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  1. Nitpicker's Corner

    There's another song that doesn't play when it should be In the original game it starts right at this moment. But in the remastered version, nothing sounds.
  2. Nitpicker's Corner

    The normal edition is not missing anything, the music just sounds when it has to sound, watch the entire scene. I'll try that, thanks!
  3. Nitpicker's Corner

    This is one of those things that are not going to get fixed, aren't they?
  4. Possible bug with the ramp?

    You have to be on the bike.
  5. Nitpicker's Corner

    Woops! now is fixed.
  6. Nitpicker's Corner

    Just for help people see the music problem that I explained, here's the scene of the original game, with the music sounding at the right time, and here's the scene of the remastered game.
  7. Nitpicker's Corner

    Last one, I swear. The game doesn't show the hotspot for the bike in the remastered mode, you have to move Ben, and then you can use the bike. I guess It's doing this because that part of the background is hidden in the original mode, but it makes no sense in widescreen.
  8. Nitpicker's Corner

    Sorry for posting so much. There's no credits with the remastered vision. Like, at all. Also I think the music at the funeral is wrong too, since with the remastered mode the camera moves too fast, and therefore is still sounding inside the car with Ben and Mo.
  9. Nitpicker's Corner

    Here's another big problem: as soon as you expose Ripburger at the meeting the music is completely broken! It should stop when Corley's tapes start to sound, and start again when Ripburger begins making up excuses and Maureen goes to the stage. Instead, all the music sounds at the beggining (when the photos of the murder are being showed with the projector) and leaves the rest of the scene completely silent! The remastered music is activated, I guess the problem is that they didn't think of this and the scene works fine if you are using the original music. Edit: nope, the problem persist even with the original music activated
  10. Nitpicker's Corner

    When you are messing around with the projector you can put the light level at maximum power, which of course %#$@&!s up the image and makes Ripburger angry. However... with the new graphics, the problem isn't showed at all.
  11. Nitpicker's Corner

    Great list Jeyl, as you have said the backgrounds lack all the subtle animations they had and now the scenarios looks way more static, It's sad since I don't think is one of the priorities for the patches, but I hope they can add those little animations some day. The audio cuts are also very noticeable, another example besides what you have said: the guitar that sounds when Ripburger and the goons are waiting in the car outside of the bar, It stops so abruptly!! The sound can't even finish. I'm about to get into the truck, luckily I haven't seen game-breaking bugs yet.
  12. In case anyone is curious:
  13. I'm sure a lot of people here will find this very interesting, an analysis of Full Throttle backgrounds from Ben Chandler (@ben_304 on Twitter) If you are an artist yourself these will be very useful too.
  14. Nitpicker's Corner

    It still looks pretty bad, I hope they make it as bright as the image Gosova posted
  15. Nitpicker's Corner

    Those "beams of light" looks absolutely terrible, they don't even look like light! I guess they already know about something so noticeable as this and they'll fix it. Great job to everybody in this thread btw, you guys notice the most small details!