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  1. The grim.en.tab file that includes all subtitles, also shows lines for a commentary on the credits, however I've found not a way to trigger the commentary while the credits run. The Z key doesn't seem to do anything. Any way to listen to that without having to extract the files manually?
  2. During one of the teamstreams, the suggestion for a scrollable timeline was brought up. I was just missing that feature as well and hope it just hasn't made it into the game yet. Though, I like the idea of a text list that shows you all the details without having to hover over a timeline icon. Bring it on!
  3. 38 years into the my first game, I had my first "keep defence" (it was actually my sagewrights guild) and shortly before I had nominated 3 sagewrights, so it was quite exciting, even though only 2 of the 3 showed up in the game. While I could save one of them by running off, the other was pretty much right away doomed. I attached a screenshot of what it looked like after my second turn. In the end, I prevailed, but I lost a beloved level 3 caberjack. Wade "Mr. Pancakes" Varner, you will be remembered. One thing that would be nice to have, especially for your deceased heroes, are some sort of kill stats, like how many cadence a hero has slain during this life. Might be cool to even have details on how many of the different enemy types he killed. Later in the game, this could be a nice touch when you're looking back a bit and remember some of your favorite heroes. I'm enjoying the game very much already. Sure, there's still room for some polish and fine tuning, but so far it's been pretty fun. Thank you, MC team! Sebastian
  4. Here's my sigil so far. I tried using an apostrophe in my motto "let's" but it would not work. Whenever I tried out the share link, it would just load the some weird defaults, but not the stuff I entered. Removing the ' apostrophe from the motto fixed it. I also tried the ’ character that Anthony posted in the FAQ, but that's not working either. In this case, the share link just comes up with no text for any of the fields and no sigil. Is there any way to make use of an apostrophe? Since the number of chars on the motto is rather restricted, I wouldn't be able to fit the long version "let us". Sebastian
  5. I've just ran into the same issue. Here's what I did: - I stood next to the tree with the horn and the snake and tried out a few items on the horn. - I then decided to switch back to Shay to see if I could get further along with him - I clicked around on his screen though it turns out I had already gotten as far as you could get for now (Vella icon was showing in the bottom right) - so I clicked on the Vella icon and that's when layer's of the Curtis' house scene went missing with Vella coming out of the house (see attached screenshot) - I checked Curtis' mailbox and then ran into Curtis' house - that's where the game crashed. After the crash, I was able to load up the last auto save just fine and there didn't seem to be any issue. I walked to about the same place next to the tree with the snake and made a manual save. In case it's any help, here's a link to that save. Note that the save is from after the issue occurred and the game had crashed. My system specs: i7 860 quad core at 2.8 GHz ATI Radeon HD 5800 (Catalyst 13.2 drivers) at 1920x1200 pixel resolution 8GB of Ram Win7 64bit Hope this helps, Sebastian EDIT: Just noticed the game also created a crash dump.
  6. That's already been reported and DoubleFine acknowledged it. You'll find the other threads searching for ladder in this forum. If you run into any other issues, I'd recommend trying a search on the forum first to see if it was reported before.
  7. After leaving the cloud colony, Vella took off the cloud shoes and they're back in your inventory. I thought that you could use the shoes to sneak past the two (blind) guards, but that didn't seem to work. Now I'm wondering if there's a way to take off the cloud shoes again as I kind of preferred Vella without them now that they're no longer needed. Is there a way to take off the bunny shoes? If not, perhaps this might be something you could add in a future update? Oh and I don't mean, permanently removing the shoes as I'd love to be able to put and take them off whenever I feel like it. Thanks, Sebastian
  8. So far I only played Vella and enjoyed the game very much so far. Great job! And it's been really stable for me as well. In the cloud colony I came across a minor subtitle overlap when talking to Jesse. See screenshot. I'm on Win7 64bit using a ATI Radeon HD 5800 (Catalyst 13.2 drivers) at 1920x1200 pixel resolution. Cheers, Sebastian
  9. I was about to report the same thing, but it turns out this was already reported and acknowledged by DoubleFine in this thread.
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