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  1. Totally backed it. Not because of the game, but because my love for Double Fine and the way they are trying to make the games industry how it should be.
  2. Very cool! Thank you Mr. Petty has a great voice. He should do the voiceover for either the boy or the girl in the final game.
  3. I did some Psychonauts fan art http://monkeyfromouterspace.tumblr.com/image/47116505095
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! The whole team should be very proud. Edit: oh, and regarding the art style: that's what makes the game so special! I've never seen anything like it so far.
  5. Also, didn't they joke that they would call the 'Once Upon A Monster' sequel 'Twice Upon A Monster'? Even now the two titles would be way too similar. Don't get your hopes up, you guys.
  6. The team probably realizes that adventure games are boring (and also dead) and turn the concept into a cool first person shooter. Cool!
  7. Yes, same for me. DF took them down again - but they will be re-uploaded soon!
  8. The games were apparently taken down to fix some problems so we'll just have to wait a bit before we can download them. I'm waiting for them to be accessible on Steam before I download. Alright, thanks! I was just confused because everyone on twitter said they are live now
  9. I can only download White Birch and Black Lake from humble bundle, the rest isn't available there. Steam also says that the prototypes aren't live and can't be downloaded What am I doing wrong?
  10. Wow, reading this gave me goosebumps, especially the 'feathers' part. I just finished an illustration that I feel taps into some of the mythical space of Black Lake: "Feathered cloaks means the ability to travel between the two realms." - this was probably hidden in my unconscious all the time working on this. No foxes, though
  11. ... which leads me, if I may, to send a slight cold breeze of warning to all the people, who want a comprehensive, all explaining "book of wisdom", which would include "a thing" and "it's meaning". ... The devil is in the detail? The more you get involved in this kind of research, the less things look alike. In short: be careful, when following in to that rabbit hole, Alice. It's a very interesting topic, indeed. And I'm afraid that I already jumped into the rabbit hole, head first. My name isn't Alice, though, so maybe that helps a bit. Anyway, I just got the book for under 3 bucks! It seems to be worth looking into, although I'm sure that it can't be a comprehensive book on the topic, as you said (and I doubt that any single book could be). I already know the "The Power of Myth" documentation with/from Joseph Campbell. It's right good! So that would be my suggestion as a starting point for other people, I guess.
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