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  1. Luke is going to be the bad guy. I'm calling it. He doesn't overcome the grief of his father's death and becomes obsessed with discovering and guarding the secrets of the Jedi (and by extension the Sith) over the years and develops a dual personality. Either that, or the main bad guy is a genetically modified clone of Anakin the emperor hid away and trained in secret.
  2. Oh boy! Formula One today was a goddamn massacre! Cars were coming off left right and centre. I have never seen so much saltyness from a person than what I've seen from Nico Rosberg. Not only does your asshole showboating team mate try to take you out and ruin your chances of winning several times today, but he also has Elton John rubbing it in as well. I could imagine Lewis being a real nightmare to work with. He doesn't play nice with his team mates at all. He's reckless and a gambler. But the worst part? He gets results. And that has got to hurt.
  3. The Graveyard Trifle is completed, and as promised. I've uploaded my pics. (Along with pics of the Monster Bites) http://imgur.com/a/AEewz
  4. Phew! Oh boy! Cooking is such a tiring endeavour. I would never be a chef or a baker. It would do my back in for sure! Still. The results speak for themselves when you put the effort in. My monster bites turned out pretty good. Once I get that Graveyard trifle made I'll have to share some pictures!
  5. http://imgur.com/oKO3Bef http://imgur.com/4LzKiaf http://imgur.com/4LuhI9T Did some baking today. Made some Halloween themed treats. First time making gingerbread. Had some trouble making the dough and keeping it from getting sticky, but it turned out great in the end. So far success. I plan to make some more stuff tomorrow.
  6. Megaman Legends. Having a real blast with this. Stuck on the Bonne's Battleship though. I have a good feeling I can beat this soon.
  7. I bought my future nephew a dancing and singing Postman Pat toy for Christmas. He will love it. He's OBSESSED with Postman Pat. My brother and his girlfriend will absolutely hate me for it. Hahahahahahaaa! It's brilliant! I can't wait to see the looks of joy and hatred. I'm a wicked soul and I love it. QBBiIhl5-SY
  8. I think it's nice to take a moment to reminisce about something for a moment Anybody remember reading Roahl Dahl's The Witches? I'm currently reading it with my younger brother, (who has now moved onto children's fiction) and its clearly easy to see why the author is so loved my many. It's kids fiction, but only in the sense that it's depicted from the perspective of a child. If anything The Witches is incredibly brutal. A dark comedy, with some genuinely scary and disgusting scenes.. I remember as a kid being terrified of the film adaption. Particularly the scene when the Witches all 'reveal' themselves in the meeting. The practical effects were really well done and I don't think in this day of CGI that it could be done better. I think these days we get wrapped up in censorship and underestimate what children are capable of, and classic fiction really drives that point home when you compare it to its contemporaries. And its prevalent in all media. Videogames for children really are different now, as are Television shows. Even comic books I argue are watered down. We should worry less about age, and more about individual maturity. Edit: Also why isn't there a videogame adaption of The Witches? I think it's would make a great adventure game myself.
  9. It's scary the amount of videogame music I know off by heart. Sometimes I spontaneously remember a tune I haven't heard in years. (Then promptly forget it soon after)
  10. http://kickended.com/projects/1808068048/ Oh god. These failed kickstarters are hilarious!
  11. Aw, I liked that. Got me to explore the hub level, get something of a feel for it before doing the missions. That's how I felt too when I found that they got rid of those in the third game, but I'm glad they put then back in sly 4. I did hate getting the treasures and then getting them back in time with out getting hit. I wasn't a big fan of the doo-dad collecting, since I tend to not like that sort of thing in a platformer. I didn't even care for it as far back as the red coins in Mario 64. My primary beef with it is that there is a difference between an objective that has a narrative to it (e.g. break into the hotel, smash all of the dressers/wardrobes until you find enough pieces of a tuxedo to make a disguise) and an objective that feels "just because". It's like the difference between solving a physics problem (math to accomplish something) and doing a pure math problem (math just because math). Collecting doo-dads feels "empty" to me in a pure math sort of way. HOWEVER I do very much like that, once you have collected all of the doo-dads, it unlocks an optional safe cracking objective in the level. I'm not entirely against doo-dad collection per se, but I am much more cool with it when there is a small list of unique items (cf Psychonauts scavenger hunt) versus collecting the same 30 identical doo-dads in every level. Or like finding all of the hidden power ups in the Mega Man X games. I'm fine with that sort of thing. But mere doo-dad collection is not something I really care for. (Anyone ever played Donkey Kong 64? Anyone?) So I like finding the hidden treasures you can fence in Sly 2, since that feels very similar to finding the scavenger hunt items in Psychonauts. (Although the transport of them has certain problems.) Overall, I don't mind the treasures you can run back to the safehouse without getting hit for extra money. The only complaint I have with those is that needing to run them back to the safehouse interrupts whatever you're currently working on, so you either have to ignore the treasure or abandon whatever you're currently interested in. That, or you're working on a story mission, which won't LET you pick up the treasure until the story mission is over, so you have to just remember it and come all the way back later. But otherwise, I don't really mind it. Although Sly 3 takes out these two elements, I don't really mind. I feel like Sly 3 makes up for it by doing the whole Oceans 11 thing and adding in a bunch more playable characters to join your heist team. (The sad side effect, of course, is that characters recruited late in the game don't get much play time. Especially when they are characters like , who is 1,000x cooler than ). And also adding a lot more unique mission types. Sly 2 missions are pretty good, but there is a bit more repetition than Sly 3, imo. I agree. I think collecting for the sake of collecting is pointless. Like the crap they put in Open-World games like Crackdown It gets annoying after a while, if this stuff is supposed to unlock special abilities, why not just hide the abilities themselves around the map, with clues and a special sidequest to unlock it
  12. As I was putting my rubbish away in the recycling bin, I noticed this very pretty Comma butterfly resting on our fence. I decided to take a photo of it with my phone.
  13. My leg muscle keeps twitching. Gah! Stop it leg! It's very annoying. In good news, I've managed to find a version of Pseudo Saturn that lets me play Panzer Dragoon Zwei and even better: Panzer Dragoon Saga. Now I will be able to play the Saturn's most infamously expensive game. For free! Mwahaha!
  14. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) Even after all these years, Gears of War is still as fun as it was back on its release. They did a fantastic job on the visuals. Gears wasn't a bad looking game to begin with, but they did a real overhaul on it that puts a lot of other games to shame.
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