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  1. Did this patch also fix the "can't play from an external hard disk" bug?
  2. Yeah, they probably found them in one of the many Hollywood Edge libraries, that's why I'm asking for the specific sound names, so that they're finally documented (that library alone has 1805 sound clips!).
  3. (Just so the Indiecade topic doesn't get derailed with this) Yup, thanks. We found that library where they came from. These were edge cases but one that I distinctly recall is a vocal gibberish that Peter McConnell recorded at his desk. I'm actually still pushing to see if Peter wants to redo it himself Now that most of them have been located and the hard work has been done, would there be any chance for us long time fans to have the actual names of those sound effects so that we can look for them in the sound libraries? I'm sure most of us would just love to have those classic bits documented somewhere. Pretty please, Double Fine? 0:)
  4. Yeah, many people had an Adlib and aren't encouraging DF to dumb down the music for everybody so that it sounds like that. Roland music is the superior retro/original version and that's what people would choose when comparing them, KestrelPi's personal wishes aside. That's what I'd like to hear in the remake, even if I used to play it with a Sound Blaster (I wish I would have had access to the Roland stuff back then!).
  5. I don't think that's the point, and something I think that is very often missed is that while it may have all been composed on at the time top of the line Roland synths, almost NOBODY actually heard it like that. Almost everyone had an FM soundcard like the SB16 (if they even had a proper soundcard at all. My best friend remembers playing this game in silence). And so if the idea is to give them the version as they played it originally, and the remastered version then surely the original should reflect the most common sound hardware of the ti I'm pretty sure that most people would rather have the (better sounding) Roland music because that's what people with a Sound Blaster back then would have preferred to have, given the chance.Can't imagine why anybody would root for a downscaled version of it.
  6. Quite honestly, I would have liked the game to tell us. Still can't believe the game ended so abruptly...
  7. I must say this also felt pretty weird to me, as if act 2 retconned some of the stuff you had been taught about Shay's story. EDIT: Actually, I'd say that a similar thing also happens with Marek's characterization in act 1 vs act 2, but then again he was supposed to be in disguise...
  8. I hope the higher frame rate is the 24 FPS that cartoons use, and not a higher one that would make the animations feel more "twined" than "full animation". It makes sense that only those have shading because it adds to the mood of those certain scenes.It's a wrong assumption for cartoons to think that "if it's HD, shading should be added everywhere because it will look more realistic". You can check how many 90s cartoons like Ren & Stimpy never used any shading for their characters even on close-ups, except for very specific scenes that needed them. Still happens on series like Spongebob, for example. That said, it would be neat if any added shades on the characters were context sensitive and only appeared on dimly lit rooms, etc.
  9. Vertical pic, but its too awesome not to post: I hope the characters' faces look somewhat like these, in the HD remake...
  10. I must have played this game thousands of times so I'm quite familiar with its graphic style, but seeing that background scroll like this for the first time actually gave me some heavy Psychonauts vibes....Which is a very good thing.
  11. I "fixed" it by copying the entire folder to my laptop's internal hard disk. So it's true, this game doesn't like being on an external drive. That really needs an official fix...
  12. Also happens to me, in my new Windows 8.1 installation. I've removed all local files, reinstalled it and also run the installers in the "redist" folder, but keeps happening. Bummer. :\
  13. Can't tell if the posts here are being sarcastic or not, anymore.
  14. The user interface should be intuitive enough not to need a tutorial... How would the players be supposed to know that they can use the arrow keys? That's been a standard in computers since keyboards with arrows and word processors exist. Pressing numbers for selecting a text that doesn't feature numbers anywhere, is not.
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