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  1. These are very cool ideas. I would like to help out if I can but I have my own game to work on for a university assessment due at the end of the month so it'll have to be time permitting.
  2. I've been playing Underrail a lot, over 60 hours now which isn't bad for a game I had never even heard of until I got it free from backing Wasteland 3. This and Shadowrun: Dragonfall have already made backing Wasteland 3 worth it without even getting the game I backed for yet! I'm also playing Torment: Tides of Numenera so am really getting my RPG on at the moment.
  3. Those of you who enjoyed Christopher Bischoff & The Brotherhood's STASIS may like to know that they've launched a Kickstarter for their next game, a point and click adventure set in a post apocalyptic Africa - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bischoff/beautiful-desolation-isometric-post-apocalyptic-ad
  4. So I'm trying to expand my tiny social circle by trying out a Meetup gaming event locally to me on Sunday. Already nervous about going to it but I do really need to try stuff like this.
  5. I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of days ago. It was pretty much a mutual thing, her illness is preventing the relationship being what it can be and she didn't want me to hang around waiting and being unhappy as it's likely that it's not going to get any better. I'll feel bad that it had to come to this but we did try to make the best of a really crappy situation and there's no point prolonging things if it'll just make it worse for both of us. I still want to keep in touch with her as much as she can manage and I'll always care for her, as much as that is worth.
  6. Health primarily, she has a serious illness, but I imagine it's not good emotionally/mentally either. The hardest thing is that I text her back but don't hear anything so I don't know what's fully going on or what I should do, if anything.
  7. For those that care I heard from my girlfriend last night when she messaged me to say that she is not well at all and needs time away from everyone. I don't know what to do with that.
  8. I'm having a tough time right now and I don't know if I should be sharing this or even if anyone cares but I might as well try. I've been with my girlfriend for a little over a year and a half and it's never been easy what with her ex, health problems and not living near each other usually meant we only saw each other about about once or twice a month. I'll admit it was tough but there was always hope for the future, at least that's what we talked about with the plan that I could move in with her once I finished my undergraduate degree, which I did in the summer, especially as I was thinking about doing post graduate study nearer where she lives. So I applied for the masters course and got accepted in September and we had planned that I would move in October but a serious diagnosis (don't want to go into detail here) first delayed and eventually stopped this plan mainly because her kids (from previous relationship) were having problems (understandably) and the daughter that was going to move out so I could move in didn't (it was not 100% necessary but it also kinda was). So I ended up moving into student accommodation at my uni with bit of help financially from her. But now I haven't heard from her in nearly two weeks with the last message I got saying that she was in hospital. At the time it wasn't that surprising and I expected not to hear from her for a few days but there's been nothing since that message and all ways I've tried to get hold of her have failed. I've even tried reaching out to her daughter on facebook (who is the only other family member that I've met and that was only briefly) but have had no response so far and I don't think I'll get one either. I'm kind of freaking out a bit here, as I've no idea what is going on or where she is or what to do or anything. I don't expect anyone can actually help, expect for the people involved but I just needed to get it off my chest for a little bit. Sorry for the downer, you can get back to the normal nonsense now.
  9. I'm really enjoying the course I'm on now as I'm learning a lot about how to approach the study of games an analytical angle starting with core concepts (which ended with the creation of a nice little essay on the use of agency in narrative games) and moving onto theories from other disciplines (film, literature & semiotics so far - currently studying rhetoric right now) as well as learning how to design games without worrying too much about creating them, though that will come next term and at the same time the theory portion moves onto socio-cultural contexts.
  10. I just played The Beginner's Guide tonight (late to the party as always) and it was a very strange experience that I can't fully put into words right now. It's not just the game, more my own personal feelings that have been further enhanced by this experience. Maybe this wasn't the best time to play it, or maybe it was the best time. I can't answer that question right now. I just know that it has been an experience like no other.
  11. The “Test of Time” Award: Portal The “I'm Not Crying, There's Something In My Eye” Award: Valiant Hearts: The Great War The “Just 5 More Minutes” Award: Civilization V The “Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!” Award: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The “Villain Most In Need Of A Hug” Award: BioShock Infinite The “Game Within A Game” Award: Day of the Tentacle Remastered The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award: Firewatch The “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” Award: The Wolf Among Us (custom category) The “Most Metagame Game” Award: The Stanley Parable
  12. I really miss playing Mario games and that's one thing I hope they do with Switch - make them all available for that console.
  13. Yeah I played it once during once during one of the weekly gaming sessions we have here at uni and it was a lot of fun. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. I love the beautiful artwork of both games and you probably are able to combine them, though I think it would be easier (and more interesting) playing Dixit with Mysterium cards in the deck, or just playing a version of Dixit straight out of the Mysterium box.
  14. I enjoyed Dr. Langeskov and the narration despite the fact that I tend to find the guy who did it as pretty annoying in just everything else he's done (Simon Amstell, if you're curious).
  15. I'm playing the game of trying not to distract myself by playing games when I should be writing an essay about a concept of game studies with game examples that I have played already. My head hurts.
  16. Same here. Done a little bit of research into it and it seems to have something to do with Firefox's OCSP related feature. I don't fully understand it myself but here's what I got from a Mozilla support page (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1120024):
  17. It was Lee Petty who was just sharing some artwork & reminiscing:
  18. That list of Shadow of games reminded me of Idle Thumbs number 179 where they talked about that very thing (because of Shadow of Mordor), with maybe the 'Shadow of' part becoming it's own series in a way. https://www.idlethumbs.net/idlethumbs/episodes/shadow-of-something
  19. Football Manager definitely skews my whole list so here's my top 10 without that series: Civilization V - 148 hours Dragon Age: Origins - 119 hours Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC - 111 hours Star Trek Online - 101 hours Mass Effect 2 - 91 hours Assassin's Creed: Unity - 90 hours Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood / Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - 83 hours Assassin's Creed III - 77 hours Pillars of Eternity / Wasteland 2 - 68 hours Watch_Dogs = 61 hours Looks like I just about traded one series of games for another. Additional info, the longest I've played a point & click adventure game is 26 hours with The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 and I think that is only one full play through of the game.
  20. I'm going to my first convention today at the MCM London Comic Con.
  21. Most of the time yes. Some iterations have more changes than others, mainly graphical and match engine changes. Then there are the various rule changes across the different leagues (and any new leagues that are added), the promotions & relegation and cup winners of all the leagues & competitions as well as a year's worth of player transfers and stat changes. It probably doesn't seem like a lot from the outside but inside the game the changes make a lot of difference. And personally I always look forward to playing with the latest version of my supported team, and even more this year as the team got promoted to the top division which makes a massive difference with how the game will start for me.
  22. Football Manager 2012 - 1,562 hours Football Manager 2010 - 852 hours Football Manager 2014 - 804 hours Football Manager 2013 - 593 hours Football Manager 2011 - 578 hours Football Manager 2016 - 500 hours Civilization V - 148 hours Dragon Age: Origins - 119 hours Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC - 111 hours Star Trek Online - 101 hours So yeah. This list is bad enough just for Steam games from at least the past 8 years because of one game series that I've been playing fairly regularly for the past 20 years, so I don't want to imagine what my lifetime list would be like.
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