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  1. My final 3rd year exams are over with very quickly. Just had two this year and unusually our department has our final exams in January instead of May like normal. This is so that we can do all our final year modules in the first term of the year and leave the remaining term and a bit to work on our final projects and as it's worth about 40% of the whole degree mark I'm happy with that.
  2. That's one thing I like about my username in that it's pretty unique and I can use it everywhere.
  3. I've been doing a lot of overtime at work recently. Usually only work weekend mornings doing the cash office stuff but last week and this week I've been covering the 'service' role which means standing around near our banks of self scan tills and assist customers using them. I should mention that I work at Asda (and for the non Brits, that's the UK's Walmart (ah the joys of a British company being owned by a massive American corporation), just more green (literally). These past few days my normal working week of about 8 to 10 hours has gone up to 35 hours with another 18 to 20 hours to go this week. Did about 35 hours last week as well. The good thing is that my pay next month will be at least double what I normally get for a month, hell I probably made my normal monthly wage just this week (especially after 10 hours on time and a half thanks to the bank holiday). Big problem is now I can't stop hearing the statements that the self scan machines say, things like "please wait for attention", "I'm sorry, I didn't recognise that item. Please try again". At least I'm on holiday next week. Then I just have to worry about university coursework and exams.
  4. I didn't think it was possible to have enough games.
  5. So far I've received a bottle of Southern Comfort and a box of (very nice) chocolates from work mates. Will be having a proper family Christmas in January so may get more things there but really do things matter? Not really. I just want to be able to share the joys of the season with those I love and I hope I can at least share it with most of them.
  6. Today wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. True I spent most of it watching films and associated special features, eating a bit and drinking a lot. But I also had a group Skype call with my parents & my brother so at least we were all able to talk to each other today for a short while. Just wish that I didn't have to get up for work in the morning but at least I can start at 8am instead of 6am like normal. One plus for today was that I was able to make myself a decent meal which was more than just processed chicken & chips. I had some roast beef, roast potatoes, pigs-in-blankets and veg all covered with gravy, with enough left for a similar meal tomorrow. It was delicious though no where the equal to the meals my mother makes which I'll be able to experience early in January when we have another Christmas at which all of my immediate family will be there, with possibly some other family members and friends.
  7. I feel like it's going to be a hard day tomorrow (today really as I write this), being on my own for Christmas for the first time. Part of me is thinking of just getting hammered and forgetting about the whole thing, at least until I have to go to work on Saturday morning. And part of it could be that I'm just very tired after a long week of overtime at work. And that I've had a fair bit to drink already. At least I should be able to sleep ok, even if it is just passing out. It also doesn't help when my relationship with my girlfriend is having major problems and I haven't seen her in a while and probably won't get to see her before she goes away for a month in January. I think to call it a relationship right now is pushing things a bit. I just don't know.
  8. You can still be a part of it and hopefully they'll do a slacker backer thing again later on.
  9. It should be noted that Skenners is not a Double Fine employee and is talking about fan made patches that are being worked on to improve the game as best they can in their spare time for no recompense.
  10. I'd like to join the 'I don't have a clue who this guy is' club.
  11. I think the point is that the people who are likely to go for the investment option are usually people who at least sort of understand what the process entails and not just your average crowd funder. Anyway, the whole adding things up is probably just how the software for the site works and I imagine that these investment thingies will be cleared up one way or another before the end of the campaign and the total will go up or down as required. Withdrawn pledges happen all the time with Kickstarter, even the big $1000 plus ones. It's far to early to be worrying about that sort of thing.
  12. [wonders if he should admit that he goes to Goldsmiths...]
  13. Gah, this AI coursework is doing my head in just trying to figure out the logic of things.
  14. Happy days, the mighty Boro knocked Man Utd out of the league cup on penalties tonight! YAY!
  15. The point of Steam Link as far as a I know is just to give you a cheap device to stream to instead of another computer that may be few hundred dollars. I think the steaming works just the same as it does now and I think you can't use the computer for anything else while streaming. Well butts to that, then. Still, it'd be nice to be able to play games somewhere else. I've been meaning to move my computer out of my room but there's no where to put it, so this is a nice alternative. I'll keep an eye on it. I like the idea of the link so basically I can allow my friends to play my games on a nice big tv make it a communal thing and so I'm not always just hiding in my room on my computer. May get a controller as well.
  16. I think that would require better software which would essentially mean a complete overhaul though I do believe ideas are being ideaed and stuff.
  17. I'm trying to work out the polite way to say to my flat mate that it would be nice if he and his girlfriend went and stayed at her place once in a while and actually sticking to their word when they say that they're going back there tonight instead of here. It's not as if I don't like her, she's also one of my closest friends here at uni but some space would be nice for a change. It doesn't help when I only seeing my girlfriend about once every two weeks at best currently so I could do without that teenage love story being so present all of the time.
  18. I'm going to guess it's for Halloween.
  19. Paid for a new laptop today, finally something I can do my university work on as I need a good spec in order to run things like Unity well. Just have to wait for it to be built and delivered now.
  20. I like it very much especially on Monday nights as that's when I participate in the weekly pub quiz that I go to with my flat mate as Monday also signifies the end of my working 'week' as my shifts are 6am to 10am Friday to Monday, except when covering holidays like what I'll be doing in a couple of weeks which'll mean that I'll have 11 days working straight through with no gap. As for the alcohol I mostly drink cider or lager but tend to switch to spiced rum and coke later on, like around now.
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