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  1. Collector's Edition: "Hall of Brains" Names... ?

    OK, thanks guys, just needed to know officially!
  2. Sent DF two emails since November, no replies. Anyone knows if DF has collected names for the Collector's Edition (and above) "Hall of Brains" yet? Or the best channel for getting a reply from DF? Getting frustrating for a simple answer here.
  3. Collector's Edition: "Hall of Brains" Names... ?

    Hi Spaff, to: I'm a Recent (last month... y'know, circum$tances) Slacker Backer and had been wondering if I had been late. And people are wondering. So please let us/me! know if DF had started putting together a list (in which please direct me to adding mine) or they haven't started (which is triple-fine for now)... Thanks & Happy Hols!
  4. Please tell me that it's going to be available on vinyl, here at the DF store... AND THE MENS' PSYCHONAUTS WR SHIRT HAS BEEN REPLENISHED!
  5. Um. That is, if you don't already know. I believe many of these are from the retail box manual and its Prima Strategy Guide (though I haven't checked against mine).
  6. Which musics are new recorded?

    ^ bump Ahem... also, any developments on the physical release?
  7. SUGGESTION thread...

    . . . ... Launcher with launcher sound!
  8. The last time I played was on my PC and that's about a decade ago before I made to a jump to the Mac for work purposes. It was probably my >15th play through. And I could still remember solutions to the puzzles and where to find the eggs/gags in my recent play. O how I wish it was my first time all over again.
  9. That DF left out the sound when we click on the original launcher. That's the sound of impending fun.
  10. Steam Achievements

    Though not an achievement... show the thing u show to Glottis to Olivia in her club.
  11. The Right Way!

    EDIT- OK I just found out that we have to select Tank at the movement menu.
  12. "What are you trying to do with my babies?" Good read!
  13. In-game, all's good. Screenshots of the game on Steam gives me this: On the Mac, (Mavericks/ATI Radeon HD 4850). Anyone else has this problem?
  14. K just deleted the hotlinks and attached them to the post.
  15. Steam achievements?

    I'm pretty sure we have a whole Panzer division right here.
  16. Steam achievements?

    Nice! "Here, let me hold that metal detector for you while you cry..." Listen to Carla's whole story. This is going to be a challenge.
  17. Pre-ordering

    Phew, pre-bought. You better not let Schafer see this. Pre-order and run!
  18. Pre-ordering

    $39.95, off the '98 Lucasarts catalog.
  19. Steam achievements?

    +1 Although a better name might be: "Fully Tanked" or something like that "FAN-TANK-GO!"
  20. Steam achievements?

    "Grim Fandandoodoo" Get Manny to pick up cat poo.
  21. Steam achievements?

    "Sweet as Mango" - unlocked Olivia recites her poem on her stage, *snap, snap*.
  22. Voice actors?

    Seinfeld's building janitor.
  23. Pity. I would so go down on my capitalist dog ass on GF.
  24. Just 20+ days left.... Anyone knows if DF is releasing the soundtrack on LP? Instabuy.
  25. GF "remastered" Soundtrack on LP?!????

    (Quick and dirty, sorry) Where there's Esperanza, there's a way!