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  1. ... does anyone know where to get a GOG key? :-/ I can't seem to find anything about it.
  2. Nightwish

    Thank you!

    I couldn't play much of Broken Age so far but I played enough to create this topic. Thank you very much Tim and the team for creating this masterpiece. I really enjoyed it so far and I really really like how the graphics turned out. I hope Double Fine will deliver more of these games! Thank you again!
  3. I guess I should post more so... yay new episode! Wow, that was useful. I wonder how many people will read my useless comment!
  4. I haven't received any confirmation email yet. Should I get worried? :-o
  5. I'm ok with it. If I would have missed it I would have hated it as well. So it's nice that the slow and lazy people can still join in as well.
  6. I played games from both developers but I would prefer the LucasArts games. Those are more fun!
  7. I would love to see a game in the style of Monkey Island 3. Nicely drawn and 2D.
  8. I think my first adventure game was Kings Quest III running on my dad's 286 with monochrome monitor.
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