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  1. like great sidequest but like i have a single like problem like with it. like like like like like like like like like
  2. Hello! I know this is a stupid thread but i want to see that video again. That video whith Tim Schafer presenting the Broken Age trailer like a boss in some game conference with the applause and feel good and all that. But i cant find it. I guess it was in an update. Which update contains this video? Is this video with the confercence on youtube? Thanks!
  3. Maniac Mansion is exactly what i was thinking. Not much dialogue, not much characters...Maniac Mansion is regarded as an adventure game. But that game was released in 1987...
  4. I have been playing this game fora few days and i still ask myself. Is this an adventure game? I still havent finisdhed it yet. I finished the hibiliy zone and im about to finish the twins zone. But it doesnt feel like an adventure game. Sure there are puzzles. You dont have an inventory but you can use objects in order to advance. But it feels more like a platformer with puzzles, not an adventure. I wonder how, by what logic and arugments i can call this an adventure game? I hope that by the time i finish the game i can call it an adventure game. Until then...besides the puzzle, there is no real, touchable, sustainable story. The hilbiliy zone is not a story. The twins zone is not a story. The characters are not well defined, are not really adventure games characters. Also there are no dialogues.... I hope i will change my opinion shorty but right now it just feels like a platformer with puzzles. By what standards i can say that The Cave is an adventure game?
  5. Dont like the Steam. Love the GOG. Already love The Cave. Now i want to love The GOG + The Cave. Do it!
  6. Any information about a retail release? Is there going to be one? Also, i dont like Steam but it looks like i have no choice. I would love to see The Cave on GOG and also to own a retail copy. I'd buy both.
  7. Hello! Big fan here of Tim, Ron, tentacles, 3-headed monkeys etc. I'm super excited about this project and i backed it instantly with 30$ which i didnt pay yet because there were some problems with my card (i spent the money on beer but now i have even more). I will be able to pay them tomorrow but i have a HUGE problem because im a slow thinker (thats why i love adventure games). I changed my slow mind and I want to be a 100$ backer now. Is it still possible? I know its maybe too late but I want to give you 100$. Can i? Theres a chance? Thank you!
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