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  1. This is one hell of a strawman argument. Nobody ever said they don't want minorities to appear in the game or that the game can't be enjoyed unless they are "explicitly not represented." This is a cheap attempt at discrediting the opposing view instead of actually addressing it. I can see how it would come across like that, and I admit that it weakens my post. I only wanted to point out that wanting people to stop requesting minorities in the game implies a desire not to make the game as requested by others. It's a very contrarian position because instead of considering how the game can be made better there's this worry that something that other people want is not a good thing to want. Anyway, what view in particular did you want me to address? My post was a response to the growing hostility in the thread (e.g. "your prejudice towards white males with a little stubble is showing, as is your self-entitlement") This in itself is a straw man. I was not arguing that people shouldn't make suggestions, and I see other people have run with this by emphasizing the "request" portion of this. I would have responded to the OP if they were the one I were arguing against. There is a difference between requesting something and trying to sell a narrative. I'm quite upset at this self-entitled activist narrative various portions of the press and player base are trying to sell, and I'm sure it comes across. Or maybe I should phrase my opinion this way: I'm making a request that Double Fine just does their thing and doesn't side with anyone's social agenda for the sake of trying to get the praises of self-righteous gaming journalists and activists.
  2. Oh yes, here comes the "You're in the majority so your point of view doesn't matter!" rhetoric. Go throw it on the ground. First off, of course people base their stories on cultural norms. There is nothing wrong with that AT ALL. People draw inspiration from the world they know. That is why its called the norm. The norm is normal. The norm is the average. The norm is the standard. That is not a "systematic exclusion," as you put it. That is just life. If you aren't happy with the norm, great! Neither am I in various ways. That doesn't mean you are entitled to game developers making games that suit your social agenda and tell stories that fit awkwardly at best for the sake of pandering to a vocal minority. If you have a story to tell about , I'd be happy to point you in the direction of Kickstarter and Game Maker along with some sweet programming tutorials. You're on your own to use Google for tips on how to assemble your team. In the mean time, stop acting like it is up to others to change the norm for you. Anyway, I don't know if you were following but we were talking about gay characters whose gayness isn't made a big deal of. In this sense Dumbledore is a perfect example of that. Some of his family issues and history allude to his gayness, but they never threw up a big red flag that says "Guess what? He is gay!" It was not relevant to do so in the story J.K. Rowling was trying to tell. If she did, it would be a big deal just like all those other non-vital but still relevant romance subplots that fans like to go nuts over. What we weren't talking about "gaypresentation" In Harry Potter or any of this activist jargon you are throwing around. Speaking to that, it is not J.K. Rowlings responsibility to represent anyone more than she did. You have that backwards. Your issues are your deal, and that doesn't delegitimize the perspectives of people who are perfectly fine with the way things are currently handled. But naturally this has to become a push for the social agendas of vocal minorities again. And my eyes roll again. Because heaven forbid your apparently scandalous views on one of the two main protagonists of Broken Age offends someone other than the majority. To Hell with the other protagonist. He is a white male. Ugh, that is so typical. The character is just a "FemProtag" WOC to you. Screw anything else about the character, she is just her gender and her skin color, and anything that is said about her is said about everyone of that demographic. Never mind the delivery, the story, or the overall message. If at any point she even so much as symbolically doesn't fit your ideal for female gender roles, it's time to raise Hell. Definitely no points for effort no matter how this goes. Any inadequacy you feel from some perceived injustice is clearly the developer's fault and has nothing to do with your own insecurities.Also, your prejudice towards white males with a little stubble is showing, as is your self-entitlement.
  3. I see nothing wrong with that and that in and of itself and that is not what I am complaining about, as long as it is relevant to whatever experience the writers/developers/creators/whathaveyou are trying to make. The above scenario may not be appropriate in a game where you rarely even see people in their houses and for whatever reason you go into the only house in the game that has a couple that happens to be gay serving no purpose to the greater story or world whatsoever other than to have a token gay couple somewhere in the game. Even in an example as simple as yours example the context matters, and its not like that is exclusive to . When you put anything in a story or a game, it should be relevant to the experience. I've not played Borderlands 2. The impression I was getting from the poster and the developer is that we are talking about a character that is out of place and forced, because for the issue to be both be brought up enough for the creator take the time to respond and then for the creator to agree leads me to the obvious conclusion that he was pandering and blatantly so. ------- Edit: In response to your edit I'll just redirect you to Checkhov's gun for your first point. For your second point I never implied it was only okay to include gay people if their gayness is invisible. That is your own biased assumption. I don't think I need to tell you that you can in fact tell a story about a gay person that is relevant to a plot. When this happens their gayness becomes a big deal, because then you have a romance subplot. Romance subplots are inherently a big deal, and if you are going to tell one you should have something relevant to say. If you are confused as to why physical traits are automatically relevant, they are important to visualizing a character especially in a visual medium such as video games. Knowing who they fancy is not necessarily, though it can be if that is the story you are telling.
  4. I see what you're trying to do there, you're using the broad literary rule that everything in a story should be there for a reason to imply that if a gay character is gay for no reason that's bad storytelling. But it doesn't really work. Because while it's a good rule of thumb for thinking about what's important in a story, it doesn't really extend to the minutiae about a character. After all, the fact a character is straight isn't always relevant to the story, is it? So why should a character who is gay only exist if their gayness is relevant to the story? Is it because straight is 'default'. Straight unless proven gay? I say that's just narrow minded. Why should a gay person in a story have to be Chekov's gay, explain to me how it detracts from a story to have, say a man in the story who lives with his boyfriend, but this isn't a major point in the plot. As valuable as Chekhov's gun is in illustrating economy of storytelling, etc, it's not the be all and end all. Nobody's breaking any big rule by deciding a character is gay or red headed or black or white or female or male or straight for any other reason than that they just feel like it. Clearly you don't see what I am "trying" to do, because you are completely missing the point. The point isn't that its bad storytelling to include because you feel like it. The point is there is no point in anyone knowing that they are unless it is relevant to the story. Its like JK Rowling and Dumbledore. She felt Dumbledore was gay. That was how she saw the character in her head. Guess what? This was never blatantly revealed in the story because it was completely irrelevant. Nobody cares who the head of Hogwarts fancies in his free time. That is not his purpose in the story. You ask why it has to be a big deal when someone is gay in a story, and I'm telling you it doesn't. The consequence of that is that there is absolutely no point in mentioning it if they are. What is bad storytelling to include elements that you have nothing to say about, and the games industry doesn't need token characters just for the sake of pushing people's social agendas. For you to put "pandering" in quotes in response to another user is not quite appropriate, because it is pandering and blatantly so. If people spent as much time as they do grumbling about misrepresentation in games as they did developing their own games, there wouldn't be much misrepresentation to talk about. That isn't what the entitled vocal minorities of the world want, though. They want big names to push their social agendas for them, and it is a big ugly wart on the butt of the games industry.
  5. I could swear I left Checkhov's gun laying around here somewhere... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov's_gun Edit: Double Fine's link tags don't want to include the apostrophe in the url. If it isn't a big deal, then it isn't part of the story that needs to be told.
  6. Seconded. Sick of self-entitled people who think the games industry exists to cater to their social agendas. It doesn't, and you're annoying.
  7. In between their amazing work with you guys and Mighty No. 9, I feel outright spoiled by them.
  8. Just a Reminder: Mighty No. 9 is in its last 24 hours. Its actually all but certain to top Double Fine's funding even without its PayPal total. Its even going to have a co op mode! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9 Edit: It has now surpassed DFA in Kickstarter funding, making it the third most funded Kickstarter game yet.
  9. I don't know if anyone chimed in on this, but mushrooms are nature's decomposers. There should definitely be fungus demons.
  10. Behold the alpha version pyramid. The beta pyramid will have less bugs.
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