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  1. A shock episode would trigger an abstract world. e.g. Your walking and you notice various butterflies, are getting eaten *gulp*, by a big toad. You get 1 minute in this world space and lots of things will happen over this time. Time would be real and passing, the last remaining butterflies would be being rapidly gobbled up in slow motion and you would be rushing to stop it in slow motion. You can only zoom in or choose not to, but not zoom out, more things leave your field of view, but a box forming puzzle would become intriguing/visible, zooming further makes aspects of the puzzle easier to work on, with several minutes worth of puzzle area to be done over this minute. After the minute you auto zoom out and the big toad is hopping into a pond. The box would be useful in certain environments, and could be edited with reference to different time periods by zooming in, e.g. a frog and butterflies sketch would be visible as an editable box level, there could be others. The edited box would change your responses to certain situations.
  2. *Thumbs up* and no dislike button, therefore interesting posts get highlighted, I don't trawl through every comment, I don't often have the time.
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