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  1. Nice to see a community manager who knows what the community wants.
  2. You know you can do that by clicking on WHEN it was posted, right? The bit to the right of the thread title?...unless you meant from the front page, in which case ignore me. That just takes you to the most recent post, not the first post since you last read a thread.
  3. Don't need to vent about my job today because I've had my earliest finish since starting proper. Done in 5 and a half hours when before I've been doing at least 6 to 8 hours.
  4. I think they plan to issue a new survey closer to the actual shipping time of the final products or something like that.
  5. I've only been doing this job for a few weeks now and I hate the early starts already. I don't know if I want to get used to being up at 5am then feeling completely drained at 5pm but can't go to bed yet as it's still a bit too early and far too warm to sleep. What I do need to do is actually have a meal soon, which is another thing that is totally messed up - I'm just about getting a meal a day but usually 10 to 12 hours after I've woken and been to work for my 3 hour shift that lasts from 6 to 8 hours instead. I may also be going slightly mad.
  6. So I'm supposed to be working 16 hours a week at my month old job and instead I've done about 46 over the last 6 days. At least I've got the next two days off now, and I certainly won't be complaining too much about my hours once my pay comes in.
  7. My mind is not adjusting to this whole 'going to work' thing well and it's making things hard. The thought of going into work just makes me feel panicky in a stupid way, so much so on Sunday that I just didn't get up at all and today I got up, did everything I needed to and caught my bus but when I started walking towards the store it kicked in again and I almost ended up giving up and going home after walking away from the place two or three times, trying to make up my mind. What's really stupid about the whole thing is that I'm ok once I'm in and started on my tasks. And this is just the training phase of the job. I don't know if I can cope like this.
  8. I'm definitely going to upgrade my Windows 8 laptop and if I like it on there then I may upgrade my desktop, though compatibility with everything I've got is worry.
  9. Got a long way to go to beat Pebble Tech's $20 million raised with their 2nd project after their first topped $10 million. Still impressive though.
  10. This is the only official comment so far. Hope it won't be the only one. I would really like to play this game finally after such a long time of waiting as a backer What's wrong with downloading the DRM free version given on the Humble site?
  11. I have to get up in four and half hours to get ready to start my first training shift in six hours, so why am I still here?
  12. A better comparison would be the Fallout 3 teaser trailer as that was the first thing we saw of that and we'll likely get a more in game trailer at E3. Looks a lot better than 3 to me but it's not as if Bethesda's games are known for being the pinnacle of graphical prowess preferring to make a huge game world which I'm all in favour for.
  13. The end of my 2nd year is finally here, and the end of the year long group project which has been mostly terrible to be involved in ends with a presentation and viva in a few hours. I'm so happy that there's no group work in my final year.
  14. Started a new job today - a full day of watching safety & instructional videos and filling out forms. Luckily that isn't the actual job and my normal shifts will be less than half the length of today.
  15. Some people could do with a healthy punch in the face.
  16. Cheers and here's hoping. It's still been a good season overall, finishing 4th with the best defence in the league. With the right improvements I think we can win the league or get automatic promotion at least. You guys seem to be doing well with a couple of mid table finishes which aren't to be sniffed at especially just a couple of seasons after promotion.
  17. Well that was disappointing. But that's football for you.
  18. Off to Wembley today to hopefully see Middlebrough FC return to the Premier League after a 6 year absence.
  19. I'm kinda amazed how good things have been going for me since the start of April, from when I first met my girlfriend, to feeling very confident about most of my exams and it's ending with a trip to Wembley to see my team play in the most lucrative single football match possible that is the Championship Play-Off Final on Monday.
  20. Is it just me or does it seem to be the in thing, the trendy thing, to hate popular games these days? Sounds so hipsterish/dickish.
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