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  1. Playback flawlessly in Firefox 16 under Kubuntu 12.10 x86_64 with Catalyst 12.9 (HTML5 version of player).
  2. DF choice open source engine: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6790/
  3. AFAIK on Linux OpenGL ES 2.0 is available for Mesa FOSS drivers for Intel, AMD and nVidia hardware (through EGL path) and nVidia proprietary driver (via GLX_EXT_create_context_es2_profile) but for Catalyst situation looks a little different. According to this AMD article you need to have working EGL setup to use OpenGL ES 2.0 with Catalyst. The problem is - Catalyst just doesn't have libEGL and libGLESv2 libs, this libs available in separate download. Not only in Linux version of the driver, bug also in Windows version too. User need to download and install it separately, if he want to use OpenGL ES 2.0.I understand situation with Catalyst right? If yes, do you have plans to contact with AMD and ask them resolve this issue in future builds of the driver? I mean provide EGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 support out-of-the box with installed Catalyst driver.
  4. I give one at this page, above. You know, Linux users mostly have better understanding of IT stuff. Sure, this is true, but this statement can not be opposite to "give beta to Linux users too". And every backer who use Linux have right to play the beta and give this kind of feedback too. Anyone who disagrees with you is troll. Okay then. Ok, about language barrier:On Linux I have done beta testing for Frozenbyte, Unigine Corp, BigFatAlien, CoreCode and Frictional Games. Before on Windows I have done beta testing for Acronis, Kaspersky, VMware, fCoder Group and other companies that I don't remember right now. Almost every bug, that I reported, was fixed before product release. So I doesn't think language barrier in my case is so big. Now I test closed alpha and beta builds of Linux driver for AMD. For some very strange reason Catalyst developers perfectly understand my reports too.
  5. Give a shorter name to the process of playing in "playable beta". I would like to see your version. Wrong here. For example: http://www.bigfatalien.com/?p=485 Still no any on topic argumentation? As expected.
  6. In sum DF need beta-testing by users or not? Tell me. And so what?
  7. Follow your logic: DF doesn't need public beta-test at all. This is your logic, I am correct? In compare with most of Windows and MacOS users, yes. This is not nonsense at all - ask any game developer who run beta-testing of Linux port.
  8. I dunno with who you are talking just now. Not with me for sure. Without proper argumentation you may done arguing with voices in your head, no more.
  9. You misunderstood something, didn't you? Quality of bugreports most of Linux users is much better than bugreports of Windows and MacOS users, if you didn't know that. Ah, you didn't know for sure. So follow your logic DF should run beta testing only for Linux users.
  10. Testing of cross-platform engine only on Windows? Sense in what? Waste money on publishing in Desura? Don't make me laugh. Any barrier may be discussed. I seriously doubt in possibility of refusing request for publishing beta in DF case.Carbonic, looks like you strictly opposite idea of finding bugs in Linux version of engine before release. Since this is a cross-platform project, not Windows-only and not Windows&Mac; only, all supported platform deserve same level of beta-testing process.
  11. It doesn't make sense at all, but even assuming that there is a sense to use DRM for beta software, Steam is not good in "secure" and "DRM" at all, and may be easily circumvented. So Desura if fine for giving access to beta. If someone will want to publish beta from Steam for free - he will do that anyway.
  12. Beta. At this moment it promised only for Steam users, that not fair for Linux users.
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