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  1. After getting the starchart from Merrick I gave it to the Spaceweaver. While the Spaceweaver was counting down I went down the ladder. When the Spaceweaver transported the ship, the camera moved back up to the upper level and BOOM crash. I had steam overlay enabled so it's possible that had some effect. Disabled it now but I can't confirm that overlay was the issue. Windows PC
  2. Esc is what all the Humongous Games, games used. Having grown up with putt putt, pajama sam and spy fox, I would be most accustomed to Esc.
  3. Wow, bagels' concept art is really cool! I can see why Tim wanted to feature him. Peter Chan's stuff is amazing as well. Can't wait to see this stuff come to life.
  4. As long as the money goes towards making the game and not into your pocket, I don't see a problem with it.
  5. interesting stuff. I really hope you can release 2HB to us, Id like to try it out.
  6. Im glad to see something being posted on here about the actual development of the game, even if we don't get to give much feedback this early on its nice to have an idea of what stage its at.
  7. makes sense, If they want to pay to be part of this project and support it, than they're already on of us in my book.
  8. Kind of a shame that so much went to rewards for us, but I guess there would have been less money without them. I think its awesome though that 2pp gets almost 4 times as much as they were going to be originally paid, that means better videos for us
  9. I like games that unlock shortcuts back to other areas. The Dig comes to mind, as you progressed you activated light bridges that could bring you to a fast travel screen.
  10. I think that backers should have exclusive control on how the game is shaped. Backers should be the only people that can participate in votes like this one. Leaks will happen but at least these forums should remain private to us. However as far as leaks go, I don't see the problem as long as it is noted that the game is in development. Its important that people know about this game, Double Fine wants to sell more copies upon release so maybe certain things could be released publicly as decisions are made by us (and Double Fine of course).
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