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  1. There's just one senior over 50? I'm pretty sure that if you make this poll again 20 years in the future there are going to be a lot of people on that category... I wil!
  2. As we have found a lot of references to other games (Sam & Max) in master pieces like Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island 2, I think that the best story would include characters from all them! Including Herman Toothroot or Stan from Monkey Island, the suicidal guy and the hamster from DOTT, etc. The plot could be something about a guy who has to enter Tim Schafer's mind as in "The Cell" movie, from Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn, to solve a mistery. A guy entering Tim Schafer's mind going through all these classic adventures to complete his mission would be great!
  3. Pakein

    What if it Sucks?

    Well, if I could handle the end of LOST I won't feel bad about this. Tim Schafer is the MAN!
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