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  1. Will there be an easter egg where if I enter my name as "i don't know" the game sends me to a youtube playlist of kids getting slimed on You Can't Do That On Television?
  2. Sounds fair to me. The documentary portions that have been released so far are worth $15 alone. The slacker backers who are coming in now are likely doing so because they've heard how good the content is so far and aren't taking the risk that the early backers did. Of course I'm sure most of us here were never worried.
  3. Stacking is on sale for 300 MSP this week on the Xbox 360. That translates to $3.75 in USD and some other amount in strange foreign currencies of varying colors with pictures of non-Americans on the bills, and, blech, coins. The Lost Hobo King DLC is separate and I think the PC version is still superior, but this can help you join my club of people who own this game on multiple systems. And if you don't already own it anywhere, you can stop being dead to me.
  4. Psychonauts is DRM-free and only $6 from GOG.com today only. If every single one of you didn't already own this (you do, right?), I would tell you to go buy it immediately. link
  5. If you have a Kinect and live in the United States you can get the wonderfully narrated XBLA game Haunt for free until July 2nd. Plug in your Kinect, navigate to Kinect Central on the dashboard, and download the game. It's still 800 msp in the marketplace, so make sure you get it in Kinect Central.
  6. In case no one saw it on the last page, I have a copy of the Humble Indie Bundle that I'd like to transfer to someone else. A friend gifted it to me after I'd already purchased. The first person to send me an PM with their email address can have it and be ready for the playthru tomorrow. I'd like to give priority to anyone who either has trouble buying because of the payment options available to them or if they can't justify the expense. However, I mostly just care about finding it a home.
  7. The World Beards and Baristas competition The Million Mullet March A Monster Mash or maybe some kind of werewolf disco. I don't know how these shindigs work.
  8. Countdown! I've been trying to think of that game for ages. I couldn't remember a single thing about it. Nothing. The visuals though are burned into my head, just nothing specific. A family friend was big into game trading with people in early 90s and he gave me a big box of them when I got a computer as a kid. This was one of them. I now have three tabs of info to read over in my browser. Thanks!
  9. Sounds great! I've been interested in playing this for awhile now. I picked up the bundle already and will start downloading. If anyone out there cannot buy the bundle, whether it's a payment option issue or they just don't have the money, let me know. I was gifted an extra copy of the bundle (below average, no Bastion) after I'd already purchased it. I would like to regift it to a backer so that they may play along. The first person to send me a PM with their email can have it.
  10. an old prison that's been converted into a museum while still functioning as a prison an international tribute band competition a 90s themed diner a sci-fi theme wedding a Sausalito houseboat
  11. Japanese cat cafe TSA training facility a university's bird intelligence lab a lakeside hut that rents paddle boats and sells snacks to tourists the lost and found office of... someplace a funeral director convention (I've been to one. It was weird) robot fighting event (BattleBots, Robot Wars, etc) a gameshow for kids like Double Dare mall food court animatronic pizza restaurant stage show graveyard mall santa try-outs gay (non-anthropomorphic) penguin cruise the bus from a senior center to casino ice hotel luxury pet hotel
  12. It works great on my Win 7 desktop in Chrome. HD, SD, and seeking are all fine. On my lubuntu 12.04 netbook in Chromium 18.0.1025.151 results were less good. I can hit play and it goes just fine but it doesn't resume playing when I try to skip ahead. It also fails to load when I try switching to HD. This old hardware won't play the HD video well, but it should at least load it.
  13. Exactly. Just like Super Mario Bros. fits into the fighting game genre because there is plumber on goomba fighting.
  14. NONE of those buttons show up for me in Chrome.. Do you have a third party video plugin that takes over HTML5 video? The Divx web player will do that as well as a couple of others. Try going into your extensions and disabling anything like that.
  15. Reasons that I backed this project: To ensure that it got made To add to the total and show the world that lots of people want this type of game To see the documentary Because I was going to get it at release anyway unless something horrible went wrong I didn't back it to feel special. I don't care who else gets access to these things going forward.
  16. Another excellent episode. I was familiar with some of 2PP's work but this has exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for the next one. I've seen some people on twitter talking about backing with Paypal after seeing the first episode and I can't blame them. It's really good stuff.
  17. Since his application was so public I think that his internship should follow suit. I expect to see him in the documentary fetching coffee for Tim, maybe lending his back if Tim needs to sign something when he's not sitting down, a time-lapse of him stuff all of the rewards into boxes, etc.
  18. It's probably a little late to get my opinion in about this one, but I don't care. I backed to get this game made, not to feel special with exclusive status. If more people want to pitch in I say great. Teach them the secret handshake and start a tab.
  19. Don't give away all of the secrets. If you do anybody will be able to create an incredibly beautiful and funny adventure game full of whimsy and wonder.
  20. I like that look. I'm pretty sure I've seen that character hanging out at Zeitgeist.
  21. I'm sure the graphics will be HD and designed for a PC screen. I doubt they'll generate assets for native 2048x1536. Even desktop PCs with more powerful CPUs and GPUs have trouble keeping solid framerates at that resolution. It also becomes more expensive and increases the file sizes by a whole lot do so.
  22. The backer forum has become a general discussion forum. I think I'm out until something worthwhile happens.
  23. From what I understand, PSN and XBLA require a publisher for it to go on the service (stupid I know) and as this doesn't, intentionally, have a publisher, it'll never be on consoles if this system carries on. But hey, it might be on the Wii U, it could act really give it cred. There's nothing stopping them from getting a publisher for the console versions. Stacking and Costume Quest are published by Double Fine on Steam, but THQ published them on consoles. There have been other games, like Bastion, that were completely self funded in development and picked up by a publisher for their release. One place they might run into problems is that Microsoft doesn't want XBLA games that have already launched on other platforms. They've made exceptions, especially for well received games, but it hurts their chances.
  24. I backed because I want the game and documentary to be made. If I wanted to feel special I'd try and work hard to create something new and amazing, not show that I gave $15 to someone else who did.
  25. Agreed. 1/3 or more should probably be put in the Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure thread in the Game Specific Discussion forum because they have absolutely nothing to do with the development process or realistic requests or questions about the development of this game.
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