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  1. Just to mention that this site is working through Firefox again for me.
  2. I want to get that so much but I have a masters degree to get this year and I worry that this'll take over all of my time forever.
  3. I've been getting this issue all day with Firefox. On Chrome now, and it's working fine there.
  4. I've got over 400 games on Steam, with currently 140 of them installed on my computer. So there are either a lot of games that I've already played and don't need to again or a lot that I've never even touched and I have to say I'm leaning towards the latter. Bundles are the biggest cause of this, as I tend to buy a bundle of 7 to 10 games in which I'm interested in 3 or 4 and end up playing 1 or 2. There are some bundles that I've bought which have games I have no intention of playing but with those I don't even add them to my Steam library (such as Five Nights at Freddy's 3, which came in the Clickteam Fusion Bundle which I only got because my post grad course at uni will be using this software). I do try to at least try every game in my library but that's a hard task with limited game playing time available (as well as limited desire to play games). I've also got another 100 games at GOG but I've pretty much played a bit of all of them (though some far less than I should), with the main exceptions being the free games that have been given out at various times. Bundles & GOG also mean that I've got a few duplicate (and triplicate, including physical releases) of a few games which is the main problem when having multiple online video game stores and I really wouldn't be too upset at a combining of libraries though I would imagine a lot of others would.
  5. I've just finished it. Not what I was expecting but it works brilliantly, so effective. A great way to end a superb series. And I'm glad I played them all back to back, it kept the full story fresh in my head throughout which helped with the final payoffs. Simply wonderful game.
  6. That's why I like London a lot. I don't drive and have no intention on ever trying to learn how to drive again and I get around the city no problem, and I don't even live right in the city itself - hell I'll be even further out of the city soon but still within the great transport links. I know that this doesn't help you but I get your pain, even though I never had a car (which technically isn't true as I've bought a couple but only drove one a little bit when I was learning at 17 and the other was used by my friend so I got full taxi benefits without having to worry about the maintenance of the car (and this is completely irrelevant to what is being said here so I need to stop rambling in parentheses (now I've got to wonder about punctuation within parentheses, do I need to use a full stop in side of one? I'm confused now.(?)))).
  7. I put 4 hours into Epiphany tonight and I would still be going if I didn't have to be up in the morning, it is so good. It will be shame when it's over.
  8. Oh no another film that apparently ceases to exist because a remake of it is made.
  9. I'm replaying the Blackwell series (up to Deception right now) as I never got round to playing Epiphany when I first got it and thought I might as well replay the others before going on to the last game.
  10. I'm starting university again next week, this time doing a postgraduate course - going for a MA in Digital Games Theory and Design. Should hopefully be fun and interesting.
  11. I think it's pointless hating something that doesn't care either way. If you don't like what they do now then just don't buy and play their games, there are plenty of people who do like that sort of stuff. Fair play to them for finding a way to be successful in an area where regular success is hard to come by. Making things is hard and it's even harder to make things that a large number of people enjoy. You can be sad that they seem to have forgotten their roots but at the end of the day it is a business and the people who were there to give it the feel that it had are now largely gone because people move on. Personally I can still get enjoyment out of their games, old and new and I'll still pick up a game they release if I'm interested in it, though because of my budget that'll usually be when it's on sale a year or so after release.
  12. I really enjoyed it last year (it didn't hurt that it was held at my uni and so really easy to get to) and so will definitely try to get there this year (will have to travel now but only across London). I've at least backed the kickstarter in case I can't make it I'd still be able to view the live stream.
  13. I've been moving this past week or so, but then I don't post much anyway so it probably wasn't noticeable.
  14. Hey look, I'm an awesome Broken Age backer again!
  15. I saw Suicide Squad and I didn't not enjoy it. Sure I've seen many better films but plenty worse too. It probably helps that I don't have the comic book lore knowledge built up in my head that this would probably tarnish but then I guess my opinion doesn't really matter, hell I liked Batman v Superman too.
  16. It does so thanks! I graduated a couple of weeks ago with a 2:1 BSc in Computer Games Programming (being only one of two graduating from that specific course though only 12 of us started the course in the first place) and now I'm looking to a post graduate degree.
  17. He was great in Odd Thomas, perfectly cast for the role.
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