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  1. Well,that was disappointing. About halfway through and I was calling the "shocking twists" pretty much the whole way through. In addition to being predictable,it ripped off the plot to Destroy All Humans. Which at least was fun to play and let you fight a 50 foot president. I don't know what I was expecting,but this was a let down on all angles. The overworked "girl power" bullshit angle just,ugh. Tim,you helped make Monkey Island which had Elaine Marley,a certified female badass. What the fuck happened? Vella is so bland and boring,her voice drains the joy from my soul. In fact,the whole cast does. What was the voice direction,be as boring as possible? You had some great talent here and they're just dead. Are you sure the whole cast weren't supposed to be robots? She's supposed to be a "warrior" but she just stands there without a thought in her goddamn head and speaks in a monotone that'd put Ben Stein to sleep. And let's talk about the other side of the coin. Shay is only slightly less lifeless but I'd still rather chew off my own leg than be stuck talking to this mildewed wet blanket. Jesus. I've seen rocks with more personality. And that whole "A boy knows what to look for in a girl" thing? Seriously? A TEENAGE BOY knows what to look for in a girl. Tim,I was a teenage boy and I didn't know fuck all what to look for in a girl. Neither did any of my friends. We've all just been winging it. And you never did explain why it had to be a girl. What,a dude can't have the "right stuff" to advance humanity forward? So,boring,predictable second hand plot. Horrible comatose acting. Jokes are non-existent. I expected Psychonauts or Brutal Legend storytelling with puzzles instead of action elements. And you somehow give us this? So,all in all,15 bucks poorly spent. Combined with Tim's apparent decent into madness,I think I'm just gonna stick to my decision to never buy a Double Fine game ever again.
  2. Ok,I figured out how to fix the bug. Fail the attempt with the directions and take note of the new knot configuration. Use the "be right back with new directions" option and you'll be instantly moved to Carol. Tell her the knot and go back. The right answer should now appear. I think what may have caused it was when I burned through the "non-directions directions" when you don't have the step by step guide several times cause I didn't know if it was a progression puzzle or not. That is,if you were supposed to tell him the vague directions and see if the knot got looser or tighter. And then clicked the dialogue option several times in frustration as one is wont to do. That may have been what messed up the code. Anywho,now you has fix and an idea of what might have broke it. You're welcome.
  3. It's not "pull the wings off the flies" cause the game said "nope".
  4. Pic 1: The knot. Pic 2: Dialogue options with Carol,highlighting the one I think is correct. I'm fairly certain the bug didn't show up in her dialogue this time. Pic 3: The picture and dialogue options when I get to F'Ther.
  5. Like I said,I'm not getting the proper directions that match the diagram. I've run across the flower one too and none of the options were "she loves me,she loves me not". Some times I don't even get the right knot description to give to Carol. It's bugged.
  6. Seems to be bugged. I give the proper description,get the instructions,get back to the cloud,and when it comes time to walk F'ther through the untying,it gives me ALL the wrong instructions. For example,I have 1. that looks like a finger pointing down which I'm guessing is "pull the finger". However none of the instructions say anything about fingers or hands. And it's like that every time. I mean,if I had the wrong instructions,it'd just fail me for picking the "right" one but there is no right one. They all describe something that looks nothing like the drawing. So,yeah,bugged.
  7. Grim Fandango was already released for the PC. Console gamers have waited 16 years to play Grim Fandango. You don't hear them complaining.
  8. It's ok,buddy,we all make that mistake from time to time. (hugs)
  9. Yes,ridiculous. Like what I said is a joke or something. Still,I suppose you're right. It could be seen as an attack on Tim's integrity. So to make it clear,I was just kidding. It's not often you see Tim caught flat footed by some jackass who's there for the paycheck. Not to say he's always a jackass who's there for the paycheck,but he certainly was this time. That clear enough?
  10. And Tim froze up when asked how much it cost to get him. So,probably more than he's comfortable admitting. Still,if the project's already screwed the budget,why not get Elijah Wood? If you're gonna crush and burn,might as well go out in a blaze of glory,am I right?
  11. Welp,if it was me. And this is just me talking about what I'd do. I'd just look at what you got planned,find a good stopping point,and release the game as Broken Age 1. Use the rest of the design to work up a pitch for BA2. And then run a Kickstarter for that. I mean,if the game has enough content to last like 4 or 5 hours,I think most people would be happy with that. Considering we're usually getting hit for 40 to 60 bucks for 4 to 6 hours of content,most of which is cutscenes,you're still looking good. But yeah,Tim needs to learn SIFTS. Which is "Save It For The Sequel". Too much content and you won't be able to get it all in.
  12. Putting in my opinion? Which is what most people do? That's kind of how forums work. I hate to break it to you,but this one's kinda dead and I was trying to contribute to the community. Unfortunately,it seems it's a community that wants to slowly waste away to nothing so I'm not going to bother any more. Scarecrow's sighting phantom posts that simply don't exist. I mean,he and Feddlefew were the only ones who responded to my post and they were both on about the armor thing and he's saying there were several responses from other people that I just don't see. So the whole thing comes down to why the hell am I bothering? Either they're all nuts or I am and I don't really want to try anymore. I have better ways to waste my time than this. So in summation,SEE YA' LATER,FUCKERS!!! (disappears into the interweb)
  13. Yeah,that's what I thought. Gibbering insanity and then the "moral high road" bit. And this is what passes for conversation these days. I am depressed.
  14. I'm not offended,I just think it's a poor choice of attire for an agility character like Wonder Woman. It's like putting a ninja in a suit of armor and expecting him to be as agile and stealthy as when he was in his cloth ninja suit. It's just not going to work.
  15. So a woman wearing make up and heels in body armor that'd only slow down a character who uses her agility for defense,thus lowering her ability to defend herself effectively is badass now. I mean the shoulder pieces alone would block any attempt to stop a head shot with her bracers. If it's made of the same stuff as her bracers,she's not going be able to tear through them even with her super strength due to their magical nature,which means she's taking a bullet to the face. And if they aren't,she'll rip 'em off in the block attempt and more likely than not end up cutting herself,making the armor less than useless. The more I look at it the less it makes sense. How is this useful or badass? And how do you forget the topic of a discussion you started? Seriously,if you're not going to put any effort into this,I really don't see the point in going on.
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