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  1. I agree. REally? I see a lot of bad guy dying, but that's pretty unimaginative. I guess that woman really resonated with me, reminding me of evil people from my own life. To see her forgiven and embraced as a member of the community...after manipulating people to let their own daughters be kidnapped, and having the belief that they had been killed, I mean that's pretty darn evil. I didn't find that fun. I guess I need to be a more forgiving person X( If she'd picked up a piece of food at the after-party and then been swooped up by Jessie and whisked away to the cloud colony...something like that would have been fun! The villagers would have been nice to her, but karma decided she needed some fun time with Harm'ny to teach her a lesson! Yeah!
  2. If there is, you know what I would like it to contain? Revenge! There's nothing I like better than seeing the bad guy get their comeuppance. And then some, just for fun. I'm not really a vengeful person. Sure, I fantasise about getting a job at the rest home of a couple of my teachers and then treating them just the same as they treated little kids...but then I would be as bad as they were! But the fantasies are nice. All dripping with schadenfreude! That was really the thing I found most disappointing about Broken Age. It didn't end with the evil breadstick hat lady tripping and impaling herself on a sharpened bakery item! Revenge and schadenfreude FTW!!! There's a reason this is one of my favourite movies rthHSISkM7A
  3. Edit: Oh it's finished. Never mind.
  4. Probably doesn't fit the "minor" requirement, but this is the creepiest music I know of Dp3BlFZWJNA
  5. I don't think he was ever Ordained. Nah, but this guy was.
  6. Aw, I was expecting Thomas the Tank Engine
  7. Probably some copyrighted video I watched on youtube My eyes stole the pixels! BWAHA!
  8. I got really drunk once. I didn't like it. I like the taste of some alcohol (cider, port, irish cream...), and being tipsy can be fun on occasion. I don't like the crashing it does to my immune system.
  9. Woman married God

    You can do that without having an everybody-look-at-me day!
  10. Woman married God

    Don't nuns generally consider themselves to be "Brides of Christ"? I guess quietly joining a convent just wasn't for her. *rolleyes*
  11. Okay. Who of you guys was it? The funny thing is, he tripped on the barrier to keep people away!
  12. Princess Maker 2, when you get to marry the young dragon.'re supposed to try and get her to marry the prince, but I liked the dragon ending better. Even if it was a creepy arranged marriage
  13. Hot Reads a Book: 50 Pages of 50 Shades

    RIMMER: OK? LISTER: OK. RIMMER: Is that a threat, Lister? LISTER: Yeah. RIMMER: Actually, "OK," Lister, is not a threat, technically speaking. LISTER: It is when you mean it to mean what I mean it to mean, and I mean it to mean, OK, Rimmer, O-K! RIMMER: No, Lister, "OK" is never a threat, no matter how many A's you put on the end.
  14. I introduced my parents to Portal. Mouse-look and WASD were extremely challenging to them. They kept entering a room, turning too far, seeing a door ahead of them and going through it. The same door they had entered by. Not as surprising as the older guy at work who asked me to help him learn to use the computer. Step 1, move the mouse and double click on that icon. The mouse needs to be on the table. Click two times, fast. Don't move the mouse while you're double at the screen, not the mouse, then you can see whether the cursor is moving or not when you try to double click... Didn't realise he's never used a computer at all before. I'm pretty certain he's dyslexic though, so probably an area he finds challenging. I'm not sure if he knows he's dyslexic. One of the other staff used to hassle him for not being able to read, and he got really offended (he can read, he just struggles a LOT)...if I suggest it might be causing his problems, he might not take it well...
  15. Shadowrun Chronicles. Surprised me in how long the campaign is. Not AAA by any means, but having a lot of fun with it.
  16. He took a goose in the face at 70 mph
  17. Gif Repository

    This is one of my favourites. Wait for it... **************** And these are always fun: ... and that guy on here with the crying dog avatar, that cracks me up way more than it should
  18. Who loves who?

    I thought my cat loved me, but he just wants me for the heat I provide in the cold winter. X(
  19. BUUUUUUURNNNNNNNNNNNnuh Public and merge is my actual vote. Keep things tidy, all the things in one place.

    It's ages since I last played. I put my NPCs in a dungeon because they kept opening doors and letting zombies in X(
  21. There have been a few. Lucidity - OMG a new game by LucasArts...this game is OK I guess... Carmageddon Reincarnation - unplayable on my computer. And I don't just mean 15FPS, I mean more like 0.01 FPS. I guess that happens when you kickstart things that have no minimum specs yet) Dawn of War 2 - basically my issues involved GFWL, rewards and game modes requiring internet connection at a time when I was moving house (and the one ISP with high speed internet took over a month to connect us). One multiplayer game mode could be played via LAN with no internet, the one we wanted to play could not. By the time we got internet, I was sick of the thing.
  22. x

    You seem to be bored