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  1. This is Tigger, my parent's cat originally from Cyprus where they took him in as a kitten like nearly 15 years ago or something like that. s
  2. So four years of education are over and I'm finally happy to no longer be a student. Getting my bachelor's degree last year meant so much to me and trying to follow that up with a master's has been tough but I've done all I can which should hopefully be enough. And now I'm about to reap the benefits of getting that bachelor's degree when I start my new job as a graduate software engineer next week, working for the company behind the official F1 app, which has required a relocation from the edge of London to rural Oxfordshire. Looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life but also incredibly nervous about it as well. Lets hope I don't muck it up!
  3. You need to go to your account settings (in the drop down menu from your name in the top right of the screen) and there you can click on Display Name and enter a new name in the box there.
  4. I went to a preview of The Big Sick last night and I really enjoyed it. I'm not really a fan of rom-coms but I was interested in this because it is based on the relationship of comedian Kumail Nanjiani (of Silicon Valley and stuff) and his (then future) wife Emily Gordon (a writer & producer), who I started to follow because of the Indoor Kids gaming podcast they did together. The Big Sick is a story they wrote of how they met (coupled with the problems of a modern Pakistani male in America, especially one dating a white woman) and how Emily is hit by a mysterious illness which Kumail has to try to deal with along with her parents. Nanjiani played himself and Emily was wonderfully played by Zoe Kazan. Special mention go to Ray Romano and Holly Hunter who played Emily's parents and were hilarious, touching and so real together. The whole film was genuinely funny as well as heartfelt and honest, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  5. I enjoyed going there and am thinking about getting at least a year's membership, especially while I'm still a student. Sounds like you get a lot a good benefits.
  6. So tonight I did something that I had wanted to do since moving to London nearly four years ago and that was to go see a film at the Prince Charles Cinema. The Prince Charles is a independent repertory cinema in the West End of London and is known for showing classic cult films as well as mainstream stuff and special events. The film I saw was Warcraft. Now that may seem like a weird choice to make but it wasn't just the film, it was a screening of the film followed by a Q&A with Duncan Jones, the director. The whole thing started out on Twitter with Duncan Jones just put the idea out to gauge interest and it got sorted that day. It was a very much spur of the moment idea to actually buy a ticket for a screening on a Monday night of a film I can't say that I've ever been particularly interested in but I have enjoyed Jones' previous films and I liked the idea of having a new experience out of it at least. So as someone who has played the first two Warcraft games many, many years ago and has no desire to ever get into WoW, and so have no clue about the lore and that kind of stuff, I went with the expectations of a standard big budget fantasy film. And that is what I didn't see. Sure there was plenty of the standard fantasy tropes, but the focus was on individual characters on both sides of the big conflict. On the whole it was an enjoyable films which did a few things I didn't expect but I wasn't that bothered about the whole world and the lore inside of it, mainly because that's how I feel about the games as well. The Q&A session was very interesting as well, and made the whole thing worth. He was very honest with how the finished film wasn't what he had originally planned what with having to deal with the pressured of the studio and other relevant parties. How that whenever a scene was cut, at whatever stage, then it was gone forever because of the amount of CGI required. It wasn't like making a normal film in which you could film as much as you need and then edit it all together at the end, in films like this you can only film what you are going to get fully CGId up (or some proper term) and so the editing of the film kind of happens all throughout the process. And then there's having to deal with a big studio with their demands about the story and what needs to happen. Listening to him talk about stuff like that, the pressures of big budget film making and how hard it is but also how it will help him develop his skills as a director and open doors to new projects, like his upcoming film Mute which he describe as the Marmite of film which should be interesting at least.
  7. Labour & Corbyn, as Bales said. Though that is hard to do when you're in a safe Tory constituency, and Boris Johnson's seat at that. Still the fact that the Conservatives & Theresa May made a pig's ear of the whole election does bring hope to parts of the country at least. They're trying to form another government with backing from the DUP (right wing Northern Irish party) but I hope that doesn't work and that she resigns which could lead to Labour forming a minority government. Basically, it's a bit complicated right now! I'm more of a Lord Buckethead guy.
  8. I should try to post more on the forums but I know not what to say nor if it'll be even read. Though now the hour is late (or early, depending on your perspective) and so sleep calls and in the morning I'll wonder what was even the point of this.
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