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  1. Fantastic, especially as this new forum will have the ability to go to the first unread post of a thread, a feature that has been sorely missed by myself and am sure at least a few others.
  2. The trouble is that there will always be something that is not quite right, not perfect enough and a project reaches a point of diminishing returns which is quite important for a small studio like Double Fine who have to keep making new things in order to stay in business.
  3. Oh no, how dare they advertise a new service they have for less than a week.
  4. I paid around £200 (with the help of some leftover gift card balance), so probably more than the new AMD card will be but I've always used Nvidia and so I'd prefer to stick with that with a card I'm confident about rather than wait and see if the Polaris range is as good as they say it will be (for the price anyway). It's been 3 years since I got my old graphics card (a GTX 660) so anything new will be an improvement.
  5. I've been shaving my own hair recently and while I'm not 100% happy with it, it looks decent enough for a few months anyway.
  6. Just paid for gown hire for the graduation that I'll hopefully be attending in July.
  7. I've really enjoyed Evoland 2 and while that part was annoying it's not the worst part of the game for me. There's a couple of sections that were a chore to get through, one involved a game type I've never really liked and the other just didn't click for me even though I have liked games in that style in the past (which could also be the problem). It is a good game overall, with a good blend of different gameplay types of the ages. Just need to 100% now.
  8. Thanks so much. Awakening zip link: doc.gold.ac.uk/~ma301ds/awakening.zip Evaluation link: http://goo.gl/forms/ccVPO9XjmP It's a short demo created in Unity and I hope it'll work ok 'cos right now I've got to get some sleep so I can finish my report coherently. Am at 9,000 words and needing 12,000... (p.s. if you can think of better questions for the evaluation let me know)
  9. I'm pretty sure they came out on PS & PC on the same day anyway.
  10. Does anyone here have a Leap Motion and wouldn't mind trying out a demo I've made for my final project at uni? Let me know and I'll put up a link to download a zip of it as well as a link to a feedback form. I should say that this is due in 23 hours from now so don't expect to get much response in that time but thanks anyway.
  11. I've just seen it tonight and I enjoyed it for what it was, an epic stylised comic book movie that is taking a lot from what Marvel have done but in their own style. Affleck and Eisenberg gave good performances with their own versions of well known characters (Affleck's Batman is brutal). I don't read the comics so I don't know how much was taken from what story or whichever but I liked that we have gotten to see a different style of Batman to Bale & Keaton, an older, angrier one. The dream bits confused me a bit, but I take it that they're there to hint at what could happen. I liked that we didn't need to be fully introduced to the characters, as we kind of know of them all already, just not how exactly they're being depicted. At the end of the day it's a decent film that I enjoyed watching. I'm not good at writing about films, hence the rambling mess of thoughts above.
  12. Also remember that people that are doing previews are usually using an older build of the game than the release will be.
  13. Me too. I really hate Temple of Doom and I at least can enjoy watching the Crystal Skull.
  14. I'm supposed to be writing a preliminary project report but I just can't focus on it.
  15. I've got Riven to work on my PC no problem with the GOG version.
  16. Could be an overheating issue. If it happens after the same amount of time each time then that could be the case. Had an issue with that a while back, since then I use CoreTemp to keep an eye on the temperatures. RAM is a possibility too, try running the Memory Diagnostics Tool.
  17. You wanna know something really funny? I haven't really examined or reflected on this much until I saw your post, but I still use Winamp to play music on my PC, haha. It's always the 90s at anemone's house. same, Winamp's design is timeless and you can set to compact + stay on top. Me too. It works great and doesn't require switching windows when wanting to skip or pause a track.
  18. I think it's happening anyway. Quote from latest update:
  19. Oh no, not another one. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35313604
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