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  1. I am all for releasing the documentary in order to get more awareness out there for this game. I don't think it should be released in full, but in a short 2 hour film length cut.
  2. I bought this a while back. This is the first I heard of Episode 2. Buying it as soon as I get home
  3. Some thoughts: 1) Take video pitches from the fan universe for Amnesia Fortnight 2013. Top 4 or 5 pitches (as voted on by the community get chosen as projects for AF) 2) Have a prelaunch or wrap party involving fans. 3) T-Shirts!
  4. I think the latest episode was yet another great look at the hard decisions that a small games company has to make, all while trying to maintain smiles. As far as funding goes, I have a couple of ideas: 1) Do an Ebay auction of goods - autographed items, original art, game night with the Double Fine crew, etc. 2) You have a plethora of talent at Double Fine. Rent out a movie theatre/stage theatre, sell tickets to a talk hosted by Tim et. all. You'd be surprised at how little it costs to do versus how much you can make for tickets. Advice, Q &A, etc. Then of course record it and sell the digital copy. Two things that require little investment, and could help bring revenue to this project.
  5. Hey guys! I wrote up an article after speaking to Brad Muir about Massive Chalice for The International House of Mojo. Find it here: Click here to read the article at The International House of Mojo
  6. It's rather selfish thinking that because people backed at a later date, they should not have access to great merchandise like a Art of Broken Age book. There absolutely should be merchandise available for the game outside of what was available to the early backers. You have to remember that some people were "slacker" backers because they needed to use PayPal, not that they arrived late to the game. In the end we are all supporting the same cause.
  7. So I fixed this issue by doing a Windows 8 "Refresh". I had to re-install all my third party programs, but now the AF prototypes can work with my 3rd party XBox controller
  8. I have a 3rd party XBox controller which has worked perfectly with other games, and with the Amnesia Fortnight games, it does not work. Since I have a Dualshock, I have tried MotioninJoy (works with other games - I was playing Limbo with it just fine) and again, it doesn't work with the AF games. What could the issue be?
  9. Thanks for taking the time out of the busy AF schedule to speak with me. When The International House of Mojo fixes its servers, I'll be writing up more.
  10. This is absolutely a game with some multiplayer potential. I can see it being 4 player, each player starting at a different corner and battling it out.
  11. For me, it was hard to picture the gameplay for Hack n Slash during the development streaming. It ended up looking very cool, and what really won me over was the hacking menus. I look forward to playing the prototypes and hope it goes to full release.
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