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  1. Definitely release it! It's an enlightening documentary and should be seen by all.
  2. Great, great episode! I really appreciate the honesty and raw reactions you guys are showing in this documentary series. Even when I disagree, I see the human side behind these decisions and have a better comprehension of the whole process. I've definitely gained more empathy not just for game makers but creators of all media. Thanks for the excellent work and I look forward to more!
  3. Mnemonic Feedback

    It sounds like you missed something on the balcony. Be sure to search in all directions.
  4. Mnemonic Feedback

    Very impressive prototype (once I got it working outside of Steam)! Loved the atmosphere, the mood, the lighting, the music, the gameplay...everything. Only problem I had in the game was the picture puzzle - I knew what to do but couldn't do it, and it turns out you have to stand in the exact right spot to get it to trigger. Would love to see what happens next, please make a full game of this!
  5. Steam Version Not Launching [Fixed]

    Same thing happening to me, seems like it's a problem with the game. I will give the fix a try.
  6. What Broken Age REALLY needs.

    Totally agree, it's needed and the only thing this great game is missing!
  7. Peter McConnell Appreciation Thread

    Absolutely loved the music and wish I had backed enough to get the soundtrack now!
  8. Exactly, I think what's needed is a mode for casual/inexperienced players and one for adventure veterans. You really can't please both audiences with one instance of the game. Other than the difficulty I thought the game was brilliant!
  9. Autosave Prompt Confusion

    Agreed, the Auto Save question completely confused me. I've never had a game ask me this before, and it's not clear at all what it's talking about.

    Exactly my problem, I thought I didn't receive my key but it was in the Gmail spam folder! It figures, every other email regarding this Kickstarter campaign gets through except the one that contains the link to the game. Anyway, many thanks for the heads up!
  11. Really interesting stuff, Peter is amazing and I was glad to see an extended cut of this sequence. Looking forward to more of these!
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed that, well done! As with Skyrim, the sidequests may be better than the main quest.
  13. Thanks for the update Oliver! The more technical details you guys let us see the better. Really looking forward to your next installment!
  14. Just want to add my thanks for this as well. Really interesting stuff! I have no doubt that both the doc and the game will be awesome with that amount of funding.
  15. Can we get a DFA Dev Tracker option?

    I would like to see this also.