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  1. I have recently backed a nice looking german adventure game name Trüberbrook. The initial goal and first few stretch Goals have already been reached, and the campaign is still running (3 Days left). Additional Stretch Goals include another side chapter, a making of video and audio commentary. The art style looks really nice. They are using photogrammetry on real hand made environments. There is also a familiar face in the video ;-).
  2. I think it is quite ok to end open ended like that. But some people still seem to think it is not finished (eihter because they think there should be more explanation at the end, or because they did not follow the development, or because they just want to hate it), and that may prove problematic. I really hope this will suceed.
  3. I really hope there will be a non VR non PS4 version of it, that I will actually be able to play. I don't like parts of Stories that are locked away behind Hardware I do not have access to and I will most certainly not buy a console and VR equipment for one game. I am still happy about Psychonauts 2 and will still back it, but if this is truly an exclusive title, this does really make me sad.
  4. Bad? What are you comparing it to then? And when you say he hates sticking to a budget, you don't think you're simplifying a pretty complex issue a bit too much? I think opinions like this one are a huge reason, why I think this campaign will be a lot more difficult to bring to success than DFA or MC. Most people don't (want to) get, that Broken Age is not the game they wanted to make for 300000$. Add the widespread opinion about Spacebase (this is actually the only criticism i can understand) and a certain other group that hates Tim into the mix and you get a huge crowd of haters, who will try everything to make this fail. Everywhere I read comments about this there is more than one post warning about backing this. This makes me really sad and a bit afraid for this to fail, even though it looks great right now. While Broken Age was not exactly what I expeted and while I think Act 1 was too easy and the split into two parts was not well handled from the PR side of thing, I really enjoyed the endproduct and did not regret backing in any way or at any time during development. It seems to me, that Massive Chalice, which is not my type of game (not backed/bought/played yet), went really well, too. So I do not see any problem in backing this again (did so yesterday), but others who are undecided may not back this because of a few comments, that often don't even get simple facts straight. Yesterday i read a post somewhere, that Broken Age is still not finished. And that was not a post from last year, it was posted after the fig campaign started...
  5. I think there are a few people/groups we can be sure to NOT be the secret investor. 1. Tim said it is not Notch, and Notch said it is not him. He will probably be one of the high tier backers. 2. It will be on Windows, Max, Linus, PS4, and XBox One, but not on Wii U (it may or may not come out on the next Nintendo console, but that is still not really anounced). So it will probably be neither Microsoft, Sony, Apple, or Nintendo, because neither would be interested to allow the publication on the competitors system or in Nintendos case not having it on their own system. 3. It could be also be Valve (wasn't that Gabe Newell in the Pitch Video, who allowed Erik Wolpaw to be "into it"?). But I think this is really unlikely. I do not see any reason why they would want to keep it secret. Also would they really want to back a project using a competiting engine instead of Source (2)? In an Interview Tim talked about a not yet anounced Unreal Engine 4 Game, that will release before Psychonauts 2(Q: "Would this be your first game in Unreal 4?", A: "We will ship one before Psychonauts 2 comes out. It hasn't been announced yet."). We don't really know anything about that and I think, the same Person/Group may be involved there and that is the reason they do not want to talk about that yet. Because it could spoil the other reveal?
  6. Maybe they could do smaller versions of Sashas, Millas and Coach Oleanders minds as optional Tutorials? They could say early on that whenever Raz needs more training he could ask them. And if you ask them, they pull you into their mind and provide you with training. Just not on the same scale as in part one. For example the cube in Sashas Mind had (obviously) six sides and therfore six different "rooms" plus the boss fight. The smaller version could be just one of the rooms plus a simulated boss fight. On the other hand, they are at the HQ, and there should be some training facilities (i.e. completely new tutorials). Or you have everything at your disposal from the beginning but you get a small tutorial the first time you need a power. You can play around with Pyrokinesis if you want to from the beginning, but at the first point where you need to burn something to progress there could be a dialogue. "Use your Pyrokinesis on it. You do know how to do it, right?" Possible answers could be "Yeah I know how to do it" (->Skip tutorial) or "I think I know how to do it, but tell me anyway." (start tutorial). It is ok if there are a few tutorial parts dealing with old mechanics, but it should not take half the game to be where you were at the end of part one.
  7. And backed! Was really suprised this morning, and I don't think I have been this happy about a video game anouncement in a very long time. If you look at the second piece of concept art on the Fig site (showing the HQ from the outside), there is an arrow in the lower left corner pointing to "Camp", so I think the game will probably feature some known areas but probably not all. I hope at least some of the other campers are back, but I am pretty sure, we will not see all of them.
  8. Another funny thing here: He tells Shay he was a bit annoyed by everything on his ship being about music.
  9. One thing I do not get about the ending is why Vella and Shay think it may be a good idea to have a meltdown of both ships. Did I miss anything there? I think vella tells the bad guy it may be better to just build a bridge, which more or less happens in the end, but I would have expected an explosion and not just the ships actually melting. Another question (not about the ending in this case): I was a bit shocked that vella just went into the room with the fusion orb, while in Act 1 Shay had to wear a protective suit. Was that also a fake danger? I mean, the orb itself obviously is dangerous, but is there actually any radiation? What about Alex' ship? The protective curtains or whatever it was the druids used for their robes sounded a bit fake as well.
  10. I really enjoyed Act II. I think the devs got the difficulty right in this part. I thought Act I was too easy, and while I did not get stuck in Act II (at least not for long) it was much more satisfying. I think the reveal of Shays parents not being computers could have been handled a bit better (or at least a few more hints why he thought they were, or why they did not meet in person for what seems like a long time), but that did not stop me from enjoying the game. The music, graphics, writing and voice acting are really great. Now I am looking forward to watching the documentaries (my wife and I got stuck at episode 8 when that was released and we did not have enough time to watch it any further since then). Edit: Thanks for the game and documentary. I think backing the project was worth it.
  11. I would prefer a public read only archive. "This belongs in a Museum!" Edit: Also this:
  12. I am still undecided where to buy it. Does the GOG Version have some kind of local display for the Achievements from the PS/Steam version, so that I can still try those, even if they do not show up online anywhere?
  13. I would prefer to buy it at GOG instead of Steam, but I also like doing achievements for games that have them, so I have a question about the achievements, which are listed on the Steam store page as a feature. Will there be a way to do those in the GOG version as well? I do not need them to show up in an online system or something, but some kind of local ingame list would be very nice.
  14. Steam is downloading a small update. What is in it?
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