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  1. For me this is the best episode yet. I'm always amazed of how important soundtrack and sound design are to a videogame. You play great games with ok-ish soundtracks and they are still great but when you play great games with great soundtracks they become amazing. I may be biased though. I like collecting and listening to games soundtracks.
  2. Good gracious this took me by surprise. I'll watch this as soon as I get home from the pub. Thank you!
  3. Great episode! Although they look worried at some times . Also, it's nice getting some Tim time.
  4. Windows but I'd like to play it on my Android Phone too. @ET3D What do you mean you'll be getting only Windows/Linux/Mac? Did someone say that the backers won't be getting the Android/iOS versions?
  5. I played through Sam & Max an HTC Desire, not much of a drain at all - played a couple of hours each day on it and the battery lasted fine, just did the usual charge overnight; I guess it depends how much time you're wanting to spend playing... Thanks for the reply. I tried DOTT on my Galaxy S Plus and it works pretty good. I am planing to play it over the weekend and I think I'll play for about 4 hours at least. I'll see how my battery feels after that.
  6. How fast does ScummVM drain the battery of a smartphone? Is it possible to play and still have your phone working at the end of the day?
  7. So, no Romanian until now? I think there are more of us.
  8. Sounds good, but I have to play it on the go this weekend. Which do you recommend is best PSP, NDS or Android? (using ScummVM of course)
  9. After I heard that it's being made by Ron and Tim I instantly jumped in. Then I just wanted to get the box and have my name in the credits .
  10. An andventure game made by Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer! Also for the special box and name in the credits.
  11. No Android version . Anyway, The Longest Journey for me. It had a lot of good content. The sequel was fun but a bit to stretched out. I know it's twelve and a half years old but if it's on the list I'm going to vote for it! If TLJ wouldn't be available I'd choose Syberia.
  12. You may be onto something. I've always associated adventure games with story. The only first person adventure I've played was Post Mortem. The story wasn't bad but I couldn't relate to the main character because I didn't see him.
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