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  1. Yes there should - the fact you could do this was in the original manual back in the day. I actually corrected a reviewer who cited "having to go back and forth to the chronojohn" as a demerit.
  2. Options->Settings->Features->Change the "Verb" setting to bar. Rejoice in new graphics + best interface.
  3. Been a while since my last playthrough, but from memory the scripted power cut should have been fixed by doctor fred. If he hasn't for whatever reason, you could try flipping the circuit breaker yourself.
  4. Yes, I got this in Windows 8 all the time when I was still trying to find out if it had save slots. Resume does not work well.
  5. I've added it here: http://support.doublefine.com/forums/300498-day-of-the-tentacle-remastered/suggestions/13074210-maniac-mansion-save-slots I hope something can be done about this.
  6. So this is unchangeable? Can you expose the dos files in the installation folder instead then so we can play it via ScummVM please? Maniac Mansion with only resume is not fun to play at all - that's worse then the C64 version by far.
  7. There doesn't seem to be any? I tried the old F5 command from the dosv2 version and it did nothing, and I couldn't see any other option to save. Are there no save slots? Resume only is not a great way to introduce a new wave of people to Maniac Mansion, a game with numerous dead ends and player deaths.
  8. I think you messed up your quote a bit there. What's stopping them would probably be one or more of: Licensing - Jaleco/Realtime Associates may hold some rights to that version Technical - Might be too much work to get running (dunno how much effort it was for scummvm) Preference - They may have preferred the DOSV2 version as it has the original graphical style (which had to be redone for the NES). It would be nice if (assuming they are allowed to) Double Fine could at least put the uncensored prototype NES rom dump in as a bonus though (So not in DOTT, but just have the rom file in the installation package). That way people would own legal copies of it and scummvm could go ahead and get it working themselves. Too late in the day though I guess.
  9. Yeah, 9 verbs is perfect. Thimbleweed Park is using the same 9 as FATE & DOTT did too I think. It's not too many that some commands become close to irrelevant in most situations and not too few that some puzzles become comically easy. The change down to only [context]use/look in many modern P&C's saddens me.
  10. I'm not surprised, from a number of points of view the NES version is the best as it got rid of "What is", which was huge. It also had custom chiptunes for each character which could be turned off, and eliminated some (sadly not all) of the dead ends. Minuses were that it was censored (though the uncensored prototype still exists), and that you had to play it by controller. If it had mouse support it'd be by far the best version available (scummvm allows this for the censored version).
  11. I can understand the vectorised claims, there are certainly elements that don't look like they've taken hires into account, like the playing cards and laundry scrawl. Overall I like it, but it definitely needs touching up in areas. The characters seem way too....soft? Especially Dr Fred in that chronojohn travel image. Bernard doesn't have the new texture on his bowtie in that screenshot, so I assume it was something created by a fan.
  12. I don't think there's much left to write about the company that twice won "Worst Company In America" to be honest
  13. The absolute most important thing is retaining the chuck jones style of the graphics. I really loved dott's homage to the old shorts and I'd hate to see that lost. It's been a shame in recent years to see classic games sloppily upres'd with filters that lose all the character of the originals(eg Simon the Sorcerer for mobile). Audio wise it'd be nice to be able to switch back to the original soundtrack - MT-32 for preference. Maybe it could be captured from source if emulating it on the fly is an issue due to the possible need for licensing the use of roland roms? iMUSE. Was the imuse in mi2:se perfect? I remember a lot of complaints about the console versions, but I never played the game through since I wasn't a fan of the new graphical style or voices (I love Armato but for me he doesn't fit the tone of the first two games). but yeah, perfect imuse would be awesome Original 9 verb bar as a control option - I haven't really been sold on any of the new point & click control systems used for tales or the special editions to be honest. As an earlier poster suggested, being able to chose between mm and original dott on weird ed's computer would be awesome Dave Grossman/Tim Schafer/Ron Gilbert/Gary Winnick commentary. For the commentary, would it be possible to have a kind of video mode - so you just start it and someone's playing the game with the commentary on top as the game is played, kind of like the one tim did here, but with the screen solely fixed on the game, just like a movie commentary : (And where is part 2? )As has been said, playing a game through with commentary is often a tricky thing - I want to play without the first time, but I don't want to replay the game straight away, but when I come back to it months or years later....I just want to play the game. Would be nice to just listen through the commentary (with the video for context of what's being discussed) without having to do anything. Good luck with the development!
  14. When the PC version comes out, it'd be cool if we could have a point & click option like the mod this chap created for the original: http://tpfaff.de/blog/2014/05/25/grim/
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