idea. I was just trying to think of ways to push the genre forward and make this game something incredibly unique. I know that DF and Kickstarter are under a HUGE amount of pressure. If this game isn't a success, both companies, I think, will have problems. So I was looking for ways for this game to really stand out as something at the same time both nostalgic but also different.
  13. Well that's where the other content comes in. Maybe you don't want to play the game over if it means a different ending, but what if a decision opens up another portion of the game world to you while changing the ending? Would that be enough to get you to play it again? Also, for the decisions I would like to see a timer in play. The Witcher did this, you had to decide within the time frame of the game world, it only gave you maybe 10 seconds to choose what you would do. I like this because you don't have time to sit there and analyze and debate over what the designers might want you to choose, you have to decide yourself and "go with your gut." I know some don't like the idea of replaying a game for a different ending, but have that, with different areas, and different ways of solving the puzzles, and I think you're on to something that will stay fresh on multiple playthroughs.
  14. Eh...while I feel ya, it sounds like maybe you should save once in a while? Assuming you save often and, the different choices creating different options and experiences should more than make up for any overlap into the endgame. Yes you might have to play a few areas that are the same. But, if they wanted to go this route, this wouldn't happen much because this would be something they saw and dealt with.
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