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  1. Bracing for impact! Coincidentally, this was another thing that came up at the GDC panel earlier this week: http://www.gamesradar.com/developer-telltale-games-doesnt-care-if-its-products-are-called-games-or-not/ Kevin and Dan were also coming out with some SUPER interesting anecdotes while prepping for their PAX East session, stuff that was unknown to even me and Job after having worked with these guys for years... kinda gave me a different perspective on the company's history and current trajectory. I'd definitely recommend checking out the session if you're at PAX East or if it's streamed. If it's anything like the conversations I heard, it should be pretty fun. Probably also embarrassing!
  2. Aww Fawful, I appreciate the non-backhanded sentiment! I loved what the company was doing way back when I played Tales from Monkey Island in 2009, and though the games definitely have a different focus now, I still love what they're doing and have absolutely zero regrets about getting on board. I know a lot of folks here aren't keen on the new stuff, but that's cool, everyone's entitled to their own tastes and opinions. It's definitely by far and away the best place I've ever worked, and you're right, I'm ridiculously lucky to be here.
  3. Or maybe those are just all the games Telltale has available on Xbox One right now? You don't see too many companies porting stuff older than a couple of years to new consoles. Steam is a different story... the Telltale Collection there includes a full decade of history. Every single Telltale game available on that platform, from Bone right up to Game of Thrones. Shame you missed the Telltale GDC thing two days ago where the panel moderator said he really liked Jurassic Park and Kevin Bruner pretty much responded with "dude, Jurassic Park sucked" (to laughter and applause), and went on to detail what the company came away with from that. It was streamed online, and should be available via GDC Vault later on if you're interested in checking it out. The PAX East Storytime Session Kevin is doing with Dan Connors tomorrow should be interesting too: lots of historical content about personal stories, working at LucasArts, how they formed Telltale, their learning experiences on different games, and what brought them to where they are today. In terms of Telltale-specific history, I think they're going right back to Telltale Texas Hold 'Em (which is also in the Telltale Collection on Steam). But let's gloss over that hour-long panel ENTIRELY focused on Telltale (and pre-Telltale) history so we can keep pretending that the company ignores everything they did before The Walking Dead, right? I really hope the PAX East session is streamed... I'm a little sad I'm going to miss it, but also pretty happy not to be flying to frozen-over Boston right after GDC! Anyway! In other vaguely Telltale-related news, Telltale alum Adam Hines is now working on a super cool looking game called Oxenfree that I can't wait to play. Aside from Adam's involvement in the project,
  4. Job kinda talked to me about it at a cafe that Sunday, and then a couple of weeks later I had a panel interview via Skype with the CEO, the President, and the Senior VP of Publishing, which was obviously not intimidating at all. Would it be less awkward if I just lurk silently in the background? Me too. I was a mod at the time. Now I measure pretty much every potential crisis situation in Jeep Units.
  5. I vote for a small potted plant that one of the devs keeps on their desk. Don't be ridiculous... like anyone here has TIME to keep a potted plant alive.
  6. Yeah, you've got the right of it. Everyone's welcome to their own interpretation, but the ending isn't intended to be a "cliffhanger" or cheap DLC hook any more than the spinning top at the end of Inception is meant to be sequel bait. It's just ambiguous. It's meant to leave you with something to think about, maybe some kind of incentive to replay the season and piece together the clues for the mystery you probably didn't even know was there. I'm hoping to see followup analyses or conspiracy theory YouTube videos at some point! Anyway, thanks to all of you who played through it. It's certainly been a crazy ride and a lot of fun to be involved with.
  7. This is the first season finale we've shipped since I started working for Telltale (I joined right after The Walking Dead: Season One finished in 2012), and it makes me a little nostalgic for the days when I was on the other side of the fence and got to share in the speculation/anticipation in the lead-up to a final episode. That said, I think I'm at LEAST as excited for this to come out as other people are to play it. I can't wait to see what people think!
  8. Aw, thanks Chyron. I'll likely pop in from time to time. Looking forward to the second part of Broken Age!
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