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  1. I'd talk about my own leakage problems, in an effort to encourage a bit of lively discussion but that's not going to lead to anything other than buckets of disgust and one rather ashamed man sitting within a puddle of his own shame.
  2. I don't have much to add in regards to the demise of Telltale, other than to echo what others have already said; I'm sad for the employees and the raw deal that they received (some of the personal stories coming forward are truly egregious) but in all honesty, I'm kind of glad to see the studio itself go. I feel that Jim Sterling's two videos on the subject cover my feelings towards the whole fiasco well enough. I hope that the ex-employees get their much deserved compensation and soon find new jobs at other studios, ones which actually respect and value their talent. The sales chart for the past few years of Telltale games pretty much says it all really... ...I was quite surprised to see such a sharp decline in sales between seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead (less than half the total number of players for the second season). I guess that more people were nonplussed by the first season (as was I) than I had initially thought. It makes one wonder why they so rigidly stuck to the same old, tired formula for the past couple of years. I guess that they felt that grabbing hot intellectual properties would be enough to recreate the hit of The Walking Dead: Season 1. The phrase 'resting on one's laurels' springs to mind (as does 'what goes around, comes around', for that matter). The old mutt's been put out to pasture. It was kinder this way. Once the rabies kicked in and innocent people within her vicinity were being crushed betwixt her frothing and mighty maw, it was time to euthanise the dog. I choose to remember the good times; before the madness; before the screams; before the tears of sorrow; before the blood and carnage. Let's all look back and recall that first moment when we all laid eyes upon that lovable little puppy, so full of life and limitless potential, with a Bone laying at the tips of her paws.
  3. That's exactly what a person who's not alive would say. *narrows eyes at Ghost Johro*
  4. No, I'm generally curious if that was what was been implied. There's no hostility behind my question, just a desire for clarification.
  5. Yes. That's daft. There's a few cases of that kind of nonsense with successful Hollywood movies. I trust that you aren't implying that Solo is such a case though?
  6. There will always be a degree of variance, to an extent but in the case of Solo; it hasn't broken even. Not even close. The production budget is listed as $275 (Hollywood accounting; it's probably closer to $350, given the reshoots). That does not include the marketing budget. It's a bomb, plain and simple.
  7. I'm sorry but no they don't. You're wrong. Budgets are usually listed as the production budget. It would be highly unusual for them not to be. For a change, I know of what I speak.
  8. You're wrong. I don't think that you know how box-office accounting works. The general wisdom is that a movie on the scale of Solo needs to make approximately 2.5 times it's budget, just to breakeven. This is because studios generally spend around the same amount as a movie's budget on marketing and also only receive a percentage of the box-office (cinemas take their cut and the studio also receives a lower percentage from foreign box-office takings). Solo has an estimated budget of $275 million (and that's conservative, given the extensive reshoots) and would therefore need to make at least $550 just to breakeven. Solo's total box-office, thus far? $370. It's a bomb and a financial disaster, whichever way you cut it. I know. I was was being purposefully obtuse because I'm a git.
  9. I'm not that much of a loser neckbeard, you know? Also, as an extremely casual Star Wars fan (the kind who doesn't even own any of the movies on DVD), I really don't have that much vested interest in the series. I am fascinated by Hollywood politics though. I never said that Kennedy will be ousted. I'm simply saying that there will have been discussions regarding the possibility. To what extend those discussions have elevated to, that is up for debate. However, the fact that there will have undoubtedly been discussions of some kind, is really not up for debate. Solo is the biggest box office bomb of the year, thus far (and is likely to remain so). The biggest box office bomb of the year also happens to be an installment in one of the biggest sure-fire money making franchises of all time. The higher ups at Disney will have certain things to discuss regarding that and in particular, how they wish to handle the person whom spearheaded, greenlit and produced said bomb (Kennedy). How is that not a fact, going by the logic of rudimentary cause and effect? You surely can't be implying that it's all sunshine and roses over at the House of Mouse and that Kennedy's position is 100% secure and no discussions have taken place between her bosses, behind closed doors? I stick by what I said and in the context of which I said it. It's a FACT. I might not have any proof to back that fact up but I don't need it because I am infallible. Actually, no, wait... now I remember; inflammable is what I am. Please disregard everything that I just said. There's a naked flame nearby and it's making me extremely nervous and that is a fact.
  10. It's completely irrelevant whether she's lying or not. FACT: Serious discussions regarding Kathleen Kennedy's position and future at Lucasfilm are happening and have been happening for some time now, behind closed doors. SOURCE: Basic logic. Greenlighting and releasing a highly divisive movie, to the point of fracturing the fanbase, in a series that's all about appealing to people from all walks of life; leading to the next movie in said series becoming the biggest box office bomb of the year, is liable to put your appointed job in serious jeopardy, to say the least. In Hollywood, you're only ever as successful as your last movie.
  11. I'll honestly be very surprised if Rian Johnson's trilogy actually goes ahead. The Last Jedi and its divisive reaction (to be put it kindly) is undoubtedly partly to blame for Solo bombing.
  12. I hadn't heard that myself but it wouldn't surprise me. I reckon that set must have been absolutely miserable to be on, what with all of the behind the scenes turmoil. Naturally, Disney's PR machine tried to put a positive spin on the change of directors and what have you but if you read between the lines (and know how Hollywood operates), that production was toxic.
  13. Solo is probably the best Disney era Star Wars movie, in my opinion but it's saying something when I still only rate it as a 6/10 (slightly above average). I would give it a 5/10 but that little green alien in a jar, singing with a deep voice, notched it up a point. A Lando movie would be okay, I guess but honestly, I really want to see Disney do something different with the Star Wars universe and not rely on established characters and time periods so much. I know that they are (or at least, were) planning to allow Rian Johnson to do his own trilogy, which supposedly fits the remit of what I'd care to see but there's one big problem with that; Rian Johnson himself. If The Last Jedi is any indication, then I don't want him anywhere near Star Wars ever again. Genuinely, The Last Jedi is one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. If we absolutely must have spin-off movies based around pre-existing characters, then I think that we can all agree that Little Green Alien in a Jar: A Star Wars Story is the way to go. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  14. I agree with all of this, particularly in regards to the dice. Why is that suddenly a thing? They were just a piece of set dressing in the original movies, that like yourself, I didn't even notice at the time.
  15. Supposedly. It wouldn't surprise me if Disney are now reassessing their plans for the future of Star Wars, following the dismal box-office performance of Solo.
  16. Sadly, I can't think of a single case where a petition has worked and even if there is an occasion, then it's the exception to the rule.
  17. Not only is The Curse of Monkey Island not an awful game or a terrible sequel; in my opinion, it's one of the best adventure games ever created (admittedly, the last act is a bit gubbins though). Ick! No. Tales of Monkey Island irritates the heck out of me. I liked it plenty, upon its initial release but in hindsight, it feels like an official piece of fan-fiction (which it essentially is). It felt as much of a betrayal of the universe of Monkey Island as the fourth game, possibly even more so. I don't ever want to see Moran LeFlay or any of the other original characters from that game, ever again.
  18. Solo: A Star Wars Story I've finished watching the movie and overall it was better than I had expected. It certainly went some way towards washing the bad taste of Rogue One and The Last Jedi from my mouth. Having said that, it's still very much a Disney-era Star Wars movie. Solo is overly long, inconsequential and features a plot with incredibly low stakes (the MacGuffin is dull, dull, dull). One professional review said that it feels like an extended pilot for a TV series and that statement is bang on the money. It's very unsatisfying in how it doesn't feel like a self-contained movie; it leaves a few key plot threads dangling as a means to setting up a sequel. I very much liked the main antagonist, played by Paul Bettany. I'm ambivalent in regards to the droid character, L3. Donald Glover was decent but is given little to do. Alden Ehrenreich was alright but he sure as heck ain't no Harrison Ford and aside from one particularly ballsy (and Special Edition shunting) moment towards the end, the character felt neutered. The soundtrack is excellent, just as it was when I first heard it in the original trilogy (there's a lot of reuse of John Williams' score in this). There's a ridiculously on the nose Western scene and some of the dialogue was eye-rollingly self-referential to lines from the original (and better) movies... "Move along, move along." "Flyboy." "They don't even serve our kind here." "I hate you." "I know." There's also a recreation of the "my hands are dirty" scene from The Empire Strikes Back, complete with the kiss being interrupted by C3PO/Beckett. 6/10
  19. See, even as an Alien fan, that makes me roll my eyes. I can't imagine ever watching this movie. Actually that's a lie, as I'm sure that I'll give it a hate-watch when it crops up on TV. Whereas, I'll be hate-watching Indiana Jones V at the cinema, front row, popcorn in hand.
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