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  1. Classic Psychonauts Comes to PS4 This Spring

    Also.. since there will be italian and spanish in Psychonauts 2, their absence in the first game will be finally addressed? I hope so, considering the importance of this game
  2. New "Gold Flakes" texture

    No, still the same
  3. To be sincere I had lots of problems with this one in 1998 and now again, because I couldn't remember the 'trick' anymore. The difficulty depend on the approach. Seeing the tunnels and how they are connected, and considering the sign is animated, you could be led thinking that you have to use all these things together. Also you are asked not to use the sign everywhere, but specifically in the zone with the tunnels, suggesting the sign has something to do with them and their solution (additionally it's a sign, so you'd expect it shows a direction more than a point by itself). For example, that only carrying the sign while walking through the tunnels will show you the right way, to be repeated more times until one of the tunnels become the exit to another zone (various other adventure games have infinite forests where you find the right way only when you use the right object or similar). So the main question are the tunnels in front of you, while without them would be even too easy. It's different from the other puzzles of the game, it's more a little joke to the player (since cannot be accidental the presence of 12 tunnels exactly where you have to use the sign). The 'riddle' is, if we want, not being confused by the tunnels.
  4. Fake for a Full Throttle HD remake

    An awesome work indeed. It's also a very natural transposition, you get used immediately.
  5. You should absolutely reconsider. Ok for consoles, but the pc version should have a lot more slots (possibly 'infinite' like before)
  6. Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler! (Adventure by Bill Tiller and his new software house Venture Moon Industries) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2133563544/duke-grabowski-mighty-swashbuckler-point-and-click/ Jenny LeClue (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mografi/jenny-leclue-a-handmade-adventure-game Subject 13 (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1993213058/subject-13-by-paul-cuisset Inherit the Earth 2 (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1867564967/inherit-the-earth-sand-and-shadows Bolt Riley (adventure, second try) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soundguy/bolt-riley-a-reggae-adventure-game-chapter-1 Kaptain Brawe 2 (adventure, second try) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674951857/kaptain-brawe-2-a-space-travesty
  7. The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock (adventure, with demo) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/encomplot/the-weird-story-of-waldemar-the-warlock LsltujN_b6Y The Breakout (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2084621640/the-breakout ;-)
  8. Lots of nice adventures, try the demos The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock (adventure, with demo) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/encomplot/the-weird-story-of-waldemar-the-warlock Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today (adventure, with demo) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fictiorama/dead-synchronicity-tct-a-dark-point-and-click-adve The Breakout (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2084621640/the-breakout
  9. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kingartgames/the-book-of-unwritten-tales-2 Blackmore (adventure) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iqioi/blackmore-a-steampunk-adventure-game
  10. Localization Bugs: Italian

    Shay part Shay observing father "Perchè i computer devono dormire?" More literal: "Perchè i computer hanno bisogno di dormire?" Shay using air tank with dummy, dialogue "... ma sono io! Orribile!" Suggested "... ma sono io! Inquietante!" Shay observing mom, bridge room "Non urlare, dolcezza. Vieni verso il ponte se vuoi parlare in maniera civile." Suggested "Non gridare, dolcezza. Vieni sul ponte se vuoi parlare in maniera civile." Shay talking with Marek "Ci arrivi attraverso la chiusa d'aria della nave, guarda." No, change in "Ci arrivi attraverso la camera stagna della nave, guarda." Shay talking with Marek "Ho manomesso la porta della chiusa d'aria in modo da aprirla senza allertare la Supermadre." No, change in "Ho manomesso la porta della camera stagna in modo da aprirla senza allertare la Supermadre." Shay talking with Marek "Sì, questa opportunità non durerà per sempre." Better "Sì, questa finestra di opportunità non durerà per sempre." Shay using the helmet on various objects "Non credo che si riesca a ingrandire il casco con questo." More literal and more in line with the following sentence: "Non vedo come questo possa ingrandire il casco." Shay using Gary on the panel outside ship "Oh, sì, ho il pulsante." To keep the small joke: "Oh, sì, ho io il pulsante." Shay using Inibitor on Globe (only if it's the last of the three tasks) "Non appena tornerai al Ponte di comando!" It's not the bridge but the Marek room: "Non appena tornerai alla [nostra] sala operativa!" (and that's all for now, thanks a lot)
  11. If you jump in space during first fake mission, the animation change in another model with air tank attached (back normal when on the ground). Clearly he don't have the air tank yet and it's becomes a sort of suggestion
  12. Localization Bugs: Italian

    Vella part Vella talking with Curtis, Curtis answer "Non finchè gli alberi non smetteranno di parlare." It's ok, but the double negative is hard to be read quickly: "Non finchè gli alberi continueranno a parlare." Vella using axe on fireplace, Curtis answer "NO! Mi serve lì per tenere lontano gli alberi! Non capisci!" Now are 'assi', plural so: "NO! Mi servono lì per tenere lontano gli alberi! Non capisci!" Vella observing art in the inventory, Curtis answer "Immagino che il perchè si capisca già alla prima occhiata." No, literal, change in "Suppongo si possa vederla/pensarla così ad una prima occhiata." Vella talking with Marshall, Marshall answer "Sì sì sì. Tutti vogliamo AMARE Mog Chothra." He misunderstands, the joke is keeping the sound of 'kill/ammazzare' so: "Sì, sì, sì. Tutti vogliamo ABBRACCIARE Mog Chothra." Vella using shoes on Marshall Vella says "Vuoi un paio di ciabatte?" Marshall answer "Non posso permettermi di venire associato alle "ciabatte"." It's not possible render the joke about 'flip-flops' (shoes and political u-turn), however he could maybe misunderstand the word, getting something similar: Vella says "Vuoi un paio di sandali?" Marshall answer "Non posso permettermi di venire associato a degli SCANDALI." Vella using ladder on adepts - "Pensaci, puoi PORTARE GIU' una scala..." Suggested "Pensaci, puoi CADERE da una scala..." - "Che poi puoi risalire..." Suggested "E poi tornarci con il tempo..." Changing the text, since in italian the riddle of Yorn is different Vella using shoes on the talking tree "Forse questi rami potrebbero essere caduti naturalmente, quindi non mi sentirei in colpa." Not properly, suggested "Beh, i ramoscelli potrebbero essere caduti naturalmente, il che non mi farebbe sentir male/vomitare." Vella using peach on talking tree "Inoltre quel frutto ha un grande nocciolo che è abbastanza fastidioso." Sounds bad, suggested "Inoltre quel frutto ha un grosso nocciolo abbastanza fastidioso." Vella talking to Curtis (after knowing about the riddle) "Sai cosa si alza da un letto rivolto?" To be in line with the italian riddle of Yorn: "Sai cosa risorge da un letto rivolto?" Vella using driftwood on Curtis "Sgabello in arrivo!" To keep the ehm equivocal 'stool' joke (since her reaction): "Oh sì, sento che sta uscendo!" UPDATED Vella using driftwood on Curtis "Grazie per avermi aiutato a sbarazzarmene." Again the equivocal 'stool' joke: "Grazie per avermi aiutato a farlo venir fuori." or "Grazie per avermi aiutato a liberarmi." Vella talking with the talking tree "... prima di cominciare ad incidere-" Cosmetic "... prima di cominciare ad incidere." UPDATED Vella using the sap bucket on adepts "Ehi, hai preso della linfa da un albero, giusto?" Again to be in line with the italian riddle of Yorn: "Ehi, [l'indovinello diceva] far cadere della linfa da un albero, giusto?" Vella using sprayer on chum "Alla fine quando NON potrebbe farmi comodo?" Suggested "In fin dei conti quando NON potrebbe farmi comodo?" Vella using sap bucket on Marshall, Marshall answer "Sembrerebbe che facciamo sul serio!" Suggested "Adesso sì/Si direbbe che possiamo cominciare/iniziare!" or "Adesso sì che ci siamo!" Vella talking with Alex "Come arma?" Considering the following answer, suggested "Tipo un'arma?" Vella observing the niche with the inserted amulet "Centro!" Suggested "Fatto!" Vella completing the panel with two crystals "Centro!" Also in this case suggested "Fatto!" Adept talking when Vella approach (part ending) "Ma come facciamo ad avere la stessa identica visione?" No, wrong verb, change in "Ma come facciamo ad aver avuto la stessa identica visione?"
  13. Localization Bugs: Italian

    Vella part Vella talking with Walter and son "Ciao! Il mio nome è Vella, e tu come ti chiami?" In the original was plural "Ciao! Il mio nome è Vella, e voi come vi chiamate?" Vella talking with Walter and son, son answer "Non gonfiarti e resta in aria!" Trying to keep the rhyme I'd suggest "Non gonfiarti come una palla! Resta a galla!" Vella talking to Maggie "Che ti prende?" It's the first time they talk and also consider Maggie answers 'nothing' so: "Che succede?" BUG DUBBING Vella strange voice tone saying this specific phrase "Senti c'è un modo per andar via da questa nuvola?"/"Hey, is there any way off this cloud?" Vella talking with the failed maiden (Meriloft) "Come butta?" To partially keep the 'hanging' joke: "Che aria tira lassù?" or "Come va lassù?" Vella talking with the failed maiden (Meriloft) "Ora devo andare." No, you have to consider maiden following answer, so better stay literal in this case: "Ti lascio sola." Vella observing the tree sign "Mi sembra che ci sia una specie di alberello al termine di questo sentiero." Not her opinion, she's reading the sign: "Sembra che ci sia una specie di alberello al termine di questo sentiero." Vella observing the tree sign "Di là si va all'albero del frutto gigante." The tree is big, not the fruit: "Di là si va all'albero da frutto gigante." or "Di là si va al gigantesco albero da frutto." Vella talking with Carol, Carol answer "Oh, io penso che lo stiano facendo, da quando ho perso il mio coltello!" Meaning was 'considering': "Oh, io penso che lo stiano facendo, visto che ho perso il mio coltello!" Vella talking with Carol "Devi essere molto fiera di te..." Suggested "Devi essere molto fiera di te stessa..." Vella using egg on Carol "Ne sta già portando abbastanza." No, "Sta già portando abbastanza [peso/roba]." Vella talking with Father "Cosa stai controllando qui?" Better "Cosa stai sorvegliando?" or "Cosa sorvegli?" Vella talking with Father, Father answer "Veramente conosco solo scale che vanno verso il basso e verso l'alto..." The original is quite different and it's a small joke, I'd keep it: "Uh, l'ultima volta che ho controllato, la maggior parte delle scale andavano in entrambe le direzioni..." Vella talking with the orange aggressive bird "Certo, uccello, certo. Ora non ho più bisogno dei ganci." Suggested a more literal "Certo, uccello. Come se avessi bisogno dei ganci adesso."
  14. [Suggestion] Pendleton Ward Puzzle

    My 2 cents. At first there are no holes. During dialogue he shakes to to be free so a lot of fruits falls, creating holes. You go up and try to guess the right one..