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  1. It still looks pretty bad, I hope they make it as bright as the image Gosova posted
  2. Those "beams of light" looks absolutely terrible, they don't even look like light! I guess they already know about something so noticeable as this and they'll fix it. Great job to everybody in this thread btw, you guys notice the most small details!
  3. Oh my god, I know what that is, that weird drawing was hidden deep into the original game files, therefore is in the remastered files as well.
  4. I would like the music of all the cutscenes, specially that beautiful version of Blue Hector with violins, but well, It's great.
  5. These are very great news! I hope they include the music of the cutscenes too!
  6. Nobody wondered why the mural It's at such low resolution in the remastered, specially when you can easily find a highres version of it? I was kinda dissapointed when I saw the blurry save screen.
  7. This is great
  8. Well, I don't have the BIG BOX edition but...
  9. I just searched it on Google.
  10. The Sproutella logo is a skull, but in the new textures is just a yellow circle with two little eyes.
  11. Great, now we can talk about why the texture of the sproutella logo is a cute face instead of a deadly skull.
  12. Sadly the pictures are still quite little.
  13. Yeah, some changes are subtle but all the songs are changed, and they all sound amazing. The only cutscene where it seems like they have left the same audio is the little one of Hector falling from the neon ledge.
  14. It doesn't. The elevator goes at normal speed.